Theme Park Apprentice: Challenge 2

Walt Disney World: Part 2 to the Game

From Tim W
Posted April 21, 2010 at 8:04 PM
Ok Here is Challenge 2!!
In this challenge you will be creating a dark ride. This ride does not include dark roller coasters or log flumes! A dark ride includes mild rides like Snow White's Scary Adventures or Toy Story Mania to thrill rides like DINOSAUR or water based rides like Pirates of the Caribbean or even Tower of Terror.

We all know that Disney's Hollywood Studios has very little rides as it is, and even less rides for kids. Your job is to take a movie or a tv show, not used in any park, and turn it into a dark ride for DHS. Just Remember Step Outside the Box!

Please include descriptions of the ride itself, the name of the ride, where it will be located, will it replace anything, ride vehicle descriptions, thrill or mild, use of any special effects, and anything else you can think of.

BTW here is the overview for the rest of the game:

Challenge 3: Live Show or Parade

Challenge 4: Shop

Challenge 5: Roller Coaster

Challenge 6: AA Show or 3D Show

Challenge 7: Themed land

Challenge 8: Theme Park with past contestants voting on the winner

I will be considering the first challenge a practice. Joshua vows to participate in this challenge. Please try to post by saturday! So then we may get the poll posted and move on with the next challenge on monday.

From Anthony Murphy
Posted April 22, 2010 at 2:21 PM
Here we go! I will be out of town this weekend so here is mine a little early!

Ridw with The Incredibles

This high energy dark ride combines animatronics, special effects, and 3D characters that seem like they are interacting with you!

Situated in Pixar Studios area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Next to Toy Story Mania), we enter Edna Mode’s Workshop. Not only is she working on new suits for her superhero clients, but also Supercars that have a homing signal to a superhero so that guest can tour Metroville and see up close and personal how superheroes keep crime off the street. While in line, you will see various tests being done on suits such as fireproof, strechablity, and invisibility. Overhead, the screens will show Edna Mode telling us about her DAAHHHLING new cars and show us some interviews with various superheroes of Metroville. We enter our Supercars which are Red with the Incredibles logo on front and we are told by Edna Mode that we have picked up a signal from one of the Incredible and if we can bring Jack (who is an animatronic on the front of the car) to his parents since they are going to be “off the clock” after this demonstration. We enter an alleyway and find the Incredible fighting a group of bank robbers (first screen). When they finish, they thank us for our help, but as they are to get on the car to get Jack Jack, the ground (and car) start rumbling and the car falls underground into a lair of villains.(Second Screen) The Underminer is saddened that they have some tourists instead of the incredible. The Flea (a brand new villain who was Bob Parr/Mr. Incredble’s old boss at the insurance agency-thus a blood sucking parasite ) , Organa (a supervillaness from the Comics), Bomb Voyage, and Syndrome (who faked his own death) see us as bait to perhaps to defeat the Incredible, especially since we still have Jack Jack. Edna, seeing we are in trouble, try to get us out of there, but are chased by Bomb Voyage,(third screen) who throws bombs at us and causes our car to go flying and knock out the power to the car, Organa causes her clay made minions to jump and pound on our car to get to Jack Jack. Then the Incredbales break through the ceiling and start fighting with the villains while we are right in the middle of it all! However, Syndrome stops them with his point energy and says that will show the world who the Incredible really are and they can NEVER go into hiding again. We go shooting through the ceiling by Syndrome’s point energy right into downtown Metroville news conference (fifth screen). There are many reporters and some take flash pictures of them. As Syndrome is about to unmask Mr. Incredible he loses his hold on the Incredible when Frozone throws some ice into his face. We are then lifted up into the air as Syndrome’s last effort to get back at the Incredible by hurting Jack Jack (large screen), however, Jack Jack once again to the rescue (the animatronics goes down into the car) and he turns into his “monster self” and fights with Syndrome as we go up and down and up, being caught by Mr. Incredible, bouncing off Violet’s shield, and then finally being caught in a stretched out Elastigril. Dash then uses our car to knock over all the villains and collect them on the top of the car (3D tube screen we "breeze through" where our car is thrown through the front of a police station (the exit). The cast members are dressed as police officers here and as we walk off, we pass by the cells of the villains asking us to let them out! That “flash” was an actual picture taken of you when you were on the ride. It can be purchased and put in a personalized newspaper article about the “real heroes” who saved Metroville from Syndrome and the other villains!

I believe this can be Disney’s response to the Spiderman Technology too!

From David L.
Posted April 22, 2010 at 5:58 PM
WILLOW: the Lucas Film classic comes to life

Location: this would replace Sounds Dangerous, the nearby bathrooms, and possibly whatever is behind Sounds Dangerous(like if American Idol auditions are on this side of the building) but leaving sci-fi diner. The building would be much bigger than it is now with the bathroom wing. on google maps, this is the location:,-81.559221&spn=0.000696,0.001717&t=h&z=20 The bathrooms would be moved between Indiana Jones and the Backlot Express.

Ride: an additional forest-ish area would be added in front of the American Idol Theater facing Echo Lake. The line would start here as you walk through Willow's own town (homes would be set up against the show building). It would use an omnimover ride system with rotating cylindric cars. The animatronics would be top notch.

