Wet and Dry

Ride alternate wet and dry rides. Only one ride per Park before moving on and visiting each Park only once.

From Rob P
Posted June 2, 2009 at 10:17 AM
The plan is to ride one water ride at one Florida Park before moving on to the the next Park where you must do one "Dry" ride only ( This could be a coaster or a dark ride ). Then , in sequence , you have to go from Park to Park riding wet and dry alternately. You have but one day to do this and you have to visit all the Parks at WDW and Universal plus Seaworld and Busch. You can only visit each Park once and no water Parks.

My own itinerary is this :

Splash Mountain ( MK ) WET
Men in Black ( US) DRY
Dudley Do Right ( IOA ) WET
Expedition Everest ( AK) DRY
Atlantis ( Seaworld) WET
Tower of Terror ( HS ) DRY
Tanganikya Tidal Wave ( Busch ) WET
Test Track ( EPCOT ) DRY

From William Clark
Posted June 2, 2009 at 1:30 PM
Jurassic Park-Universal Islands, 9:05am
The Simpsons-Universal Studios, 9:45am
Journey to Atlantis-Seaworld, 10:45am
Aerosmith-Hollywood Studios, 12:30pm
Kali River Rapids-Animal Kingdom, 2:30pm
Mission Space-Epcot, 4:30pm (Monorail to MK)
Splash Mountain-Magic Kingdom, 6:00pm (Monorail to Epcot)
Sheikra-Busch Tampa, 8:45pm

If I started from downtown Orlando and worked my way down the I-4W, I could squeeze in all these rides in one day even if the parks are crowded. Busch Gardens stays open late for Summer Nights so I would hit that park last.

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