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September 3, 2019, 12:48 PM · While it looks like the Orlando area and its theme parks will escape the worst of Hurricane Dorian, the storm has pretty much down all other theme park news coming out of Central Florida for the next couple of days. Universal Orlando is so far going ahead with the opening of Halloween Horror Nights this Friday, and I am planning to be there to cover that for you... as airline schedules allow.

While we send our best to everyone in Florida and in Dorian's path, for those of you looking for some theme park news as a diversion, I would like to point you toward a couple of great, multi-part theme park trip reports we have going right now on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Forum.

AJ Hummel is taking us through a wide variety of parks throughout the American Midwest in his five-part (and counting!) "Show Me The Coasters" report.

Meanwhile, Russell Meyer is taking is family to the west coast on his "Epic Southern California Adventure."

AJ and Russell are two of our best writers on the site, and their reports always help you feel like you are there with them — enjoying the adventure of looking for great rides and travel experiences in both new and familiar destinations. If you haven't been following their posts on the forum, I hope that this might inspire you to take a look.

Both AJ and Russell promise more posts to come in their reports, so I would encourage you to subscribe to the Theme Park Insider email newsletter to find out when the next installments drop.

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September 3, 2019 at 5:57 PM

Thanks for the shout out, Robert! I love sharing reports of my travels, particularly when they concern parks that many enthusiasts may not know about (let alone visit). As much fun as the parks in Florida and California may be, I highly encourage those who have visited both destinations to look beyond them and sample some of the other parks spread across the country. If you don't need to be surrounded by IP to have a good time, many of them provide an equally enjoyable experience, and all will be only a fraction of the cost.

Three more parts remain in my report, which will be posted throughout the month of September.

September 4, 2019 at 10:56 AM

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Robert! The discussion forum is something I usually overlook. Having recently visited Six Flags Great America, however, I read A.J.'s report with interest and will read more from him and Russell when I have the time.

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