If you rode it... this is what it would be like:
Walk into an outdoor line through a forest with nelwyn(hobbit) homes. As you walk through the village you notices a small stream with an empty basket. You would then be metered my a "magical" door into a nelwyn home. inside you would tour the home to two closed doors. One door would open and a nelwyn(somewhat short person) would welcome you into a dark room. the door would close and a candle would flicker on. Then more would follow until you see Willow, a sorcerer nelwyn, and a baby in a crib. Willow(interactive animatronic) would introduce himself and describe how he found the baby in basket in a stream and reluctantly took it in. He would then describe how the leader of the nelwyns told him to get rid of it and that Death Dogs came to the annual festival looking for the baby. He would then ask if you would like to go find a human to take care of it. Then you would walk out into the loading area.
I don't have time to finish now but that was the first part. I'll get in the rest later.

From Nick Markham
Posted April 22, 2010 at 4:18 PM
Mine will be coming soon... it will be worth the wait! ;)

From David L.
Posted April 22, 2010 at 5:57 PM
how do you post pictures?

From Tim W
Posted April 22, 2010 at 6:28 PM
Excellant Work! And not sure how u post pictures David, sorry...Maybe email Nick or Joshua. Can't wait to here the rest of David's ride through, along with the 6 others. Should be fun!

From Nick Markham
Posted April 22, 2010 at 8:17 PM
You can post pictures using HTML code. Simply upload to image shack, view image, and choose the HTML embed code. :)

From Joshua Counsil
Posted April 22, 2010 at 11:31 PM
My original concept wasn't a roller coaster in the conventional sense, but to play it safe, I'm going to submit a new idea. I'll post my original idea separately.

As Tim mentioned, people often complain about the lack of rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios (I think there are plenty, but I digress). Due to the plethora of shows, both live and prerecorded, touring plans can become bogged down. In-between these lengthy shows, guests require something to experience. Most of the park's rides, including Tower of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, require morning visits or Fastpasses to avoid long waits. Star Tours rarely sees waits, but it will soon close down for its upgrade. Another dark ride could certainly help spread crowds around. In addition, DHS seems to cover many media outlets: movies, television, Broadway. Strangely enough, there is not a news-related attraction at DHS, despite that Disney owns their very own news company. Thus, I propose:

ABC Presents: Breaking News!

Located in the buildings soon-to-be formerly hosting Sounds Dangerous and American Idol, ABC Presents stars Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie as a news anchor and field reporter caught in the most exciting news day of the year. In keeping with the half-baked ideas notorious to this building, guests will join Colin in the field as he tries to report the various hazards encountered in a very short time span.

Exterior and Queue

The exterior of the building will be modelled after a modern news building in a metropolis area, such as the ABC facade located below, but with a cleaner, brighter feel to it (think: Hollywood Studios plaza entrance) and faux, comedic headlines.

The queue will travel through a "working" newsroom, alluding that the guests are newly employed tech crews at ABC. When guests arrive at the pre-loading holding pen, a live host will explain some history about the studio before assigning them their first story: a local dog has given birth to twelve pups. A seemingly nice, easy sap story. The story is passed onto Colin and the new tech crew (i.e. guests). I'm too busy and tired to think of any clever banter for Ryan and Colin, but they could probably ad lib the whole thing. The live host informs you that this is your first gig, so act quickly and bravely.


The attraction will take advantage of Disney's enhanced motion vehicles (EMVs), themed to look like an ABC news truck with an open top. The driver and front passenger seats will be enclosed and shielded, giving the illusion that an unseen employee is driving (and giving the car a pick-up truck feel). The blunt front and trailing regions will mask the track from the guests. Each car will hold six passengers: three cameramen, one boom mic operator, one floodlight controller, and one director.

The cameraman seats have a shoulder cam mounted on a tripod, which can be rotated, raised or lowered, and angled up or down. A moderately sized screen at the rear of the camera shows the view so that cameramen aren't stuck looking through a lens for the entire duration of the ride. The boom mic and floodlight operators also have floor-mounted objects, capable of rotating 360 degrees. In addition, the flood light operator has three brightness settings to choose from, and the boom mic operator can extend the mic over the edge of the vehicle to get up close with animatronic civilians. The mic is designed so that it can never make contact with anything. The director is seated with three monitors and a sound display system, showing everything that the other passengers are recording. He/she also has the ability to choose which camera is recording at a given time, and is expected to orally communicate with the fellow passengers (e.g. "Chris, your boom mic is in the frame, get it out of there!")

At certain periods during the attraction, the cameras, light, mic, and seats will be able to swivel in a complete circle. Data obtained during the ride will be saved in a special file for guests to edit after the attraction. The director has the ability to choose which camera is recording at any given time. The microphone has built-in sensors that serve two functions: to determine the proximity of the mic from noise-making objects (e.g. civilians being interviewed), and to determine whether the mic is being picked up by the cameras. The cameras are real and can detect certain features that either add or subtract points to the team. More on that later.

