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Disneyland starts the press junkets for Snow White, and Vivendi sees just what it is losing.

From Kevin Baxter
Posted February 8, 2004 at 12:27 AM
MousePlanet - Feb 6

Just to show how desperate I am for material, I'm going to cover a friggin' press party! MousePlanet has pictures of the Snow White media event that took place in Hollywood on Thursday. I'm assuming the Snow White and Dwarfs there are the ones in the show, so I gotta wonder why Al Lutz has such a problem with them. He questions using real "face" actors for Dopey and company instead of the big-headed characters parkgoers are used to. I much prefer real people, like those used in Disney/MGM's successful Hunchback show, but my problems involve how tall these guys are. Some of them are actually taller than Snow White, at least in hats. It can't be that hard to find a handful of talented short guys in Hollywood. Or one talented tall woman. Sheesh.

LA Times - Feb 6

Vivendi Universal, which will lose the Universal shortly, may be wondering if they really should be losing it. Naw! They should be wondering that, but they're too lame.

Anyhow, the company's revenue dropped 9%, mostly due to a weakened dollar and a major drop at Universal Music Group, the main Universal division Vivendi is hanging onto. And what about the wings they are selling to GE/NBC? The television unit rose 19% and the film unit a whopping 32%. There is no mention of the theme parks, but this quarter included the highly profitable Halloween and Holiday seasons, so I'm sure revenue was up there also. Vivendi? More like Vivenduh!

Orlando Sentinel - Feb 2

The Bonnet Creek Resort, surrounded on three sides by Walt Disney World, isn't much of a resort. While the infrastructure is almost done, there still isn't a single hotel signed up to build there. Fairfield Resorts is building 700 timeshares, but that isn't the market Bonnet Creek is looking for.

And what are they looking for? Luxury hotels, like Four Seasons. Which may not seem like the WDW market, but with amenities like clubhouses and golf courses, they are perfect for Bonnet Creek itself. If some of these do eventually start building, expect at least five years before the first one opens.

Which may be why Bonnet Creek may end up allowing more timeshares to go up in one of its hotel plots. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing turned into timeshares the way the Orlando hotel market is going. How about turning it into the most luxurious KOA Kampground in America???

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