Europa Park reopens its Scandinavia land

July 23, 2019, 2:33 PM · Germany's Europa Park this morning marked another step in its recovery from the fire that consumed one of the park's largest attractions last year.

The Mack family today dedicated the rebuilt Scandinavia section in the park. The area has been part of Europa Park since 1992, but was destroyed along with the adjacent Pirates in Batavia ride in the May 2018 fire.

"Scandinavia was and still is at home in the heart of Europa-Park, with many unique memories. It has been a great desire for us to rebuild this unique place as soon as possible," Roland Mack said. "For more than 350,000 hours, at times more than 100 construction workers were busy day and night making the impossible possible. Despite many other construction projects, today, after just 13 months of construction, to be able to celebrate this memorable event means a lot to us."

Europa Park's Scandinavia reopening
Photo courtesy Europa Park

The rebuilt land includes the Fjord Restaurant, Fiskehuset fish counter, and Is Huset ice cream parlor, as well as photo ops, games and shops. And this fall, the dark ride Snorri Touren will open in the land. Developed by Dutch attraction designers Jora Vision, which recently created the Thea Award-winning interactive ride Bazyliszek, this adventure will follow a "naughty octopus" on an exploration of the island of Rulantica... which happens to be the setting of Europa Park's upcoming indoor water park.

As for the Pirates ride, its replacement is set to debut next year, and Europa Park already is teasing it.

The rebuilt indoor boat ride will feature 125 animated characters, using the latest in animatronic technology. If you want to dive into the mythology behind the ride, there's a detailed "Society of Explorers and Adventurers"-like backstory on a Mack Media website, too.

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