The Ride

The ride begins with some gentle driving to the scene of the births. Colin is already waiting, and the news truck slows down to allow the guests to use the proper lighting, mic distance, and camera angles to capture Colin's riveting tale. Suddenly, sirens are heard, and a high-speed pursuit is underway on the adjacent road. Colin, uninterested in the puppies, tells you to get a move on. What proceeds is a high-speed, tight-manoeuvred ride through inner city alleys and roads. Eventually, the news truck pulls out an alley, only to witness the speeder and cop car whizz by and crash into a bank. And, just by coincidence, they crashed into a bank where a robbery was unknowingly taking place.

Pandemonium (and more headline news) hits as robbers begin shooting it out with coppers. Colin is on the scene, and the boom mic operator gets bonus points for recording the Q&A sessions between Colin and a police officer on the scene. Not much time before Ryan is on the monitor again, telling you to forget the robbery since there is an earthquake downtown. No, he doesn't want you to get out of there, he wants you to report it.

Your vehicle rushes around a back alley, only to see fire hydrants exploding, phone lines collapsing, and the street separating into several large chunks. Ryan mentions that as a results of the quake, an apartment building has caught fire around the block. Your truck carefully manoeuvres through the ensuing rubble and around the block, only to find Colin awaiting your arrival. A building is completely ablaze in front of you as firemen attempt to put it out. An hysterical woman claims her cat is still inside. With the firemen busy extinguishing the flames, your crew pulls a desperate move and drives through the smoldering foundation. After some close encounters with falling rubble, the cat is found, and your news truck pulls out of the building just as the last remaining beams collapse. Your vehicle is greeted by a crowd of cheering people. You have become the headlines.

The ride works as an integration of several other rides. The EMV provides enough thrills to pack a punch. The special effects provide updated disaster and stunt scenes reminiscent of those from Universal. The camera equipment adds a degree of interactivity unseen before. Think of it like MIB, but instead of shooting characters, you're... well, shooting characters, but in a different sense. As bonuses, there are several shots in the ride that reward extra points. For example, attentive guests may notice someone being robbed in a back alley and can zoom-in with their cameras to capture the crime. The cameras are designed both to film and to detect how many points a shot is worth. Likewise, certain elements built-in to the other devices can improve or lower your score. For example, a mic in the camera frame will lower your score, but a mic above witness heads will allow them to express their opinions and garner you extra points.


Guests can take their assigned group number and choose to view their footage in the editing room. Here, all the footage they took is combined in the manner that the director cut it as the ride proceeded. In addition, guests can record news anchor bits to precede their footage, or add additional field footage using the green screen room. Think of it like the area after the DHS Animation Tour, but better.

This wasn't my original idea, but it sounded too much like a coaster, so I'll submit the above for round 2. Also, I'm exhausted, so I may edit this later to improve thought-processing and grammar.

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 7:52 AM
Just remember if you have any troubles posting, send me your idea instead. We are still waiting on 5 people now. Kevin, Amanda, Dan, Wok, and Nick who should be posting soon.

From Nick Markham
Posted April 23, 2010 at 11:25 AM
Sorry, again, but I will have mine in before midnight in the pacific (11:00 my time). Actually, it should come by about 5 or 6. :)

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 2:41 PM
No problem Nick, I just hope the other contestants will have theirs in by saturday. But it seems that is doubtful as we are awaiting on four other contestants still. And I can't elimiate 4 people.

And a special note that next week's challenge will be a parade. Live shows will not be included because of the challenge idea I had. Instead live shows will be moved to the Show challenge. And another note that the store challenge will be replaced by the hotel challenge. I've changed the order a bit too.

Challenge 3: Parade
Challenge 4: Roller Coaster
Challenge 5: Show
Challenge 6: Hotel
Challenge 7: Themed Land
Challenge 8: Theme Park

From Kevin Smith
Posted April 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM
Down To Earth With Wall-E
Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Description: Joining the classic tradition of Disney dark rides is the new "Down to Earth With Wall-E". Based on the hit Pixar film, this immersive dark ride will lead you through various scense of the movie while implementing innovating technology.
-Pre ride-
After entering the building containing the ride, guest will wander through a queue themed after the opening scenes of the movie where earth is abandoned and covered with trash.
-Ride Vehicles-
The guests will enter state of the art self-propelling ride vehicles. Holding up to 6 guests, each of the ride vehicles with feature crawler tread (like a tank), like those that enable Wall-E to move around.
Focusing on the plot of the movie, the vehicles, guided by robotics, will move from scene to scene while specific music and audio bits from the movie are played. The Scenes themselves will be immense. Huge rooms filled with detail will create scenes with lifelike proportions. Some examples of the themed rooms would be the desolate earth, outer-space, the Axiom spaceship, the control room, and a new inhabited Earth. Because the ride focuses more on theming than thrills, it can be experienced by guests of all ages.
-Post Ride-
After exiting the ride, a hands on exhibit that focuses on recycling and Green earth technology will reinforce the message of the movie and the ride.

From Joshua Counsil
Posted April 23, 2010 at 1:08 PM
For the record, my original concept was a Tron attraction. The movie has a cult following, and regardless of its criticisms, would make an excellent dark ride.

It could open in correlation with the new Tron film, set to open in 2011.

This video should give you an idea of what it would look like.

