Disneyland Announces Dates for Ticket Sales and Reservations

April 6, 2021, 12:00 PM · Tickets will go back on sale for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on April 15, the resort announced this morning. But people who have been holding on to Disneyland tickets since the parks closed due to the pandemic last March will be able to make reservations starting April 12. The Disneyland Resort theme parks will reopen on April 30.

Disneyland will be using the five-tier admission ticket system that it introduced in February 2020 when its parks return. Prices for those tickets also will remain the same. Disneyland will publish a new ticket calendar - showing which tiers get you into the parks on each day - this Friday, April 9, so you can plan which ticket to buy on the 15th.

All visitors will need both a valid ticket and a date-specific reservation in order to visit the parks. Keeping with California regulations, all visitors also must be California residents. Disneyland will require guests to log into their Disney accounts into order to buy tickets and make reservations, and only registrants will California addresses will be allowed into the system. Remember that Disneyland has closed its annual pass program, so old annual passes no longer will get you into the parks.

Reservations will open on the 12th no earlier than 8am, a Disneyland representative said. (Someone learned from the Universal incident this week!) Disneyland also will begin taking reservations for the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa on the 15th, for stays beginning April 29. Restaurant and experience reservations will open on April 22. Those reservations will be available for up to 60 days out.

To make a reservation starting the 12th or 15th, visit Disneyland.com/ParksUpdates while logged into your Disney account. You will need to have your tickets already, then you can create your party and select the date of your visit. You will need to select a park to visit, and those guests with Park Hopper tickets will be able to switch to the other park starting at 1pm on their visit day. Park capacities will be limited in accordance to state guidelines - which currently mandate a 25 percent cap for theme parks in Orange County.

Park hours are tentatively scheduled for 9am - 7pm daily and parking will be available at the Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals garages, as the Toy Story lot has been being used as a mass vaccination site. As announced earlier, Fastpass and Maxpass will not be available, nor will Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour for hotel guests.

Also just announced - here are the attractions that will be closed when Disneyland reopens on April 30:

Splash Mountain will be open, despite its announced retheme. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance also will be open, using a virtual queue and with more details to be announced.

And here is what will be closed at Disney California Adventure:

All attraction availability is subject to change at any time, of course.

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Replies (6)

April 6, 2021 at 12:27 PM

Does anyone know if Matterhorn is going to be closed because of social distancing or because it needs to be refurbed/tweeked? I can't imagine that social distancing would make it be closed.

Also sucks that Astro Blasters has to be closed. Other than those two and Grizzly being closed, it's pretty exciting that the DLR is finally opening after 13.5 months.

April 6, 2021 at 1:33 PM

I would guess it's because of social distancing. That queue would easily spill over into the walkway or be forced to loop around the mountain if they could only use @1/3 of the queue house. The primary queues, while not inside, are nothing but switchbacks for both loading platforms, and would be incredibly inefficient given the need to maintain space (even if they erected plexiglass above the railings). Plus, social distancing on the attraction would significantly limit capacity (1 party per train).

April 6, 2021 at 2:01 PM

I think that may be a reason why it could be closed Russell, but I did some digging and both Astro Blasters and Matterhorn both say that they are closed for refurbishment. It could mean that they want to tweak some stuff for Covid but the other closed attractions do not say that.

April 6, 2021 at 10:25 PM

Every time I read Matterhorn being refurbished, I hope that a new track is on the table(It desperately needs it).

April 6, 2021 at 10:31 PM

Wonder how long in advance can I buy tickets. Seeing the AP program is no more and I’m in no rush to return to the resort, I would love to buy a 2 day ticket to use it on July 17th(Disneyland’s Anniversary) and the 19th(My birthday).

April 7, 2021 at 8:22 PM

The Matterhorn typically closes twice per year for refurbishment, and this time of year is often one of those times. Don't forget that it's a wooden frame inside, and sometimes some of that wood has to be replaced.

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