Carowinds drops first on-ride footage from Copperhead Strike

February 21, 2019, 6:20 PM · Not content to allow Disney and Universal to hog all the attention today, Carowinds just dropped some eye-raising test footage of its new attraction for 2019.

It's our first off- and on-ride footage for Copperhead Strike, the Mack Rides launch coaster that opens this spring at the Charlotte, North Carolina-area theme park. And this ride wastes no time getting to business, with a slow-speed heartline roll inversion straight out of the load station.

The on-ride test footage ends right at the moment of Copperhead Strike's initial launch, blasting riders to 42 mph in two seconds. From there, the coaster takes riders through a loop and a corkscrew before the second launch, hitting the ride's 50 mph top speed. Two more inversions and plenty of twists and airtime complete the adventure. Here's Carowinds' official concept POV:

The Cedar Fair park has cooked up a backstory for the ride, too, featuring Granny Byrd and her prize-winning jam... which is just a front for her more lucrative distillery. (So it's a nip of that moonshine that leaves you heels over head as you try to run away?)

Copperhead Strike is the anchor of the park's Blue Ridge Junction land. Carowinds opens for the season on March 23.

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