Neon lighting, moving obstacles, transparent floors and walls, and a trailblazing effect behind the cars. Guests could control the speed of the vehicle and would battle other guests. Certain objects would require the user to slow down or speed up, such as descending "bars" or closing doors. Although 3D is overused, it would work really well in this attraction, providing the illusion of an infinitely deep playing field.

The track would use magnetically-propelled technology, such as electromagnetic/dynamic suspension. A famous example of this is the Maglev transportation system.

I'd replace the Backlot Tour, which is a huge clunker and isn't very well-executed.

I think it's too reminiscent of a roller coaster to use, so I submitted my ABC idea.

From Dan Babbitt
Posted April 24, 2010 at 3:46 PM
My idea is posted below under Tim W (Thanks Tim!.

Its Phineas and Ferb Summer Vacation.

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 6:07 PM
This is Dan's idea that he emailed. I think it was just too long so maybe you guys can break it into parts if you need to.

Phineas and Ferb Summer Vacation
Backstory: Phineas and Ferb is an Emmy Nominated animated television show on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. Its about Phineas and Ferb (P&F) and friends who are genius inventors and there sister who tries to bust them and get them in trouble. P&F have a pet platypus named Perry the Platypus who has an undercover spy who tries to stop an "eveil" scientist inventor Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz who is trying to take over the tri-state area.
Premis: Dr. Doofenshmirtz is trying to catch P&F and have them as his minions and create invention to help him take over the tri-state area. You are recruited by Major Monogram and Carl the intern to help Perry and watch over the kids and help him if needed.

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 6:07 PM
Ride: The ride will be a 3D adventure using vehicles from Spiderman and will move back and forth, side to side and up and down depending on whats going on. The ride will include and really revolve around the songs from the show which has really made the show truly unique.
The ride will move from scene to scene basically from screen to screen. At each scene we will use fans, water sprays and other techniques that will enhance the ride experience. While moving from scene to scene the vehocles will react to being hit, flying, dancing and another experience depending on the song being used.
To give an impression to the songs and what the show is I have included youtube scenes and the most popular songs in the show. This will give you how the funny the show is and also the movement that the ride will go through during its path.
Que: You will go through P&F house and and will be interactive with some of the inventions that the kids have invented. You will then go through a secret door that Perry usually goes through in the show.
Preshow: Major Monogram recruits and then gives you the assignment to watch the kids.
Ride: The ride will go throught the kids adventures. They will make a couple inventions which you will get to experience, Perry will fight with Dr. Doofenshmirtz and P&F gets caught and does what Doof wants them to do. Candace wants to get them busted by there mother and get them in trouble. Inavertantly she helps you and Perry get them away from Doof and saves the day.

Songs: The songs being used scene by scene will be:
Scene 1:Ain't No Kiddie Ride
Squirles In My Pants
Scene 2: My Neme-Nemisis
Mexican-Jewish Cultural Festival
Scene 3: My Chariot
Hail Doofania
Scene 4: My Ride From Outer Space
My Name is Doof
Scene 5: Chains On Me
Debriefing: After you help Perry get the boys out from Doofenshmirtz control and of course they is a mind-erasesonator that erases everyones memory and they dont remember anything and its just a regular summer day!
The ride will also use the songs from the Christmas show and be able to change to the different seasons to keep it fresh and exciting!

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 6:10 PM
I will be giving commentary on all the ideas after they are posted in the thread similar to how joshua did. Hopefully poll can be up by Sunday. Nick should be posting or emailing me soon. Amanda and Wok where are you??

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 23, 2010 at 6:39 PM
Sorry, have two family members in the hospital. I spent all day with them. I will be posting this evening.

From Dan Babbitt
Posted April 23, 2010 at 6:40 PM
Thanks Tim! I was just going to try to split it up like that. Sorry I didnt think of that earlier.

From David L.
Posted April 23, 2010 at 7:28 PM
Tim, I might not be able to finish posting by saturday evening so if the poll could be on Monday that would be nice. Thanks.

From Tim W
Posted April 23, 2010 at 8:18 PM
No problem you guys. And yep we can try for monday if you haven't finished your post yet David. We are still awaiting to hear from Wok Creative though. Thanks for the update Amanda and hopefully your family members are ok.

Have a good night all, ill be looking forward to the ideas in the morning! :)

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 23, 2010 at 9:01 PM
Having trouble posting. May have to email or post multiple times. Sorry.

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 23, 2010 at 10:31 PM
Disney's The Thrill of The Chase

Animation Courtyard

Basic Description:
This dark ride combines both animatronics and surrounding screens of animation. There will be five chase scenes that guests will experience with alternating possible endings for each. It has twists and turns and sudden drops. The ride vechiels will be along the lines of PotC but larger so that each chase scene and ending will not be overlapped. The building itself would flow with the surrounding architecture. The eye catching sign for the ride would be a large screen with the words of the title chasing each other.

The queue area would have large screens showing classic Disney shorts, (i.e. The Brave Little Taylor, The Three Little Pigs, Donald Duck and the Gorilla) along with Classic full length chase scenes, (i.e. Seven Dwarfs chasing the Evil Queen, Malificent chasing Prince Phillip, Scud chasing Buzz and Woody).

