Six Flags Over Georgia: I had an amazing time there yesterday!!! I have no clue how to start explaining!

From Eli Katzman
Posted June 1, 2009 at 2:39 PM
Ok, I'll try to "type" slowly... Now, what should I start with? I know--

I was in atlanta for my uncle's wedding. I missed the end of school to catch the flight. When we got to Atlanta, my parents, my brother (age 16 and very immature) and I (our normal family) went to my uncle's house. We had a nice dinner there. Oh, and since my uncle had been married before, and his new spouse, they both had already had a kid. One is 19 (goes to Michigan) and the other is my age, which is 13. The next day, we had a filling lunch at an Italian place. Then, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the 4:30 wedding. It was very nice, with a small amount of people. The reception took a LONG time... I was happy for them, and also for the magic! (I love the magic and hate the lakers for the finals, just so you know.) Then, after I wake up, my dad drove my cousin (13), my brother and me to six flags.... hell yea! But, we could only stay until 6:45 because of our flight.

(I'm going to describe the day first, not the coasters and stuff yet.)We got there at about 10:05. It wasn't that crowded, but a very long walk from the parking lot to the entrance... A bunch of people huddled to the left, while a small section to the right with the Georgia Cyclone was open. At about 10:15, people were already on the Georgia Cyclone, but we didn't want to loose our place.
All 3 of us stayed together, and at 10:30, they let us run! A bunch of people ran to Goliath, and we had planned that, also. We passed the Georgia Scorcher, watching people running to that, too. After about 2 minutes of running, we reached the entrance. It had a LOT of ques leading up to the steps for the loading station. We luckily got on the first train, because we went to the very back. A bunch of people were in the ques, walking to the station, so not quite bunched up yet. We rode Scorcher, which was a good B&M stand up, but my feet weren't all the way on the ground, which hurt... that line was about 10 min.
We then went to Gotham city. We rode Mind Bender first with a 5 min., and then went to batman the ride. But, Batman was closed! The guy said he didn't know when it was going to re-open... we didn't feel like the chair swing, so we passed on that for then. We went out of Gotham city and passed Goliath (now a long line) and Georgia Scorcher, and back to the front of the park.
We went on Cyclone, which had more of a 15 min. wait. From there, we went the other way through the huge park. We went to Acrophobia, a good drop tower, with a 20 min. wait. (As you can see, the crowd picked up!) Right next to that was the Dahlonega mine train, which was more of a family ride, and we waited about 5 min.
My cousin (19) just got into the park (he had brunch with the adults for the wedding) and we met up with him. My brother went with him, and I went with my other cousin, my age.
We went back to Gotham city, but we didn't ride Georgia scorcher or Goliath on the way because GS's line was too long and he didn't enjoy Goliath that much. Batman was finally open, so we sprinted to it! The line was barely outside of the tunnel which was part of the que, but there was a lot more ques ahead of us, that seemed to go on forever. we ended up waiting an hour. As we were leaving Gotham city, we got on the chair swing, called crime wave, which was no wait.
We had trouble then finding our way around the park to ninja. When we did, we rode it 3 times, because there was basically no line.
After, we went to Great American Scream Machine, which was a 15 min. wait. We went to Superman Ultimate Flight after that, where WAY too many flash pass jackasses were, so it took over an hour 30, maybe even 2 hours.
We all met, and my older cousin had to go. At this point, it was about 5:00. My brother, my cousin and I ate "lunch" at a good mexican restaurant (seems worse than you think, but actually really good). It was about 5:20, and my brother hadn't ridden batman yet, and my cousin wanted to ride it with him. I wanted one more run on Goliath (especially the front), so we split.
When I got in line, I had about an hour, and the line sign said "from this point- 60 minutes". It actually took me 30 minutes to get to the back of the line for the front, which was maybe 10 trains. After a few of them, I saw only 3 people getting on (Goliath is 4 across), so I asked if I could get on. So, after one run, 2 flash pass people got on the front, but the next group for the front was 4, so I got to ride again!
So, I had about 20 minutes left, so I went to Scorcher to see the line. Lucky enough, it was short! As I was getting off, my brother and my cousin called to me and they were 3 trains behind me. Since my parents would be there in about 10 minutes, I had enough time to get candy for the plane!
One last thing- as we were driving to the airport (my cousin would go home by the marta[the subway in atlanta]), my brother and my cousin didn't believe me that I rode Goliath in the front 2ce. So, as I was explaining, my cousin started cracking up for no reason, so I stopped and asked what was so funny. My brother (being immature as he is) said that if I didn't keep explaining, he would elbow me in the face. I started, but stopped, and he put his elbow really quickly to my face, about an inch from it- at the same time, the slowed for a sec, so my face went forward, into his elbow, which made my lip bleed, which got blood on my shirt and hand, which made me look like a serial killer or something at the airport... a weird ending to my trip.

