Six Flags Jersey (April info needed)

Six Flags Great Adventure: Need some info

From chris miller
Posted March 15, 2007 at 2:15 PM
I plan on taking a trip to Six Flags Jersey on a weekday either the first or second week of April (the park is opened 10-7 on these days)Anyone have experience w/ this? I was hoping for the park not to be too crowded and also are all the rides usually open? Thank you so much!!!!

From Erik Mahal
Posted March 16, 2007 at 1:55 PM
Try to get there early. It will get a little crowded even on a weekday. Try to hit rides like Kingda ka and El Toro early(10-11) or later (4-Closing) If you are willing to spend a lot of money I suggest getting a golden flash pass which will cut down on most of the wait. Also buy your tickets online and you will save $15. All the rides will most likly be open if its a clear day. If its drizzling or windy Kingda Ka will be closed. Batman and Robin: The Chiller might be closed because it is getting work done right now. Have a good time!

From Bob Mackay
Posted March 30, 2007 at 10:22 AM
I agree with Erik about getting there early. Weekdays are almost always better than weekends, unless it's a holiday like Memorial Day.

Another thing I noticed about weekdays is that Great Adventure will stagger the opening of its rides - especially on less crowded days - so that certain rides won't even be open within the first 2 hours of operation. The most popular, like El Toro and Kingda Ka, should be open right away, so always head for those first. Even if Kingda Ka isn't open right away (since there are sometimes delays while they do a few test runs), you might be better off waiting in line anyway, because you'll be among the first to ride when it finally does open.

While I haven't tried the Golden Flash Pass yet, I've seen others report that the wait to get one can be very long, so it's best to get those in advance by buying them online, so you don't eat into your valuable park-touring time.

From Jen V
Posted April 5, 2007 at 2:48 PM
Oh, no no no. April is one of the WORST times too go as well. It will be very crowded, and if you check their website, I believe it is only open Easter Week and one more, too. It will be very crowded, I really think you should wait till May, but I checked the calander and there wasn't any week days open, the days you should go. Normally, this year too, I go on a Wednesday, and this year my friends and I decided to take June 13, a Wednesday. Park opens 10:30, perfect time, all the kiddies are in school and closes 7:30 I believe. We would still rent the Golden Flash Pass, just to pass maybe a 20 minute wait. I even wrote SF and they said, a couple months ago April isn't a very great scheduled time of the year to go. Early or Late June is the best! All the rides so far or scheduled to be open, I'm pretty sure, but there can be some break downs here and there. I believe Batman and Robin: The Chiller is closed for repairs, though. Have a great trip!

From Jen V
Posted April 5, 2007 at 2:49 PM
Also, their rides are mostly always open, but if their is rain/wind, most will close, such as Kingda Ka, Nitro, ect. I beleive El Toro would be open, though.

From Jen V
Posted April 5, 2007 at 2:49 PM
Also, their rides are mostly always open, but if their is rain/wind, most will close, such as Kingda Ka, Nitro, ect. I beleive El Toro would be open, though.

From Dave Chariot
Posted April 8, 2007 at 11:20 AM
Everything is open beside Batman: The Chiller. Kingda Ka running 4 trains but only on crowded days.

From jason stanley
Posted April 8, 2007 at 6:33 PM
Just got back from the park April 3. Most things open, with the odd exception. It was quite busy, but the longest wait I had was 1 hour. That was for Kingda-Ka (3 times) and Superman (once).

I noticed at 6pm there was no line at all for Superman. Line was an hour or so during the day.

Kingda-Ka was about an hour all day. 1st thing in the morning, at 5pm and again at 6pm. They only had 1 boarding line open all day because of a staff shortage. So whenever there was a time-to-wait sign in the line, I doubled it and that was very accurate.

El Toro was down to one train all day, and the line was outrageous. So I waited until 6:45 to get in line. I figured if they only had 1 train working, then they can stay until I get on the darn thing. I was off the ride by 7:45 (they close at 7). Worth the wait. This is the only wooden coaster I would ever wait an hour for.

A couple of other pointers:
- be through security by 10:45
- sprint to Kingda-Ka 1st
- run to superman 2nd
- right across to The Great Amercan Scream Machine. This should make the best of your 1st 60-90 minutes.
- skip Skull Mountain
- all other coasters worth a ride
- during my day, i wished i had spent the $$ on the flash pass
- ask for no ice in your drinks. almost 50% ice in my drink
- get your season's pass card before you eat. there is a coupon for some $$ off your meal.

Cell phones. OK. LISTEN UP. IF YOU PUT YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR JEANS POCKET, IT WILL (WILL, W-I-L-L) ABSOLUTELY FALL OUT. I met 3 people whose cell phone fell out. One was in 4 pieces on the ground. Very simple solution. Purchase an under-your-clothes belly-bag (from a travel shop) and zip your phone in there for EVERY ride.

KINGDA-KA. LISTEN UP AGAIN. If ANYTHING falls off your person, the ride stops for 25 minutes while the staff inspects the ride to make sure your thing hasn't been stuck anywhere dangerous. NO HATS, GLASSES, CELL PHONES, BANDANAS, NECKLASSES, ETC. Happened twice while I was in line. You are going 128MPH (206KPH). Anything loose will fly off.

Batman. Worth the wait for from row.

Superman. NOT worth the wait for front row.

Kingda-Ka. Front row much more fun than anywhere else. But HUGE wait.

From Bob Mackay
Posted April 18, 2007 at 12:02 PM
If the wait is short, Skull Mountain is worth doing. I wouldn't skip it entirely, unless the wait time is outrageous. It's an extremely short ride - although not nearly as short as Kingda Ka - but for that short time in the dark, it packs a nice little punch. I'll always have a place in my heart for Space Mountain at Disney, but I must confess that Skull Mountain is a more thrilling "coaster in the dark," even if it IS about 2 minutes shorter.

Here's how to tell if the wait is long: If you can see people waiting through the concrete "windows" along the bottom of the mountain, behind the waterfall, then the wait is long. If no one is visible through these holes, it's safe to proceed inside.

From Alex Markevitch
Posted June 29, 2007 at 8:37 AM
Check the weather and get a day in under 80 degrees. Tackle El Toro and hit Runaway Train.
Medusa is in that area also. Skip Rolling Thunder but try the Log Flume if the wait isn't too long. Only go on Kingda Ka if you want to boast being on the tallest/fastest coaster in the world. Ignore attendents giving info regarding uncertainty re opening time. Scream Machine is a good coaster still. Usually there is hardly any waiting time. Do not pass up Nitro or El Toro as these are the two best coasters there. Nitro is at the other side of the park, as is Batman, Chiller and Skull Mountain. Hit Batman the Chiller if open. Skip Robin as it really does a number on your neck. Batman the Ride is OK too.
Don't miss the shows. There is a theater featuring magic/dance/hypnotist acts and a great place to cool off and relax (near Chiller). The water shows are fantastic, especially with sea animals performing. Night there used to be a fireworks show, but living nearby I don't hear them anymore. If you are into Mexican, you get a decent amount for the dollar. Burgers are good and least expensive by the Log Flume area. Do NOT stay until closing, leave at least an hour before because the exit time is horrible (ten feet auto travel distance in half an hour).
Kingda Ka, El Toro then Nitro if you are a coaster fan. By then its show time, time to eat, and explore. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful and memorable time!

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