Awesome day at Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure: Had a great day at SFGA on July 30, 2008

From Michael Brosse
Posted August 1, 2008 at 9:01 AM
First, I'll start with the negative, El Toro was down. We were told it was struck by lightening a few days ago and has been down since Monday. Last time I was at GA was 15 years ago. I took my 7 year old son who loves coasters. We were very bummed we couldn't ride El Toro.

We got to the park at about 10am, went in (2 for 1 Coke can) and went straight to the Flash Pass office (I prepaid online for the Gold pass) - Gold pass was awesome; as far as I could tell, the lines were really not that bad, with Dark Knight the only really long line of the day, but sometimes the lines were an hour or so (I would guess) and we never really waited for anything. Got out and headed straight to Nathan's to wait for the park to officially open (which it did at 10:30am on the dot). Went to Superman first; I liked the loop, but other than that (and the fact that you're laying flat, which is pretty unusual), I didn't think it was much of a coaster. Scream Machine was closed when we got off Superman (I know everyone hates it, but its a nostalgia thing for me since its the first metal coaster I ever rode and my son wants to ride everything anyway), so we then went to Kingda Ka; line was short evenwithout Flash, but right when we got up there, they shut the ride down for technical problems; we waited 10 minutes and then decided to leave and come back later (at this point, I was not very happy; no El Toro, Kingda Ka down; we'd been there about 45 minutes and only gone on one ride). Rode Rolling Thunder since its right there (again, the nostalgia thing); there was no line, but it ended up being one of the longest waits of the day; for some reason, they were taking forever to load the cars (my son liked it, I thought it was as rough as it was 20 years ago). Off to Medusa for two rides; really liked that coaster, then on the Sky Ride to go to Skull Mountain (lame), Nitro (2x) and Batman, The Ride (2x). With the Gold pass, no wait at all (by the time we finished a ride and went back to the line, our reservation time was ready). Then to Dark Knight (as bad as everyone said, but we didn't have to wait, so I figured we'd try it once). We then went through and hit the coasters again, Superman, Scream Machine this time around (my son actually liked it and wanted to ride again; while I like the loops and twists, it banged me around too much so I refused to ride again). Kingda Ka 3 more times, Medusa 3 more times, then back to Nitro for another 3 rides and Batman for another 2 rides. In between, we also went on the Twister (with Flash Pass, although not really necessary), Log Flume (with Flash Pass, definitely needed), the really lame Fly me to the Moon and Jolly Roger. Hit Superman one last time on our way out (it was our first ride of the day so I figured we should end on it too); got there and went straight up, only to find out that they'd just taken one of the trains out of commission. Running on only one train, it took us a good 15-20 minutes to actually board from the time we walked up there. By far our longest wait of the day.

My only complaint (besides El Toro being down; but it sounds like that was a freak nature thing) is that GA has turned into a park that is all roller coasters or kiddie rides with not much in between. Twister was ok, but I miss rides like the Enterprise (anyone remember that one?). Hershey seems to have a better overall selection, but GA definitely rocks on the coasters (I just wish that, for the money they spent, they could've done something better than Dark Knight).

Nitro was amazing; we were getting serious air the entire ride; I think that was our favorite of the day (although my son said he couldn't choose a favorite since he loved them all). My son had his arms up the whole time and I was worried he'd fly right out of the seat. KK was also awesome. Obviously, a really short ride, but with basically no wait, it was an incredible rush. Medusa is a really nice ride and Batman is pretty cool (like the Great Bear at Hershey, but not quite as good). El Toro would've really put us over the top, I think. Left the park around 8pm. We'd gone on at least 25 coaster runs as well as the few other rides. I was beat and couldn't stick for the light parade, even though my son wanted to stay. I was glad to have left when we did once I got home after the hour and 20 minute ride home.

Next year, will definitely go back and get the Gold pass. Just hope El Toro is open that day!

From George Abagis
Posted August 1, 2008 at 12:59 PM
WOW i was there that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe u saw me i had on a red D.A.R.E shirt on.

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