Now, FINALLY the coasters. I'm going to do it in the order I rode them.

Goliath- 9.99999999/10.- 3 times- AMAZING. My cousin was right, it's not as good as it should be in the back, but in the front, it was THE BOMB. I actually felt like a bomb falling on the first drop! The front is a MUST-RIDE, no matter the wait. Usually, my "roller coaster junkie" shirt that I was wearing is a little too small for wind to wrap inside it to make it flap, but Goliath did! Superman at SFA can't in the front, but this sure can! You get actually a lot more airtime in the front than the back, except for the first drop, of course. A LOT OF AIRTIME IN THE FRONT! REMEMBER THAT! Oh, also, get the front-far left for the best ride, because on the helix, it has a great and cool view of the supports holding it up. On the small horshoe turn, it's very intense, but still smooth, so watch out for that. The only bad thing is that the camera is at the very end for some reason.

Georgia Scorcher- 7.5/10.-2 times- Pretty good, but uncomfortable. I discovered something cool for stand up coasters by B&M-- As you go over a hill, lift up your feet for a lot of airtime! If you do that at the bottom of the hill instead, it hurts. but still, this was pretty good, with pretty quick lines. I love the way B&M made the "push-down" seats!

Mind Bender- 6/10.-1 time- Just as I expected, this had max g's. It was ok, and the loops were pretty maxed out. The banked turns were rougher than intended, but what do you expect, I guess.

Georgia Cyclone- 7/10-1 time- pretty good, but very rough and "ridgedy". The first drop was very breathtaking, and there is not much else you can say about this, besides that it's modled off of the cyclone in coney island.

Acrophobia- no grade, 1 time- not a coaster, but great drop towers. I usually wimp out on them, but i finally tried it, and I loved it! Now I can't wait for Kings Dominion! YES!

Mine train- no comment, no grade, 1 time

Batman the Ride- 8.5/10- 1 time- This was really fun, and great g's in the front. It had great theming, but it seemed like the que kept going and going... and small loading station, but cool effects!

Ninja- 5/10- 3 times- too rough for me, made by vekoma. Not much to say...

Great American Scream Machine- 5.5/10- 1 time- you mean great american spine snapper machine! OUCH! That hurt! Much rougher than Cyclone, but still KINDA fun.

Superman Ultimate Flight- 8/10- 1 time- I sadly only rode it in the middle... hmph... anyway, the ride was ALMOST worth the wait, but not quite. It was great, I've been waiting for a pretzel loop for a while!

Ok, that's all I have to say, i think. any q's?

From steve lee
Posted June 1, 2009 at 3:10 PM
Unless they've done some work on it, I think you're being too generous to the Georgia Cyclone...

Glad you had a good time. I'm rather surprised by how crowded the park was, however. By any chance did you take a break and ride Monster Mansion? I'm curious to hear someone's opinion who doesn't have memories of Monster Plantation.

From dylan k
Posted June 1, 2009 at 3:24 PM
I went to SFOG a couple years ago and did the EXACT same thing you did. We first ran with the rest of the crowd to Goliath(my dad almost had an asthma attack!) then we went to the rest of the part. But the weirdest part of all was that after we left the park my aunt had taken us to this amazing mexican restaurant. Kind of different but still pretty cool.