As guests begin their voyage into the darkness, a spotlight shines towards the left upper corner of the room. A familiar voice is heard, while his animatronic shows up. Jiminy Cricket is our host.

Jiminy's Speech: Hi Folks. Welcome to Disney's Thrill of a Chase. You know, a great movie has a great chase scene. Today we will see some of Disney's exciting chase scenes from classic Disney movies to the present. Hold on tight and get ready for the Thrill of the Chase. Oh by the way, keep your eyes opened. You might be in for a surprise.

The boat sails forward taking several left and right turns, as music from Bambi begins to play. A slight incline begins.

Bambi Chase Scene:

As you enter into the forrest, you hear the birds chirping, see animals frockling. Suddenly you hear, "Hunter". Animals begin running, as gunfire is heard behind the boat. You smell smoke, and feel the heat, as flames begin to appear. Your boat picks up speed, as you see the animals running on either side of you. As you hurry to excape the flames and all hope is nearly lost, you enter into a cavern that will show 1 of 4 possible endings. First ending: Bambi is seen grown up, standing on a rocky ledge looking down upon the deer, rabits, and other animals playing and eating in a meadow. Second ending: Bambi, Thumper, and Flower are watchin their children try to ice skate on a frozen pond. Third ending: Bambi and his children see a human family having a picnic. A sign is posted close by stating that the woods have become a national reserve and that there is no hunting allowed. Bambi tells his children that not all humans are bad, as the human children feed some birds and squirels. Fourth ending: Walt Disney walking through the forrest saying aloud, "What next story should I tell?" Then he turns and sees the animals following them, and says, "Oh. There you are."

Up Chase Scene:

As you leave your happy ending, you are suddenly turned towards a rocky cliff. You hear in the distance behind you dogs barking and growling. Along the side you see Kevin running with Mr. Fredrickson, Russell, and Dug. As you race to keep up, you hear the dogs getting closer and closer with Alpha growling and snarling to catch them. When all hope is nearly lost, you enter a cavern that shows you made it, with one of four possible endings to the scene: First ending: You are looking at Paradise falls, and see Kevin and her babies. As the shot zooms out slowly, you see that there are many more Kevins and families that live there. Second ending: You see Mr. Fredrickson, Russell, Dug and the other dogs playing at a retirement home. Third Ending: Mr. Fredirickson is taking Russell, Dug and the dogs across the U.S. in the Spirit of America. The dogs are hanging out the windows with their tongues flapping in the wind, occassionally commenting on trees and squirrels. Fourth Ending; Dug is telling his squirrel jokes to some dogs in the park.

101 Dalmations Chase Scene:

As you go up a slight incline, leaving the happiness of Up, a chill comes across you. The air is cold, you see nothing in front of you except swirling whiteness. As it comes into more of a clear focus, you notice that some of the whiteness is spotted. Dalmation puppies are trying to escape the evil clutches of Cruella Duville. Once you see all the puppies, you hear a car's engine roaring. It becomes louder and louder as she comes closer to you. As you turn to look behind you, you see her swerving to get you. Just as she closes in you manage to escape into the cavern, where the next ending gives you rest. First possible ending: You are in the barn with Sgt. Tibbs and the other barn yard animals, safe from Cruella and her henchmen. Second possible ending: The dalmations have made it home where they are warm, fed, and cleaned. Third possible ending: Dalmation Plantation comes about. Fourth ending: Cruella and her henchmen are behind bars. While looking out there window, they see a family of dalmations walking with their "pets" into a park.

The rest in my next post.

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 23, 2010 at 11:11 PM
Wall-E Chase Scene:
While going up a slight incline, the darkness begins to come over us. Suddenly a loud blast and a bright light bursts forth. EVE has shot through a door on the space cruiser and is flying quickly out, while carrying Wall-E. Many "Steward" robots give chase shooting lasers and yelling, "HALT!" at us. As we twist and turn to keep up with EVE, and the stewards gain even more ground, we make it into the next cavern where our happy ending awaits us. First possible ending: Wall-E and EVE are on earth. Little robots are around them. Most look like smaller versions of EVE while one looks suspiciously like Wall-E. Second possible ending: We see the tree that Wall-E saved giving shade to him, EVE and the inhabitants of a village. Third possible Ending: Auto, (the bad robot) being used for human needs on earth, such as a toilet paper holder, tiny yard windmill, etc. Fourth Possible Ending: More ships with humans coming to join those on earth. Wall-E is their to introduce himself to each.

Princess and the Frog Chase Scene:
As we leave the warmth of Wall-E we begin to go up to another slight hill. We begin to hear the sounds of bugs swarming, a gator closing his jaws, and feel the humid air that can only be found in the bayou. We see Naveen and Tiana as frogs hopping as quickly as they can through the swamp. Naveen tells us not to look behind us. Just then, we hear the sounds of Dr. Facillier and his friends from the other sound gaining on us. Just as his "friends" get closer and closer, we safely make it to the next cavern to see what ending awaits us. First Possible Ending: We see Ray, his family of fireflies, and Evangeline (evening star). Second Possible Ending: Louis teaching little gators how to play jazz on instruments. Third Possible Ending: Tiana and Naveen catch their children kissing frogs.Fourth Possible Ending: Everybody dancing in New Orleans.

