LONG! Cedar Point Trip Report

Cedar Point: Got back from cedar point yesterday I had alot of funn, the halloweekends are great! There are alot of great things that happend while I was there, but there were some bad things as well!!!!!

From Logan Decker
Posted September 18, 2007 at 9:57 PM
Friday sep.14th
4:00 p.m.

I had just got out of school and me, my brother, grandpa, and my uncle were on our way to cedar point a six hour drive from louisville ky. The drive went well untill we got a little past dayton ohio. we were about 5 1/2 hours into our drive and we had to make a 40 mile detour due to road construction! so the ride up there turned to almost a 7 hour trip. about 15 miles away from cedar point I see top thrill dragster from the highway and I was amazed by that! At about 10:30 pm we arived at the Breakers Express and it was a pretty nice hotel they themed thier hotel with neat halloween decorations to go along with the halloweekends at cedar point. after we unloaded our stuff in the car and put it in our rooms we went to the mc.Donalds across the street. When I was getting out of the car it was about 45 degrees and winds up to 40mph. I remeber reading on the cp website that top thrill, millennium force, wicked twister, and magnum wont operate with winds at or above 25 mph. so that kept me up all night!

I woke up the next morning at about 8:30 am we all took a shower and headed to the mc.Donalds across the street and it was packed!!! it wasnt untill about 9:50 am when we had finished eating and headed to the park. We parked in the back parking lot becuase we had the hour early entry and it was closest to maverick. The winds droped to about 10 - 15 mph so that was good and the temp. was okay if you had a hoody on. We were the first people in line to get into the park and we waited for about 30 min. for it to open. 5 min. before it did open the manager came up and told everyone not to run when the gate opens. Well once the gate opened the crowd starts running. Me and my gang just walked to maverick and we had a great position in line about a 5 min. wait! right then me and the 2 mile long line behind me found out that the ride was closed due to mechanicle problems. Me, my brother and my uncle had such a great possition in line that we decided to wait for a few to see if the ride will open up. 45 min. went by and they say that it will be a lenghty delay! so our hour early enty was pretty much wasted. Mean streak was running so we decided to wait for it. we were about the 10th person in line but we had to wait about 10 min. for it becuase it didnt open till the park was open to the public. Once we rode it we headed over to skyhawk and had about a 5 min. wait for it. It was dfinitly the best swing ride I have ever been on I loved it, you get so much speed and so much air that you are almost upside down! After that we went to millennium force and had about a 45 min wait for that. This roller coasters is the best roller coaster I have ever been on!!! it was amazing!! its big and the speed is unreal!

Next we headed to power tower and walked right onto it and we all liked it, being shot up 240 feet in the air is always gonna be fun! lol.
next was the tallest and fastest coaster there
top thrill draster!!! we had a huge line to get through before getting on so that sucked but after waiting for about 20 min. the ride broke down and people started to leave about 10 min later. We stayed in line and about 15 min. later we were almost to the front of the line cuase so many people left the line. After the ride was down for about 25 - 30 min. it was back up and the few people in front of us started cheering and the music started playing again!!! Me and my uncle waited an extra 20 min. to get the front seat cuase we figued the front seat would be awesome on this coaster cause you got the force and speed right on you lol! once we got on I loved it the negitve g forces you go through when it first launches you is unbelievable! the only probblem I had with it was that it was so short but still a GREAT ride!

Me my uncle, and my brother continue by riding magnum xl 200. I didnt really expect to much in this coaster considering it was biult in 1989 I think, but I was wrong magnum to me had more air time than millennium force! It was long too and I love how long it takes to get to the top of the lift, it was definitly a great coaster! The next ride we rode was the gemini it was okay it had some okay air time in it but I found it to be pretty slow at times.

its now about 3:00 pm so we decide to go see if maverick was running and it wasnt! so we rode skyhawk again but this time we made my grandpa ride it with us lol. It was a little to much for him but he liked it I guess, They only had one of the 2 swings running so we had to wait about 55 min. to get on!

next we rode raptor, had a hour 25 min. wait for it but it was definitly worth it! its really smooth and I loved the inversions.

now the sun is setting and the crowd is getting larger becuase of the halloweekends. We were headed to wicked twister but we saw this sign that said disaster transport and we didnt even know what that was so we got in line for it, cuase it was very short. Well the 15 min. that we spent in line was waisted becuase the ride was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! its a short bobsled coaster that is indoor but man it was very bad!

