WDW to IOA transportation?

Walt Disney World: I'm staying on-property at WDW, and want to go to IOA one day. I assume I'll have to rent a car, but I don't want to rent one for the whole trip.

From Jack Curley
Posted October 6, 2010 at 3:38 PM
Are there any nearby rental places that will pick me up from (and drop me off at) Disney property? Is this going to eat up a lot of my day?

Obviously, I know that Disney doesn't run a shuttle to Universal, but are there any other options besides rental cars?

From Gareth H
Posted October 6, 2010 at 4:08 PM
You could get a cab, about $40 each way from the center of Disney, may be better than renting a car and going through the whole hassle of collecting and dropping it off.
(if its just to get to IOA and back)

Just make sure you get a Mears cab, as they have the fairest rates in town, and are metered, unlike some "Gypsy" cabls that float around town.

When leaving Universal, make sure you go to the Taxi desk and don't get picked up by one of the drivers who may approach you.

Mears have one central number and could send a Yellow, Checkers, or City Cab.
I've taken other companies before and have been ripped off by them.

From TH Creative
Posted October 6, 2010 at 4:42 PM
I concur. A taxi is a lot less of a hassle. It's quicker. If you are a real penny pincher, take the Disney bus to one of the hotel plaza properties and have the cab pick you up at one of the hotels there. It's closer. Plus a cab means you do not have to pay $14 to park.

From Gareth H
Posted October 6, 2010 at 10:00 PM
Yep, forgot about the parking cost on top.
Just be sure that a cab doesn't charge you eztra money to drop you off back at Disney.
It seems, after talking to a few local cabbies, that Disney no longer allow Taxi drivers free entry in to the parking lots anymore.
If this is the case, have them collect and drop off from a location that won't charge them entry.

From Rob P
Posted October 7, 2010 at 3:45 AM
Whatever you do. Do not pick up one of the cabs that sit outside your Hotel. We actually had a hire car for our entire stay but as we were going to have a few beers decided to take a cab.
We made the mistake of asking Reception to book us a checkered cab to the Dixie Stampede which was only a 10 minute drive away.
We could see when we got outside that it was one of those white limos but negotiated a suitable price for our return trip before we set off even though time was short. When they picked us up after the show the driver argued that the price he'd agreed was for each trip.
We weren't happy about it because we're quite savvy people but what could we do ? No tip for a start which clawed back some money. We did complain to the Hotel but they weren't very helpful.
Next time we'll know better.

From Anne Duncan
Posted October 7, 2010 at 7:27 AM
We just did this in May. We went to concierge at our WDW Resort the evening before (do 24 before just in case) our IOA day. Concierge called Mears and booked us a bus pickup (they pickup on the hour) for the next morning. Be on time! Fare was about $12 per person. Drivers also accept tips if you like.
The bus made a couple other pickups at WDW Resorts before heading off property and dropped off at SeaWorld before heading to Universal/IOA. Travel time lasted about 30 minutes but the bus was very comfortable, not at all crowded, and had televisions.
You will be given an 800 number to call an hour before pickup to schedule your ride back to WDW.
I preferred the bus over any other method. Renting a car has the extra fees plus parking, and if you get stuck in a cab the toll could climb in the case you get in traffic.
We use the Mears bus again!

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