From Eli Katzman
Posted June 1, 2009 at 6:07 PM
Steve, I was riding Cyclone with my cousin who had great memories of it. The last time he was their was 2nd grade, 5 years ago. So, he kinda helped it be more fun. And I never rode Monster Mansion, sorry. My cousin was thinking of it, but I convinced him off of the topic because it looked like a kiddie ride on the web site... sorry... but what is the ride anyway?

Dylan, that's amazing!

From steve lee
Posted June 1, 2009 at 7:45 PM
Monster Mansion is a dark ride. I guess some folks would consider that a "kiddie ride," but I don't agree with that classification. In its previous incarnation, it was a boat ride where you tour the monster's area (they allow humans to visit once a year). All's going well until you screw up and take a turn into the marsh, which is where the bad monsters live.

Needless to say, it was the best bad dark ride ever. Six Flags gave it a heaping helping of love in the off-season and the early reviews have been almost unanimously positive.

Back to Cyclone...that ride was amazing about three years ago, but the last two times I rode it were pretty frikkin' rough. I haven't tried it this year, and I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to. I won't even go on GASM anymore. It's a great ride, but the roughness is just too much for my tired old bones.

From James Rao
Posted June 2, 2009 at 3:18 AM
Yeah, I would have liked to hear about the Mansion as well. Any time one of these more traditional iron ride parks veers off the beaten path and tries something different, even if it fails, it should be reported.

Eli, your brother sounds more than immature, he sounds like a jerk. Tell him your TPI friends don't take kindly to him elbowing you in the face and he best be a little more careful in the future. (I sure can sound tough when I am halfway across the states hiding behind a keyboard!).

I cannot imagine waiting two hours for any ride at any park. I think I would have forked over the dough for a Flash Pass at that point. I just cannot tolerate long waits. But then, you are young and you have your whole life in front of you....

So, how was the condition of the park? Was it clean, freshly painted, well-maintained, and staffed with incredibly helpful cast members? If I remember correctly, SFOG is one of the few Six Flags parks that is run by the mothership in name only, so I would expect the limited partnership that actually owns the park might be a little more customer focused. Be interested to get your take on that aspect of the park as well.

Anyway, thanks for the report, Eli. Now, go check out your Dorney thread, cause I think I found what you were looking for....

From Eli Katzman
Posted June 2, 2009 at 1:00 PM
Guys, if you mean by dark ride as in a "scary" dark ride, I don't go over well with those. Have you ever been to Knoebels? That has the scariest and best dark ride ever... it actually has a couple good drops on only a 2 story tall "coaster". I was an idiot to do it. If I'm scared now, what about when I rode it about 4 years ago?!

Ha Ha, James. I get it. Yeah, he still hasn't grown out of it. I thought it was well kept, but I have noticed over my couple years of roller coaster obsession that most coasters start to rust after about a year. It doesn't affect the coaster that much, but the appearance does. But, Goliath's paint was actually quite well kept. Anyway, my friend who runs the site (I'm trying to get him over to become a TPI) takes great photos. Before I left, I noticed in one of his pics at SFOG had graffiti on the walls of Batman. It's true! They had painted that for better themeing! good job, SFOG! I liked the staff, no one was grumpy that I saw. I also found it pretty clean. The only thing that was even a little dirty was the inside of the nets on Goliath.... huh... Oh, and I don't know what you mean by what you did to my dorney post, but I'll go check it out!

From Eli Katzman
Posted July 3, 2009 at 8:50 AM
Steve, have you gone yet this season?

And, as I was reading through my post again, I realized something- are the other 6 batman the ride(s) (7- SFOG, SFGAdv, SFGAm, Parque de Warner, SFMM, SFStL, SFOT) as well themed as the one at SFOG? To add on to this one's theming: I remember, the que and the station were awesome. The que was kinda like in the sewer of gotham city for part of it, and the station hadd sound effects of bats, a huge batman symbol, and even the batman suit next to the exit! So how are the others?

From SFOG Goliath
Posted January 29, 2010 at 10:06 PM
Georgia Scorcher is smoother than other b&m stand-ups. But yes it's a bit 'uncomfortable'.

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