After we waisted our time on disaster transport we did what we were planning on doing by geting in line for wicked twister it had a 30 min wait and it was cool standing in line for it cuase its like right on the beach and I thought that was pretty cool! We sat in the very back and had a blast!!! it was awesome, the force you get when you start to go up the twist is really cool! and the speed was alot faster than what I thought it was goin to be! Next we rode millennium force again but this time we had a hour 1/2 wait to get on, but it was even better in the dark cuase you dont know where you are going to go! it was definitly worth the wait!

Its about 11:20 and we decided that our next ride was going to be top thrill dragster we had a hour and 25 min wait for it, but then once again the ride breakes down after waiting for about 25 minutes! the people in front of us start to leave so about 30 min. later were almost in the fornt of the line. well after waiting for at least 45 min. they got the ride back up and running again and the crowd in front of us starts to cheer and the music starts playing again! once we rode we loved it but the front was definitly better but I liked riding it at night though. It really peals your eyes back and your cheeks back cuase your going so fast!

after we rode top thrill dragster the park was closed and I was ready to go back to the hotel after being in the park for 14 hours! overall I can say that I will definitly be going back to cedar point it is a great thrill park, There is always something to ride there! if I had to rate the park I would give it a 10/10 the only thing bad I can say about cedar point is that you cant really rely on the coaster being opened or not but things like that happen especially when you
have 17 coasters in one park and the coasters that cedar point have are very sophisticated!
I had a great time at cedar point and encourge everyone to go ther!!!

btw... sorry about the typing errors I was really tired of typing lol.

From Lawrence Smith
Posted September 19, 2007 at 3:27 AM
Glad you had a great time. I haven't had the chance to visit Cedar Point yet but it is on my vacation schedule for 2008!

From Brian Emery
Posted September 19, 2007 at 8:28 AM

Thanks for posting; I will read this on the train ride homeā€¦.

From Rick Strawser
Posted September 20, 2007 at 8:51 AM
I was there on Friday night and all day Saturday as well. Saturday wasn't bad but Friday night was awesome, everything that was scheduled to run was running fine, no break-downs. Never waited more than ten minutes for any ride, even Maverick, TTD and Milli. I must also compliment the characters around the park. They had some really good ones and all the ones I noticed were very good about letting us take pictures. I was there with four teenage girls and they had a blast. Some of the characters would even get the girls names from me so they could call them by name farther down the trail. My only complaint is that it seems some of the decorations are really showing thier age, they could use some new ones. My advice is if you are going, go Friday night! We rode every ride running at least twice.

From Rick Strawser
Posted September 20, 2007 at 8:56 AM
Oh and also, I must compliment the "Monsters Rock" show in the Red Garter Saloon, I thought they did a great job with all the old eighties hair band tunes, even had a couple new ones, Pink and Velvet Revolver tunes, although oddly it seemed most of the twenty somethings in the crowd didn't know those but knew all the old ones.

From Logan Decker
Posted September 20, 2007 at 12:05 PM
yea I might of seen you lol! yea overall it was a pretty good day despite the break downs! It was definitly better than my last visit!!!! the crowd last time I was there was HUGE!!!!!!!! I hated it! and the heat was just unreal! but this time was great! I love cedar point!

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted September 20, 2007 at 8:10 PM
Well I'm sorry you didn't get to ride Maverick??. I felt the same way on my trip to SFMM. Flew all the way there to ride Revolution & it was closed all day! X was closed, which I knew about, Scream closed just as I got up to the que for it but other than almost melting coz of the heat, I enjoyed myself. I'm glad you did too. It was a great report! Those things missed means you have even more reason for a repeat visit! :).

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