Cedar Point for more than one day?

Cedar Point: How much time should we plan for visiting the park?

From Kirsten Smith
Posted January 14, 2008 at 8:43 PM
We are thinking about taking our teenage daughters to Cedar Point and the surrounding area for our summer vacation. How much time should we plan for visiting the park? Will we get bored with more than one day? They both love coasters. I am thinking about getting a season pass that is also good at Kings Island (it is close enough to be a day trip for us). If I get season passes, would you suggest partial days at Cedar Point instead of a few full days? I like more mellow coasters like the Vortex at Kings Island. Is there anything that compares to the Vortex at Cedar Point. Any suggestions for stuff to do in the area when we aren't at the park? Thanks for any responses. My teenage daughters who are trying to talk me into this trip appreciate it!

From Ben James
Posted January 14, 2008 at 8:50 PM
First and foremost... What year are you going? I went last year for 3 days and only spent 2 1/2 days inside.

From Kirsten Smith
Posted January 14, 2008 at 8:57 PM
We are planning to go this year, probably July 2008.

From robert miller
Posted January 15, 2008 at 1:13 AM
personally, if I did you did not have a season pass I would recomend 1 full day, and if with the option of going a second if you want to after the 1st. (this is what I usually do). With a season pass, I would say go 2 days.

From steve lee
Posted January 15, 2008 at 3:06 PM
Without a Season Pass, you may want to consider the Starlight ticket.

And GO REGISTER for their mailing list. They send out a pretty good brochure annually that has a lot of valuable coupons in it (including BOGO on the aforementioned Starlight tickets).

From Logan Decker
Posted January 16, 2008 at 4:32 PM
If they like roller coasters DEFINITLY go!!! im 15 years old and I loved it! If your only going there one time this year dont buy a season pass! just go for about 2 days! If your going in july there will be pretty long lines, so if you go 2 days and they dont get to ride anything by the end of the day, they will get too the next day and might be able to get on thier favorite ones again! I would only get a season pass if you plan on going more than about 2 times, cuase I think thier passes pay themselves off in about 3 visit.

Make sure they are willing to wait cuase the lines can get really long sometimes. Cedar point is definitly the place to take them if they like very tall and very fast roller coasters!

oh... if you go you might want to consider staying in one of thier on-site hotels and get an hour early entry to the park that way you will get a really good spot in line or might even get on a ride or two before the park opens to the public!!! its great, esspecially for rides like Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster!

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