Los Angeles Area Trip Report- Part 1

Knott's Berry Farm: Part 1: Knott's Berry Farm

From Adriel Tjokrosaputro
Posted July 5, 2007 at 1:41 PM
So, on June 21, I and my dad went to Knott's. Since my mom and sister thought that Knott's is a thrill park, we left them at the hotel.

So, we arrived at the park aproximately 9:35 in the morning. We bought the tickets first and then went to Mrs. Knott's Chicken in front of the park. The food was quite good, well not really comparable to Mythos. But the service was really good.

At about 10:15, 15 minutes after the opening, we went in and rode directly the SILVER BULLET. Since it's located right in front of the main entrance, the line was quite long, but we were managed to got on it after waiting for 15 minutes. Silver Bullet is such a smooth inverted coaster. It's not really tall and not really long, but it offered you a lot of thrills, especially for its 6-inversions feature.

Then we walked our way to The Boardwalk and got on XCELERATOR. My dad said it was too extreme for him, so I took in line on my own. I took the second car since the first row was way too long. This time, I got on the ride after only 5 minutes. The ride was really short, but I must admit, the launch was incredible. It was fast, thrilling and unexpected (if you don't see the "traffic: light). I realized I had just under-expected the ride. When it went on the top of the hill, it offered a big airtime that I didn't expect. It left me a bit sared, but in the same time, excited.

Leaving the ride, I took a line for Supreme Scream, but since they operated one tower only and the line was really long, I thought it will be about an hour wait.

Didn't want to waste my time, we ran too GHOSTRIDER. The line was quite long already, about 30 minutes. We got the third car which was quite at the front. From the moment we dropped at the first hill, we knew this will be a rough ride. And... oh boy... it was extremely rough! The first half of the ride was only a little rough, but after the second big drop, it was all about rough, bumpy and jerky ride. Overall, it's kind of disappointing because I didn't enjoy the ride since I had too much pain being thrown side to side (and front to back). But still, it was my first wooden coaster so I had to ride it, right?

By 12:15, my dad went back to the hotel. I went all alone in the park. I went to LA REVOLUCION. It was quite short, but not really a big-star. Then I went directly to MONTEZOOMA'S REVENGE. Despite the short ride and weaker ride, it's actually really smooth and offered a lot of thrills on its own. The launch was amazing and also the loop. The airtime is a pure 0 G and I loved it very much.

Having no more "must"-ride, I went to RIPTIDE. It's a kind of Top Spin ride with water sprays which can get the riders wet. The ride is really thrilling because it hangs you upside-down and then twisted you like a sausage on a grill. The ride was extremely painful for me. aving it done, I went to BOOMERANG next door. It wasn't scary, still the same like 6 years ago when I was a child. It was smooth and thrilling. Love it.

Looking at the line of SUPREME SCREAM, I thought it was a good time to ride. Supreme Scream wasn't as scary as I thought. The moment when the ride took you way to the top was the scariest part. The drop was amazing. A smooth and fast 0 G sensation hay you'll never have in MALIBOOMER.

By the time, there was no more exciting ride, so I went to SIERRA SIDEWINDER. But when I reached the middle of the line, the ride stopped suddenly. It was broken down! I can't believe it. The staffs said that they will open really soon, but waiting 20 minutes, most people began to leave, including me.

For the next 2 hours, I rode Xcelerator once, Silver Bullet 3 times and Ghost Rder twice. Also JAGUAR, which was a bit long and rough for a family coaster.

What was I thinking during the ride was, "Where are the people?" The waiting time was really short. Even I had a walk-on wait on Ghost Rider and Silver Bullet, but still managed to get the train full. Xcelerator and Supreme Scream were the only rides to have long lines.

By 5:30, my dad picked me up. Overall it was a really good day because the crowd was average. There were some crowds, but didn't make the waiting time exceeded an hour. I loved the day and I said to myself, hoping that it will happen again the next day in Disney's California Adventure.

From Russell Meyer
Posted July 5, 2007 at 8:40 PM
I think in general Knott's is a very underrated park, probably because it has to complete with Disneyland and Magic Mountain. I haven't riden Silver Bullet, but I really like Talon, which is similar in that is has a very compact design without an MCBR.

From Chloe !
Posted July 8, 2007 at 11:40 AM
I like Knott's. It has a bunch of great coasters there. Xcelerator is the best.

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