Kudos to SF Great Adventure Guest Relations

Six Flags Great Adventure: Always good to save some money..and Guest Relations was the catalyst.

From Mike Gallagher
Posted October 15, 2010 at 2:47 PM
Six Flags, Great Adventure and elsewhere, sometimes takes a bad rap on customer service issues. I've had mostly good experiences on the occasions when I've had to deal with Guest Relations. So I thought I'd share what happened Columbus Day.

Monday was my 10th visit to SFGadv this season. Many here on TPI are familiar, I'm sure, with SF's Funatics Rewards program, which issues "rewards" to season Pass Holders for qualifying visits. For those who don't get to SF often or are not passholders, I'll break the rewards down. Qualifying visits are between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Each reward is issued following the qualifying visit and usable thereafter:

1st visit..Skip The Line Pass for one ride

2nd visit..two free soft drinks

3rd visit..parking upgrade

4th visit..bring-a-friend free pass

5th visit..20% discount on next year's season pass

As stated, Monday was my 10th visit. However, only four were within the qualifying period, so I was not eligible for the discount. I went to GR and told the woman I was hoping she could give me a discount anyway, as I'd made so many visits AND hadn't actually used any of the rewards I DID receive. After going away for a few moments, during which she probably asked her manager for the go-ahead, she comes back and hands me a pat line about "I'm not going to bother asking my manager because of all the red tape involved. I'm just going to go ahead and do it for you."

Ya'll may know that GAdv's Season Pass is one of, if not the highest priced in the chain. Although they are running a special of 79.99 each and free parking, that's only if you buy four. Doesn't do me a helluva lotta good. The individual pass is 89.99 and tax..close to $100 total. I got it for 77.00 and change including tax. I haven't bought parking yet, but I'll do that either on Halloween or first visit next year.

As someone who works in the "customer service" industry and does things like this for my clients on a regular basis, I thought it should be noted and recognized. Is it a drop in the bucket for a business like that? Yes. Does it make me even more likely to keep on coming? Yes. And so does keeping El Toro into infinity...and beyond.


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