Now darkness closes in around you. Jiminy Cricket's voice is heard: "Well folks, we sure were lucky to make it out of those chases so happily and..." An errie voice that is not Jiminy Cricket breaks in saying: "Not all thrilling chases end happily. You have never had the thrill of being chased by me!" A chill goes through the air. Leaves are heard rustling in the breeze. A full moon illuminates a forrest trail with a bridge far off in the distance. Your boat begins a slow descent down a hill.

Final Chase Scene: Legend of Sleepy Hollow
You and Ichabob Crane see the Headless Horseman atop his black stallion. A sword in one hand, a flaming jack-o-latern in the other. Your boat's drop begins to quicken. As you and Ichabob race towards the bridge, you hear the sword swishing through the air along with the feeling he is close by. His errie laughter is heard in the distance. You feel the hot breath of his stallion on your neck. Darkness closes in with only the brillance of the orange flame from the pumpkin growing larger. As the music from "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" comes to a crescendo, Darkness and a quick small splash down happen with the Headless Horseman laughing loudly.

You emerge out into the exiting area.

From Wok Creative
Posted April 24, 2010 at 2:00 AM
Mary Go Round

Bringing a true classic to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as a ride/attraction for all ages, Mary Go Round will capture the magic of the movie, Mary Poppins, in the style of a Fantasyland type dark ride. Entering through the Animation Building (with the show building behind it), a path leads guests down Cherry Tree Lane and the home of Jane and Michael Banks. They mount up on Carousel Horses, side by side, that are on a suspended track (much like the Peter Pan ride) that has a second track (like X2) that gives the horses their up and down motion throughout the ride. Chariot benches will be available for those in wheelchairs and small children may ride horses with their parents.

Each room will be full of music that represents the scene and take full advantage of projection technology (all around, above, below…), while wind effects will help to enhance the feeling of flying. Fog effects will transition each room, looking like fog, smoke, or chalk dust (with actual full fog or fog screens).

Just out of the loading area, the room is dark, to allow eyes to adjust. Through windows, nannies can be seen flying through the air, down Cherry Tree Lane, above the other guests that are queueing up to ride, using a Pepper’s Ghost effect combined with the actual scene outside.

The first room is the Children’s Nursery. Toys frantically put themselves away. Large objects come in and out of the carpet bag. Spoonful of Sugar fills the room. At the far end of the room, a portrait transforms into a Chalk Drawing that leads to:

The Countryside murals on the walls have projected, animated trees blowing in the breeze, birds flying through the air, squirrels and rabbits running around… A barnyard full of animals sings Jolly ‘Oliday… Butterflies fill the sky, revealing a group of penguins dancing and singing at a tea party. Around a bend, dogs are running all around, in a fox hunt. Jumping a hedge, the horses find themselves in the middle of a horse race, galloping with all they’ve got. At the finish line, a band sings a victory song of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. A gentle rain washes the scene away, into:
[To Be Continued]

From Wok Creative
Posted April 24, 2010 at 2:01 AM

The back streets of London lead to Uncle Albert’s. Jokes are being told by people projected on the ceiling, as I Love To Laugh plays in the background. The horses go around and up and down. They only come down when they are told that they must leave and go to:

The cold, expansive, sterile setting of the Bank becomes suddenly chaotic, with people running everywhere, shouting about the horses being in a bank, money flying through the air and filling the floor, shining brightly (all through floor projection). Escaping the madness by crashing through the huge front doors:

The street scene outside reveals a large Cathedral with a dome projected sky full of animated birds. Circling the room while Feed The Birds plays softly, the journey continues through a seedier looking side of London – dark alleys, the shipyard, barking dogs, and finally, Bert, who takes them to:

The rooftops are full of smoke and shadows of rooflines and the skyline of the city. Chim Chim Cheree is heard while flying over the smoke stacks. Shadows in the smoke become (projected) shadow dancing silhouettes, that now sing Step In Time. Soon, fireworks also fill the air. The horses turn to go through them and fly over Admiral Boom’s house, on the way to:

The Park across Cherry Tree Lane is filled with kites and the music of Go Fly A Kite. The kites and strings become like a maze of obstacles to get around, with Mr. Dawes Sr. (from the bank) flying high in the air, at the end of a large string. As the horses make their last turn, Mary Poppins is seen in the distance, flying away, over the cityscape of London, and a setting sun.

From Tim W
Posted April 24, 2010 at 4:32 AM
Alright! Thank you Wok and Amanda. We await on the latter part of david's and nick's idea. Very very hard decision this week!!!

From Nick Markham
Posted April 24, 2010 at 7:45 AM
Tim! Did you get my email! Everytime I try to post my whole story, it reads something in there as vulgar language. But I read over and I misspell nothing!

From Tim W
Posted April 24, 2010 at 10:28 AM
Yes i got your email before. I emailed you that you can send it to me via email instead and i will try an post it.

From Nick Markham
Posted April 24, 2010 at 4:00 PM
Didn't get the email. Let me try one more time.

