Kennywood Tips?

Family is heading out to Kennywood for Labor Day weekend.

From Victoria Jurkowski
Posted August 29, 2010 at 8:22 AM
My family (with 2 teenagers and 2 little ones) is heading out to Kennywood over labor day weekend. We're looking for suggestions on a plan of attack, which rides are must do and which to avoid, recommendations for eating, and what to expect crowd wise. Also, can anyone say what the "festivals" usually change in the park? Apparently the saturday we are going is "croatian festival" day, what will that change for our trip? Thank you for the help!

From Mike Gallagher
Posted August 29, 2010 at 9:25 AM
I've only been to Kennywood three or four times, so I can't offer a lot of advice. Sky Rocket's the new kid on the block, so its line is long..and slow moving from what I understand. The lines for all the coasters tend to move slow, especially Exterminator and Phantom's Revenge, but they're all worth a wait. Everyone raves about the Potato Patch Fries, but I wasn't impressed. Their log flume, raft ride, and shoot-the-chute are among the better examples of their type, so if you and your family like water rides, don't miss 'em. Park up on the hill to save the parking fee.

From Nick Markham
Posted August 29, 2010 at 9:24 AM
First off, there will be one point where your family might have to split up to do certain attractions, but for the most part, lets try to keep you guys together on this trip. ;)

Rides For the Teens

Phantom's Revenge- This one is HUGE, so you will most likely not have your little ones riding it. The teens, however, should love it. It is tall, long, fast, and an exilerating ride full of big time air hills.

The Exterminator- If your little ones are taller than 46" (3'10") then this is a coaster your whole family can ride. It is an indoor dark ride style coaster, and around every turn, your car spins out of control making the ride even more fun!

Jack Rabbit- A Kennywood classic, this one is one for everyone to ride. This 1921 wooden roller coaster should be a fun experience for your family.

Racer- Again, like Jack Rabbit, a wooden roller coaster your whole family can ride but, like Exterminator, the little ones must be 46".

Thunderbolt. This a big wooden coaster intended for a thrilling experience. Definitely mostly for your teens.

Sky Rocket- This coaster is brand new to Kennywood, and definitely a thrilling ride for your teens, but not so much for the little ones.

Well it seems I've run out of time to finish, but I'll come back with ride for the little ones and a more definitive list of rides for the entire family.

From Victoria Jurkowski
Posted August 29, 2010 at 12:22 PM
Thanks for the tips so far! Thought i should add that the little ones are a little over 48 inches, and enjoy mild rollercoasters. And we have no problem with letting the teens wander by themselves for a few hours but would like to do things together too if possible.

From Brady Allen
Posted August 30, 2010 at 12:37 PM
Now your in my backyard..........
Kennywood isn't the biggest park but it can get packed on holiday weekends so there will be a wait for the coasters. We went 2 weeks ago on a Monday night and skyrocket was a 45minute wait. I'd definitely double that for a weekend. It is a fun coaster and very smooth. The Phantom will have a wait but not as long. When the Phantom was built it was the fastest in the world. (but that was a long time ago.....WOW I'm getting old). The other coasters and rides will not be as long. there is also "Kiddie Land" with alot of rides for little guys.

For the food....Kennywood might be the best park to eat. There is no sit down dinning in the park but there are tons of food stands. The potato Patch is legendary in the Pittsburgh area. I recommend While walking around check out the different food stands, each serves up something different(Fries, taco salads, hoagies, gyros deep fried Oreos,Corn dogs are just some of my favorites). we take at least 2 trips a year there to just eat.
It's a great family park to visit. I grew up at Kennywood and its still one of my favorite places to visit.
we have a different vocabulary here.
sandwich = sammich
did you eat yet = Jeet-Jet
soda = pop
gyro= jy-ro
you all = yinz
how tall you have to be to get on a ride - bigger then Jeter
to sum it up is like this..Jeet-Jet? um a grab a sammich while yinz guys get gyros n pops. Then I'm a go on the thunderbolt but you can't cause your no bigger then Jeter!!!
(there are many more but this should get you through a day at Kennywood)

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