Six Flags Over Texas - Trip Report

Six Flags Over Texas: Trip report from May 2010 journey to Texas.

From M. Ryan Traylor
Posted June 4, 2010 at 9:58 PM
Working away from home has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are mainly you can never make a hotel room feel like home. The advantage: there is always a theme park, no matter the size, within 4 hours.

I spent two months in Shreveport and one of my get out town weekends included two days at Six Flags Over Texas. This trip started with an arrival at the parking gate early and taking a nap. Of course, being the avid TPI reader, I decided that a Season Pass w/parking would be the best option for me. (Now back in LA, I can hit up SFMM for “free”).

On day one, I met up with an old friend of mine from college who I hadn’t seen in years. He played tour guide for day one. As Eagle Scouts a map is important, but as theme park fans, he tossed it aside. I quickly retrieved it to use as reference and to learn my bearings to for day two.

The day started with Titan (to minimize the wait). From there it was over to La Vibora, Mr. Freeze, Runaway Mine Train, Shock Wave, and Runaway Mountain. (The 2nd day I finally rode Judge Roy Scream). Not the most direct route around the park, but it allowed me soak in land themeing. It would have been interesting to see this park when it originally opened. There was a section of the park that showed an original map. You can see the land style themeing that is inherent in all Disney parks on this map.

After a quick 5 hour day at the park, I decided to retreat to the hotel for a some R&R before taking in a baseball game and returning for day 2.

As with most Six Flags parks, their themeing is lacking, but here at Over Texas, they seem to take pride in their heritage and want to share it with guests. Even with park expansion they tried to avoid the parking lots. You can tell that with Gotham City they did a great job of themeing the expansion. But Titan, yeah, you’re in a parking lot. Judge Roy Scream has been around for so long it just humors me that its “outside” the park.

I was upset that the log flume was two different flumes instead of a very large one as seen on the map. The only other thing I didn’t enjoy was the food options. It seemed that it was either Johnny Rockets, chicken fingers, Papa Johns pizza, or giant turkey legs.

Mr. Freeze - a great load and launch system. The horseshoe loop and steep overbanked turn are very enjoyable, even on the return trip.

La Vibora - enjoyed this bobsled coaster very much. The only other bobsled coaster I’ve been on is Avalanche at Kings Dominion. I’ve always felt that a train of cars hinders the experience. La Vibora swiftly went into the banked turns.

Runaway Mountain - I’m not quite sure about the themeing of this ride, but none the less, it was enjoyable. I was expecting this to be a simple family coaster in the dark. Then comes the shock of a steep banked drop to the left and immediately back up to the top.

Shock Wave - a basic double looping coaster. What I really enjoyed about this coaster was the setup for the first drop. Coming off the lift the train takes a simple downhill curve with a slight uphill to slow the train before the drop. After the two loops though the coaster is just that, coasting until the station. No major airtime, but at least it’s smooth.

Runaway Mine Train - a jolty reminder that these coasters are more fun to watch than ride. Yet, these are the ones with the most themeing, albeit dilapidated.

Titan - Texas’ version of SFMM Goliath. The perfect combo of the two would be the Goliath to MCB and then Titan. I like the extra turns on the 2nd half of Titan.

Judge Roy Scream - boring. This woodie needs some bolts loosened to make it interesting.

Texas Giant - closed until 2011. Couldn’t get an official word about the renovation. Looked like adding a steel track base and structural changes. Pieces of track just missing. I was upset that I couldn’t ride this, but I was prepared. SFoT website states this ride’s closure under the “Rides” section. However, I don’t remember seeing any signage at the park entrance.

From James Rao
Posted June 8, 2010 at 2:53 PM
Great trip report, Ryan. Thanks for sharing.

Did you happen to step out of the park and eat lunch/dinner at Pappadeaux just down the street? Yummmm....

Also, have you ever visited SF Fiesta Texas? If so, how would you compare the two Texas parks?

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