Located in the Magic of Disney Animation building (of course with more building behind to hold the actual ride and IMAX screen), the queue begins with an entrance into the rabbit hole. The setting inside makes it feel as if you are falling face down through the whole rather than walking through a queue line. The station for the ride is themed to the bottom of the hole.

Once you have your 3-D glasses and are locked into a KUKA ARM VEHICLE, you begin to journey through different scenes of the new movie, being immersed into the World of Wonderland through 3D, fire, mist, and animatronic effects. The ride concludes with a finale on a giant IMAX screen.

It is an experience for the whole family, and one that you will never forget!

From David L.
Posted April 24, 2010 at 2:20 PM
OK... thanks Nick for how to do pictures but that just gets too complicated for me. So... back to the attraction:
After exiting the room where you met Willow, you enter a slow moving omnimover. You set out on the journey and find Madmartigen, a great swordsman, who is in a cage. You see Willow release Madmartigen and give the baby to him but two brownies, little mini warriors, steal the baby. Willow gives chase as you turn in your individual vehicles of the omnimover(like HM ones) to watch the chase. However, you, Willow and his friends get caught by more brownies until they are taken to Cherlendia, the queen of faries and brownies. She says the baby's name is Elora and she must be taken to safety to another sorcerer. You would switch scenes to a tavern where you meet Madmartigen again but evil soldiers led by a girl named Sorcha and a general named Kael come from an evil queen named Bavmorda. They escape and find Raziel, a sorcerer to take Elora to another kingdom to be safe but Bavmorda has turned her into a opposum. Sorcha comes and captures them all but they escape and fight with Madmartigen's friends in a furious battle scene with at least 25 animatronics complexly fighting each other including a large, two headed dragon, trolls, and Willow. Willow wins and Sorcha falls in love with Madmartigen but Kael captured Elora. Willow and his army lay siege to Bavmorda's castle but she turns all into pigs but Willow and Raziel(this might be done by flashing lights and smoke to revolve the floor to show pigs). Willow turns Raziel into a human and she reverse's Bavmorda's curse. The ride would then ride into the castle and you would unload from the omnimover. you would walk through the castle and go into a room to save Elora from Bavmorda(there would be 3 mini theaters doing 4 minute performances so there would be little congestion). From here you would see a special effects and animatronics show of Willow saving Elora and Bavmorda dieing. You would then exit down into a shop with Willow merchandise. As you walk out of the shop a small theater would be on the left where you can see Willow perform magic tricks throughout the day.

Other: due to it's size, the walkway behind Sounds dangerous might have to be removed for more room and have Sci-fi dinner have an entrance to the side.

From Tim W
Posted April 24, 2010 at 8:15 PM
Alright! Excellent work guys! I will now provide my commentary and my favorite pick for the week.
I will start in order of post.

Anthony: Loved your idea and my favorite for the week! I think you and me both agree DHS could really use an incredibles attraction that would work great in Pixar Place. Sounds very immersive and i give u credit for not creating a simple walkthrough of the movie! Great Job!!!

David: Another very immersive attraction. I've never heard of the movie until you mentioned it. I feel it might have a hard time generating a large fanbase for the ride.

Joshua: Creative idea! Never thought of having a news themed ride, but i think it would be something new and different. I would however add in a full news broadcast, including a cool weather scene at the end. But hey, thats just me.

Kevin: I agree with the plan to implement more rides into pixar place, however the ride sounds very epcot-ish, the whole thing focussing on robots and the environment sounds like it would be best sooted at the Land or Innoventions.

Dan: Another one of my favorites. I liked that you decided to use a popular tv show instead of a movie. Thought the ride sounded very cool and liked the use of songs! Thought ur ride description could describe a bit more..

Amanda: I liked the idea and the use of various movies never before used. Another very creative idea. Sounded like an excellant animated version of Great Movie Ride. There might be a bit too much going on here, with no plot tying the scenes together.

Wok: Another one of my top future rides for DHS. I've always thought that Mary Poppins should deserve much more than a simple scene in the Great Movie Ride. Stays very true to classic dark ride

Nick: Good use of a current movie to appeal to the masses. In my opinion, a bit too soon. Also, didn't get a sense of the attraction plot too much

Hopefully poll can be posted by tomorrow!!! Then decision time will follow on monday night, followed by the new challenge tuesday through saturday.

From Nick Markham
Posted April 24, 2010 at 8:37 PM
^Yeah I cut out the entire plot because it was making a problem with the post (somehow). It is basically just a prelude to the actual movie, or the 2010 version of the exact storyline of the original Disney classic. I can't go into too much detail though as apparently, something to have to do with the plot of Alice and Wonderland is explicit?????

Would you like me to try putting that piece in again?

Even if I can't, I sure hope the rest was enough...

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 24, 2010 at 8:45 PM
The thing to tie the scenes all together is that these are just to be the scenes that make you sit on your edge of your seat. The "thrill" of wondering if you are going to get away. These are the chase scenes that usually end happily, save for the last which doesn't. One thing to keep the people coming back is that you don't know which alternate ending to the scenes you will see. As for too much going on, this would be about the same length of time as Pirates or Splash Mountain. You are constantly moving, sometimes, more quickly than others. You don't have to worry about keeping up with a story line, it is a chase then resolution. These stories that were chosen, are fairly well known, thus no need to show each part. As Jiminy said at the beginning of my ride, "a great movie has a great chase scene". This is to show first hand how exciting these scenes are.

