Trip Report Six Flags Chicago

Six Flags Great America: Not really impressed with recent changes at Six Flags Chicago.

From Steven Fisher
Posted July 6, 2008 at 4:48 PM
We visited Six Flags Chicago yesterday 7/5/08 and were not real impressed with recent changes.
First we paid for parking - the normal $15 - and were relegated to the back lot which meant more walking. In previous years the preferred parking was closer to the front and regular parking farther back, but the back lot was overflow only. This felt very second class unless you opted to pay an extra $10 ($25 total) to park in the regular "preferred" lot. We did not and parked in the back.
We headed for Raging Bull on open and were confronted with a very non-interested employee that informed us we could not bring our backpack in the line. We could, however, put the backpack in the lockers (Conveniently located right next to the line) which cost $1 and lasted for 2 hours. When we asked why, we were simply told it was a new policy. We saw it as a way to get more money. So if we wanted to keep the backpack with us, which in years past was a standard, we had to either have someone not ride, or pay $1 for a locker each time we wanted to go on a ride.
We ended up taking the backpack back to the car, which was good for the park because we now had no water, snacks, band-aids or anything. If we wanted any of this we had to buy it at an overinflated price. (Yaaa Six Flags, way to increase the income).
Overall, we were not impressed with the employees. Previously, they had seemed happy and decent, ready to answer questions or assist in any way, now however, they were nonchalant almost to the point of being rude. The atmosphere has definitely changed and as we see it, for the worse.
The other change that got us was in the queue lines. In recent years it was a time to talk or play around as a family. Now however, they have wide screen TVs everywhere with the sound so loud that it felt like you were in a Bar scene. You had to yell to be heard and eventually you ended up just watching the TVs like everyone else.
Not real fun, but I now know a lot about what Six Flags has coming up and more about a few more TV shows I won't ever watch anyway.
This was not conducive to Fun Family Time!
The rides were fun, the lines were as busy as one might expect on the day after the fourth, and nothing broke down more than usual.
Please don't think that I'm writing this just to complain. I love these parks and have always been an advocate.
It's just that the atmosphere has changed so much that we felt like we were there only as a walking wallet, with new and inventive ways to get us to part with our hard earned money. Oh and by the way, ride our rides (no backpacks though) and have some fun.
Overall, I'll think twice about venturing to this park again.

SCF Hartford, WI

From Anthony Murphy
Posted July 6, 2008 at 6:43 PM
It is the same amount of money for pretty much all the parks. Its just that Six Flags is terrible at hiding it. The parking has actually gone down because I used to remember it being more expensive last year.

I will give you that the $1 lockers is annoying, but you at least know that your stuff is safe. I am pretty sure that there was an issue with people forgetting or stealing items from others. Its also not on every ride.

So yeah, its just that Six Flags doesn't hide how much you actually spend. Its pretty much the same as you would spend at Disney or Universal. I find its much better just to get a Season pass. Much cheaper and you get coupons in the long run. It also can include parking :)

From Eli Katzman
Posted July 6, 2008 at 7:08 PM
Yeah, the locker thing isn't on every ride, like Anthony said (I'm comparing this with my park, SFA). And, yes, it rips and pisses me off. But, there are (or should be) other lockers that you can re-open for a free price and use all day. But, those range from &10-$16, or something like that. But what you could do, is go put stuff in the one dollar lockers, then don't take it out until 2 hours or until you need it again.

But, that's only when I bring a bag to a SF park (I rarely do anymore, only with friends [we then have extra money]). What I do recently, is just wear shorts or Jeans, and have deep pockets, usually with a zipper, velcrow, or button. Then, I can fit my wallet and phone without a bag, and everybody's happy!

Yes, food and water do not work with this, but all you have to do on a warm day and you need cold water, go up to a consession stand with fountain drinks, and say "could I please have a cup of tap water (with ice or not)?" Even if they're with a custumer (not in a conversation), you can still go up and ask free of charge. I do it all the time. It seems like I'm rarely hungy at theme parks, so I just eat a huge breakfast (at home), maybe a snack in the middle of the day, and then have dinner.

Just so you know, If I'm by myself or with a friend at a six flags park, I usually just bring about $20 dollars cash incase I loose a cretit card. But, you still can bring a cretit card.

Well, I hope you try out some of what I said, it really helps time and money wise...

From James Rao
Posted July 6, 2008 at 7:52 PM
"Walking wallets..." LOL...that's priceless (no pun intended).

Anyway, thanks for the trip report. An no matter what else happened, at least the rides were fun...and no one got hurt. As far as I am concerned that's a good day at Six Flags!

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