Knott's Halloween Haunt Maze Info

Knott's Berry Farm: Info about this year's Haunt.

From Jason Lester
Posted August 23, 2006 at 4:03 PM
Info has been released for Knott's Halloween Haunt 2006:

· "Red Moon Massacre" (Timber Mountain Log Ride)
A "Little Red Riding Hood" experience where the big, bad werewolf rules
the night. Visits to Grandma's house are never a walk in the woods.

· "Lore of the Vampire" (Fying Ave Balloon Race)
Follow the undead as they lurk through catacombs and terrorize
night clubs. Watch your neck or you'll be next!

· "Hatchet High" (Wilderness Dance Hal)
"The Faculty" meets "Carrie" at this horrible high school, where
detention can be a death sentence and football games are played to death.

· "The Asylum" (GhostRider)
In this home for the demented, the inmates pale in comparison to the
bizarre behavior of the guards and doctors. Who is running this Asylum?

· "Red Beard's Revenge" (Main Gate/Camp Snoopy)
Hidden deep in the Gauntlet scare zomes lies the cursed pirate ship,
the Scarlet Scabbard. If you dare to board the bloody bilge, you'll
set sail on a gory-ghostvoyage to the Isle of the Dead and ports beyond.

· "Terror Vision in 3-D" (dry lake bed under Jaguar!)
Kitchy TV shows have come back from TV land to terrorize your
plasma screens. An enhanced 3-D opportunity.

· "Feary Tales in 3-D" (GhostRider)
Aesop and Grimm would run for their lives were they to venture into
this twisted telling of famous tales . . . or should we say infamous
tale of woe. An enhanced 3-D opportunity.

· "13 Axe Murder Manor" (Mystery Lodge)
A once grand Victorian mansion now lies condemned and fenced
off from the eyes of civilization. The gruesome axe murders have left the
house filled with angry spirits, designed to seek vengeance on the living.

· "Cavern of Lost Souls" (Calico Mine Ride)
The poor miners in this abandoned silver shaft tapped into an eerie
cavern that was possessed by a strange and ominous presence.
Spend too much time here and the same may happen to you.

· "The Grudge 2" (Fiesta Plaza)
Pass through the threshold of the house that is determined to posses
any soul that enters. What horrific crimes have been committed here that
would give rise to such a grudge? Visitors to this dwelling of the damned will
come face to face with the tortured spirits and will find themselves, much
like characters in the movie, fighting for both their sanity and their lives!

· "Dark Realm with Lazer Rage" (Stage Coach Trail)
Arm yourself with a lazer gun (additional fee applies) as you try to survive
through a post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust.!

· "Lost Vegas in 3-D" (Bumper Cars)
Make yourway through a dilapidated “kill-cino” type maze enhanced in 3-D!

· "Dead Idol . . . LIVE!" (Ghoul Time Theatre)
Deceased legends of rock and roll come back for some stunning
final performances at “Dead Idol . . . LIVE!”. They may be departed,
but these rockers can still put on one wicked performance.
Come get down before they go back in the ground.

· “The Hanging” (Calico Scare)
An irreverent look back at the year's pop culture is killer comedy.
Notorious for its special effects, pyrotechnics and high-flying stunts
for a no-holds-barred show of monsters and madness.
A must see parody!

· “Festival of Freaks” (The Gauntlet Theatre)
Starring Zamora the Torture King and Miss Electra. Eating light bulbs,
sticking fingers in light sockets and swallowing needles are just a
few of the things we all learned not to do when we were tots, but not
these freaks! These living human oddities will amuse you, amaze you,
and make your skin crawl.

· "Hacks’ Side-Splitting Improv” (The Bird Cage Theatre)
Comedy improv at its best! A laugh-a-minute show where you
never know what will happen next!

· "Haunted Hypnochick” (The Boardwalk Ballroom)
You’re getting sleepy…Knott’s “Haunted Hypnochick” rocks Haunt with
real hypnosis and hysterical scenarios. Just wait and see what she
makes her unsuspecting audiences try in this hilarious quick-moving show!

· “PUTZ Prank Party” (Wagon Camp)
H Starring Marty Putz,the chubby bunny returns. A different kind of comedy
with a different kind of attitude, Marty takes "prop comedy" to new
heights as he sharpens

· 1000 Live Monsters!
Live Monster Talent (locations throughout the park) – Knott’s Annual Haunt
offers more than 1,000 fully costumed, very-alive creatures wandering
the park, mazes and rethemed rides, all determined to make a
lasting impression on you face to face.

· Sinister Scare Zones
Beware of four (4) separate scare zones – each offering unforgettable,
face-to-face encounters with monstrous beasts of every imaginable size,
shape and species:

· "Ghost Town" (Old West Ghost Town®)
The original Haunt scare zone returns! You’re never safe from our infamous
ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other hideous beasts lurking in Ghost Town’s
hundreds of nooks and crannies. Beware of Goblin, Vampire, Grim
Reaper, half-faced Miss Purdy, The Bride, the notorious Sliders and the
hundreds of other “gruesomes” whose sole intent is to make your visit
with us as entirely unpleasant as possible.

· "Silver Bullet Mine Town" (Silver Bullet Throat)
When the Silver Bullet Cowboy came to Calico his heart was pure, but the
Halloween season brings out the monster in our resident gunslinger.
As night falls our champion undergoes a hideous transformation
and roams the “ Silver Bullet Mine Town” with a posse of evil miners and
other creatures of the night.

· "The Gauntlet" (Camp Snoopy)
A tranquil kingdom swept by a terrible plague,its inhabitants doomed
to eternal suffering. Seeking revenge, the tortured, scarred souls
search for the one responsible – unleashing their fury on anyone who
dares to run the Gauntlet!

· "CarnEVIL" (The Boardwalk)
The living dead roam the Boardwalk to cause misery in this eerie
zone featuring entertainment more easily defined as surreal and sinister
rather than scary. Watch your back as the grotesque, zombie revelers
are always looking for victims to add to their gruesome party.

From Jason Lester
Posted August 26, 2006 at 2:27 AM
Anyone have opinions on the new mazes?

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