Knott's 5th Winter Coaster Solace

Knott's Berry Farm: David Klawe offers details on the annual coaster enthusiast event at Knott's Berry Farm in California.

From David Klawe
Posted December 8, 2003 at 1:27 PM
I just got the official flyer describing the event, let me share the info with you....

Don't Miss the 5th Annual Knott's Winter Coaster Solace - March 6, 2004

Behind-the-scenes tours

All day theme park admission

E.R.T. (Exclusive Ride Time) -- GhostRider, Supreme Scream, Montezooma's Revenge, Timberline Twister, Boomerang, Jaguar and Xcelerator

Lunch at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Commemorative T-Shirt (L, XL or XXL)

Winter Coaster Solace tickets $43 each

Cedar Fair Passholders (Knott's, Cedar Point, etc.) and Kids (ages 3-11) pay just $23

For event information and tickets, visit our website at or call (714) 220-5298

Let me mention a couple of things, first, while this is an event designed for people who belong to coaster clubs, Lance Hart at has offered a "free" ID card that Knott's accepts, and I presume that Lance will once again be able to offer it again (with Knott's permission, of course).

And if you buy the Knott's AP before the event at the special rate with the Carl's Jr. Coupon, this bring the net cost to the AP to just $49!

One of the big highlights of 2003 for me was this AWESOME event... and I highly recommend you make a weekend out of it, and take advantage of this great hotel package; which comes with more park goodies - exclusive to those staying at the Radisson Resort Knott's Berry Farm hotel.

Stay at the Radisson Resort Knott's Berry Farm

$179 Special "Coaster Enthusiasts" Two-Night Stay (March 5 & 6)

Coaster Enthusiasts Package Includes: Two nights stay in a standard room, Two tickets to Friday night reception* (3/05/04) and Breakfast for two on Sunday morning. This package does not include Winter Coaster Solace Event Tickets.

*Reception includes dinner, raffle, guest speaker, 2004 Commemorative VIP Thrill Seeker ID card, and E.R.T. on GhostRider!

For reservations, please call Knott's Berry Farm Radisson Resort at (714) 995-1111 and mention "Coaster Enthusiasts" or visit us on-line at Subject to availability and based on double occupancy. Price does not include tax. Offer valid March 5 & 6, 2004 only.

Ok, the Hotel package is about $200 with tax (total, NOT per person), and let's say you have an AP (Saturday tickets - $23 x 2)... so the total package is about $250, or $125 per person...

What do you get...

Two Nights in a nice hotel...

Two days at the park, Friday night and Saturday from about 6 AM to Midnight, about 6 hours of exclusive time (no general public).

Three meals, Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Sunday Breakfast.

A T-Shirt.

Other miscellaneous souvenirs (The VIP card (has no "value" just a souvenir), last year, the hotel guests got a nice set of Knott's Jams, plus some other minor stuff)

So, what is this package worth???

Let's go low...

T-Shirt (and other souvenirs) $10

3 meals $25

2 days at the park (no value, since you have an AP)

E.R.T. on rides (the ultimate FastPass) no dollar value, but a great benefit

Hotel room $45 per night

And getting inside the park at 6 AM, the hotel room is awesome, also with the midnight closing (based on last year), great to be able to walk to the room and crash....

How much do you think Disney would charge for this weekend???, heck they charged $50 to just see a movie on property (cheap version).....

Once again, I HIGHLY recommend this weekend, Knott's outdid themselves last year, and this year should be no exception.

We had a great Saturday night dinner for the internet folks at the Amber Waves restaurant/bar at the Radisson, and a great time was had by all... I presume we will do it again this year.... come join us and have a great weekend at a great price!

From David Allen
Posted December 12, 2003 at 5:41 PM
I have been there the last two years. It is fun and well worth it! I love the all you can eat fried chicken lunch....

What is Carl's deal? I usually buy my AP's around the holidays because they sell them at the kids price, but this sounds better! Those AP's got us in to Cedar Point twice and Dorney Park once. A true bargain!

From Ben Mills
Posted December 13, 2003 at 1:46 PM
So David, how long have you been working as a marketing rep for Knotts?

From David Allen
Posted December 20, 2003 at 12:46 PM
Maybe they should put me on the payroll, huh?

From Nathan Ellstrand
Posted February 28, 2004 at 8:09 PM
Solace this year sounds wonderful. I attended last year and had a great time. Robert, do you have any intentions on attending?

From Robert Niles
Posted February 28, 2004 at 8:10 PM
I am so slammed with two jobs at work (someone quit and I'm covering for him), teaching two classes at USC plus running several websites, that I just don't have time to make it this year. Sorry.

From Nathan Ellstrand
Posted February 29, 2004 at 12:56 AM
It's no problem. It sounds like you are really busy with your jobs, and that is more important than attending this year's Solace. Maybe you will attend next year.

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