From David L.
Posted April 25, 2010 at 4:35 AM
A lot of people probably don't know about the movie because It seems that Indiana Jones and Star Wars are George Lucas' main movie series. This might tie in to a relaunching of willow on bluray. I also thought that DHS could be separated into studios and other themed lands and one could be Lucas Film Studios.

From David L.
Posted April 25, 2010 at 5:23 PM
Here's my commentary:

Anthony: DHS needs an Incredibles attraction. This is a great idea that can go into the park but there's also the rumored Mosnters inc attraction that were waiting on. Which side of toy story would this go on? would it replace anything?

Joshua: I really like your idea... but is there another possible location?(maybe behind muppets or something like that). It sounds really immersive but It seems very expensive to create those vehicles( then again, i have thought up a few rides with VERY complicated vehicles).

Kevin:I also think that this would fit somewhere else. Even in Innoventions it would be hard to fit without taking out a few other attractions. It's a great idea, but i just don't think it would work... maybe just a wall e attraction by itself or making an enviromental attraction just themed to wall e with out the dark ride at innoventions.

Dan:Really cool idea but it might be hard to get riders due to adults might think that it's a little kid ride. Where in the park would it go?

Amanda: I really like this idea. It looks thrilling and fun. But it looks as if it has some competition for space.

Wok: Ok I've never seen mary poppins... but the ride looks cool. It seems imersive and available for the whole family to experiance.

Nick: I like the pictures but you didn't tell us much about the ride scenes but the tone makes me just want to ride it.

Overall: I think i would have to pick Amanda's attraction or Anthony's. They both sound thrilling and fun. Joshua's would be next for a great thrilling experience and also Wok's due to The less thrill factor due to so many thrill rides.
I think everyone submitted great ideas.
EDIT: ok so i thought this over and realized something... Pixar Studios(or whatever it's called) should not be made up of all 3d attractions. so... I'm sorry Anthony but actually The incredibles need to somehow be not 3d... but if it weren't for Toy story, it would fit perfactly. so i'll pick Amanda's for the best. Anthony your still a close second.

From TH Creative
Posted April 25, 2010 at 8:42 AM
Amanda's idea is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Well done!

From Dan Babbitt
Posted April 25, 2010 at 9:32 AM
@ Tim: Had a hard time posting so I needed to be very vague with the ride discription. I figured everyone was going to use movie's and like you said think outside the box so thats what I did.

@ David: The ride would replace The Little Mermaid show in the animation courtyard. Before I posrted the idea I talked to my friends who are lower to mid 20's and they love the show and the idea. I added the youtube links so that people can see that the show yes is marketed to kids but like many kids rides at Disney hopefully with the 3D and the Dinosaur/Spiderman like ride vehicles we can attract the older people. But overall it will appeal heavily to the teenage boys.

I really liked WOK's idea.

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted April 25, 2010 at 10:25 AM
Thank you very much for the compliments guys.

From Nick Markham
Posted April 25, 2010 at 11:34 AM
Dan: Same Thing! My ride description was affecting my posting problems. I wonder why?

From Dan Babbitt
Posted April 25, 2010 at 12:00 PM
Maybe the website couldnt take the awesomeness of our rides!!!!

From Joshua Counsil
Posted April 25, 2010 at 12:16 PM
I agree, TH. Amanda gets my vote this week. My only tip would be to change it from a water ride to a track ride. I can't see a chase scene being very exciting when you're drifting through at 5 mph.

To be honest, I dislike my own idea. I came up with it at 4 am on Thursday night because I had a conference this weekend and I knew our ride ideas were due Saturday. I feel that DHS has enough rides already, but those rides require updating or refurbishing. I have many ideas for other dark rides, but they don't fit the DHS atmosphere.

Regardless, this was fun, though I think I might be eliminated.

From David L.
Posted April 25, 2010 at 5:30 PM
Can some of y'all please give me feedback on my attraction whether you liked it, or what might make it better, ect. Thanks.

From Robert Niles
Posted April 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM
Poll will be up on the front page at noon Eastern Monday (April 26, 2010).

From Robert Niles
Posted April 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM
Here's the link to vote!

From Tim W
Posted April 26, 2010 at 1:14 PM
Alright, so I will be firing someone come tomorrow night or wednesday morning based on the poll, user comments, and my own personal decision. I will post the next challenge at the same time i make my decision. Unfortunately, someone does have to leave this week. I wish you all the best luck!

From Wok Creative
Posted April 26, 2010 at 7:14 PM
If the decision is later (Wed.), will there be more time given to work on the next one? Interesting how the polls are coming out, compared to comments.

From Tim W
Posted April 27, 2010 at 3:54 AM
Yes, you will probably have one more day to work. But i will be deciding this afternoon.

From Andy Milio
Posted June 7, 2010 at 3:52 PM
Hmmmmmm....Incredibles sounds fun. I would ride it!

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