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Disney World Reopens Dining Reservations

July 7, 2020, 11:38 AM · You now can make dining reservations again for restaurants at Walt Disney World's theme parks and hotels.

Disney reopened its dining reservation system to all guests this morning, but there are some changes. Reservations had been closed and previous reservations canceled as the resort looked to clear the slate in preparation for reopening this month. Now you can reserve dining times again, but only up to 60 days in advance. The old window had been 180 days.

Disney hotel guests can continue to book reservations for their entire stay on their first day of eligibility, which effectively gives them an up to 10-day head start, however.

Guests who are not staying at one of Disney's hotels will need to make a reservation to eat in a hotel restaurant - no more walk-ins. And you'll need to make a theme park reservation with Disney's new Park Pass system along with your dining reservation to eat at an in-park restaurant. A dining reservation will not guarantee admission to the park, given the new capacity limits.

Walt Disney World is not offering its Dining Plan, which should take some of the pressure off reservations, as DDP participants won't be flooding the system looking to book their credits. But physical distancing requirements are taking a bunch of tables out of use, so it might end up being tougher than usual to get a reservation.

You can find the complete list of restaurants accepting reservations on Disney's website. Disney also is encouraging guests to use the mobile check-in feature on the My Disney Experience app in order to avoid crowing the host podium at the restaurant.

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