same old same old at SFOT

Six Flags Over Texas: I bet 6 flags attendance will go down this year due to stupid polocies and stupid prices.

From Jessie Phillips
Posted June 19, 2007 at 9:05 AM
LOL more of 6 flags polocies gone bust. Was there today and people were holding spots in line and cutting, right in front of SFOT employees. They are more interested in being smoke police and wearing the no smoking buttons and t-shirts than enforcing other rules that they created. Wake up 6 flags ie cutting or holding places in line, little girls wearing even littler bikini tops, teens walking around in groups (so much for 6 flags not being a babysitting place) .... wake up 6 flags, if either Disney or Universal moved into this area SFOT will go bust. High prices and stupid polocies will destroy 6 flags

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