Duffy the Disney Bear Is Here to Sweeten Your Day

June 12, 2020, 11:04 AM · If you are needing a dose of reassuring cuteness today, enjoy this video of Duffy and his friends from Tokyo DisneySea.

For those who haven't joined this party, Duffy is Mickey Mouse's Teddy bear. And he's got a supporting cast of his own, including his girlfriend ShellieMay, Gelatoni - a cat who loves to paint, StellaLou - a rabbit who aspires to dance on Broadway, Cookie - a dog who, well, loves making cookies (they didn't try too hard on that name, I guess), and 'Olu, a ukulele-playing turtle.

The video shows Duffy at his home on Cape Cod, planting Morning Glory seeds he's gotten as a gift from Mickey. As is often the case in the theme park world, something goes wrong (though somewhat gently here), and Duffy and the crew come together to make everything right.

It's a sweet reminder that not everything has to be an individual effort (or competition) and that things work out best when we work - and grow - together.

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June 12, 2020 at 11:54 PM

Thank you for this!

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