One Month Left Until Hersheypark's Grand Opening

Hersheypark: An early look at the development on the park's newest coaster, Storm Runner.

From Matt Rogers
Posted April 8, 2004 at 1:23 PM
In April, I went to Hersheypark to see Storm Runner. It looks amazing! The track is in place and it looks as if the ride is intense. Trains have arrived and are parked in the station. the station has dual loading platforms and is complete. Very short ride, only about a minute. The brake section is about 70 feet tall. I would say that the entrance to the ride is near Sidewinder. Hopefully I will be able to post photos soon. They may start testing soon!

The Rest Of The Park:
Quiet and empty. We saw the test cars for Lightning Racer going around. I guess the trains where in rehab. We took photos of the maintenance building for the monorail and around the back of the park. Some maintenance guys were walking around Trailblazzer. Trailblazzer has a new headchopper effect thanks to Storm Runner. Looks like some trees have been removed around the park (or it could be the angle I'm looking at the area).

I think this will be one of the park's best years ever! I look foreward to going in June.

From Adrian Walker
Posted April 12, 2004 at 2:03 AM
Let us know how good it was when you come back from your trip.

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