Get the Inside Story on One of the World's Best Theme Parks

September 11, 2020, 12:55 PM · Want the inside story on one of the world's best theme parks? The team that created the world's largest indoor theme park will share their stories about creating the park and its attractions during the next DC FanDome event, starting tomorrow.

You can watch the 25-minute presentation on Creating DC Lands & Rides at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi on demand anytime between 10am Pacific Time on Saturday and 10am Pacific on Sunday. It's part of the DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse online event, which includes hundreds of sessions about all facets of the DC universe.

"There are panels, sessions, behind the scenes, making of, original content, premiere movie, fan submissions and masterclasses that will include talent from across DC television, film, publishing and games that encompass live action and animation," the event's FAQ said.

You can find the Warner Bros. World event under the InsiderVerse category if you're browsing the event schedule. And if you want even more background on the former winner of our Theme Park Insider Award for the World's Best Theme Park, check out a couple of our interviews with the park's creative director, Dave Cobb, who will be part of tomorrow's presentation: Diving deep into the detail of Warner Bros. World and What is it like to design a brand new theme park?.

Here's our podcast episode for the latter post:

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September 11, 2020 at 3:49 PM

Any word on how the Middle East parks are riding the storm Robert? They seemed to be either at or close to the spear point in positioning their respective but small countries as a tourist resort... but seemed to be struggling to do that pre-Covid...

September 11, 2020 at 4:06 PM

Well, Warner Bros. World's Yas Island seems to have picked up some support by serving as the UFC's "Fight Island," so there's that.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi do big business as tourist destinations, but the parks never got more than a small percentage of that business. WBWAD was by far the best of the bunch in terms of quality, but Yas Island still had a lot of development work to do to support visitation that would put WBWAD or its companion Ferrari World on the EMEA Top 20 list. A new airport across the river should have helped, but it'll be a while before we get a clear picture of the resort's trajectory, due to Covid.

I suspect that so long as the Middle Eastern theme parks play the role they were designed to play on their owners' balance sheets, they'll stick around. But remember that the U.S. is not a target market for these parks. It's South Asia and Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Anything from the U.S. is just gravy on top.

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