Watch 'Mario's Dad' Show Us Super Nintendo World

December 18, 2020, 1:04 PM · (Updated) Nintendo today hosted a 15-minute livestream from Universal Studios Japan's upcoming Super Nintendo World land, starring legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, or as he calls himself below, "Mario's dad."

The broadcast starts at 29:44 and features Miyamoto walking viewers through the land, starting with the warp pipe that leads into Super Nintendo World.

From there, Miyamoto walked us through Princess Peach's castle and showed off a few of the interactive elements in the land, which can be played by wearing Universal's upcharge Power Up band. A QR code on the back of the band links it to the park app, where you can track the coins you collect.

Other highlights included the 1Up Factory — the land's souvenir shop — and its restaurant, Kinipio's Cafe, where guests can watch the toad chefs preparing their meal, including Mario Burgers and Super Mushroom Pizza Bowls. Finally, Miyamoto walked through the queue for the Mario Kart Koopa's Challenge, which we saw previously in a "first look" video from last month, when Universal announced that Super Nintendo World will open at the Osaka, Japan theme park on February 4, 2021.

In addition the land at Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World is under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood. And the land has been announced for Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Singapore, as well. No other opening dates have been announced.

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Replies (1)

December 18, 2020 at 5:50 PM

This was a nice tease, but I would've liked to see a bit of Yoshi's Adventure. I hope that the American parks can maintain the cute factor of the food offerings. Please, sign me up for one of everything on the menu. Kinopio's Cafe gives me serious Toothsome's vibes.

I am looking forward to doing all of the fun activities once this makes it's way stateside. Come opening day, you will undoubtedly see some grown men cry (myself included)!

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