'Plan Your Day' Game Plan: Six Flags Great America

We head north this week for the 'Game Plan,' with Mr D.T.'s suggestions for getting the most from a day at Six Flags Great America, north of Chicago.

From Mr. D. T.
Posted August 16, 2002 at 10:50 AM
If you're planning to come here one time, do it on a weekday when the attendance is slightly less than on the weekends.

1). Deja Vu -- The slowest, yet the worst line in the park. At opening time, make a rush here right away with the stampede. Plus, it breaks down a lot.

2). Vertical Velocity -- If you feel like walking half the park distance go here. Please do, since this is another slow-loader.

3. Batman -- This ride does tend to get crowded so doing this early would be a smart move.

4. After this, you need to see if any of the water rides are open. If it is a hot day, head right on over to Loggers Run or Roaring Rapids before lines exceed 40 minutes (otherwise don't bother getting sunburned). If only the tired Ice Mountain Splash would work, that would be a big help.

5. Giant Drop

6. Raging Bull -- Until around the afternoon, the wait for this ride should be no more than 25 minutes.

6. Viper

7. Iron Wolf

8. Demon -- I now call it 'The Fallen Angel' haha. This ride doesn't get very long lines at all.

9. American Eagle -- a classic coaster with the blue side running backwards. Loads up very fast if all trains are running.

10. Whizzer -- Loads up slow since this is a very old Schwarzkopf speed coaster which seats 2 in one large seat. You should get here earlier if you have to.

Things to do when lines are long: Spend an extra $10 on fastlane if you have to, ride the flat rides, go out and have a little picnic at the tables adjacent to the parking lot, watch the shows, take the kids to the two play lands, or take the train ride around the park.

What to skip if you need to -- the indoor arcade games, the expensive, off-the-shelf food (except for Mooseburger), Fiddler's Fling, Whirligig, The Rainmaker show in Southwest Territory.

As for the shows, they are worth a watch depending on the time you have, and what rides you have done. Since Deja Vu and Vertical Velocity take up lots of time on loasing, I reckon I should write here another coaster itinerary for those who don't feel like doing BOTH of these new, yet slow-loading coasters in one day.

1. Deja Vu or Vertical Velocity
2. Viper
3. Raging Bull
4. Giant Drop
5. Demon
6. Whizzer
7. Batman
8. Iron Wolf
9. American Eagle

If you have a season pass, it would be good to come here three hours before closing time. By then, most of the long lines would have diminished (except for Deja and V2). And if you feel like it, you could ride the Whizzer during the parade.

From Robert OGrosky
Posted August 17, 2002 at 10:59 AM
SFGAM is my home park which i go to often. I would highly recommend highly going early in the week or on a Sunday to avoid crowds. Very important to get there early, i usually arrive around 910am and upon entry thru the very slow security process(off topic but why can PKI get by without the anal exam but most SF parks cant). Then head to the bridge leading to DeJaVu/RB Once the rope drops sprint to DeJaVu if the ride is open. After riding once the line is long so i go to Raging Bull and get 2 or 3 rides on the coaster.I then head to V2 and Batman and can usually rides those with very small waits. After that i hit Viper and American Eagle and it is around noon or 1230pm considering how busy it is. I then hit Iron Wolf and Raging Bull and Whizzer, whatever has the samllest waits. Shockwave is now closed but i used to end the day with it and could ride it 5/6 times without having to leave the coaster. I dont go on many flat rides but will hit Giant Drop and the Sky tower and hit the lame simuulator rides and then give my wife a break and watch the smaller kids. Of course with SFGAM having rides often not open when the parks opens everything is subject to change.

From Robert OGrosky
Posted August 19, 2002 at 2:25 PM
A bump up for all the SFGAM fans to respond.

From Mr. D. T.
Posted August 21, 2002 at 8:06 PM
Raging Bull does NOT get very long waits, at least not as long as it used to. ANYTIME between opening time and 11:30, depending on the time of the year, is a good time to ride the Bull.

If only Deja Vu had another track...

From Robert OGrosky
Posted August 22, 2002 at 11:02 AM
It may be true that the lines for raging Bull may be short if DeJuVe is running, but the ride is down more than it is operational and in the past week when i have been there(twice) the wait for Raging Bull was at least a hour as both station houses were full and the line extended out side them. And these were week days as i dont go on weekeends.

From Nick Vana
Posted October 15, 2002 at 12:48 PM
I have been to six flags many times it is the park closest to me and I say hit Raging Bull first. The line grows quickly and the line last forever. Also you will want to rid eit many times that day. Second hit Viper. Its a great ride and the ride does tend to take a while. The giant drop has the worst line and normally isn't worth waiting a while so hit it early. Finally American Eagle is a great ride but the line doesn't grow very big so you can wait till later for that. Batman is a must early in the day. If you have any questions plz email me.

From Anonymous
Posted February 27, 2003 at 4:13 PM
The Bull has short lines at the end of the day, not just in the morning.

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