Disney World trip report day 2: Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World: Exhausted from day 1, we headed to AK for a relaxed pace and shorter day.

From Victoria Jurkowski
Posted February 12, 2011 at 11:05 AM
On Monday of our trip, day two, Animal Kingdom had morning magic hours, so it opened for us at 8 instead of 9. We wanted to ride Everest, so we were at the bus stop at 7:30 and in the park at 8, after eating breakfast in our room like we did every morning of our trip [best time saver ever, we brought cereal and pop tarts and only ever bought milk to go with breakfast]. We went straight to Everest, but we were moving at a really slow pace after running all over MK the day before. It was 8:30 by the time we got in and got to Everest but there was still no line. We went on it twice because the first time we didn't actually see the yeti, and there was still no line so why not? But the littlest, who is six, didn't like it and stayed off with mom the second time, so we didn't go more than twice. We mosied over to the Lion King show, getting there about 9:30 and stopping to look at animals on the way there. That area of the park didn't open until 9:45 though and the show was at 10, so we found a bench and sat for 15 minutes. We got great seats for the Lion King show, and it was a blast! After the show we did some character greets in Camp Minnie and Mickey, then had an early lunch at the Chinese take out place in Asia. Before lunch we had gotten fastpasses for the Safari, and used them after a leisurely paced lunch and some more animal watching. It was about 1 when we went on the Safari and the animals were all out where we could see them, and some were right next to the car.

After lunch we grabbed fastpasses for Dinosaur and got in line for the Nemo musical. We were there right as they opened the doors and ended up waiting about a half hour after sitting for the show to start, but it was a nice break from walking and no one complained about just sitting and relaxing. After the musical, which was still fantastic the second time I saw it, we used our Dinosaur fastpasses. We had gotten 6 passes since there's 6 in our family, but the 6 year old didn't want to go on it since everyone had a bad experience last time we rode it. So she and mom and dad rode the Dino spinner while the teenagers and the 8 year old rode Dinosaur, with the intention of going 2x. But after the first, the 8 year old decided once was enough. We met back up and had mickey shaped ice creams from a cart. By now it was 4, so we headed back to our hotel for dinner in the food court. After dinner, the little ones went to bed early while the teenagers and dad went to MK for the Electrical Light parade. We left our hotel room at 6, got on a bus at 6:15, got to the park at 6:40, and found a place to stand at 6:50. We should have left earlier, our view was obstructed by a huge group of teenagers who didn't speak english whom had been sitting in front of us but stood when the parade started. But we still were able to see most of the parade, and since we were in the hub all we had to do was turn around to see the show projected on the castle 15 minutes after the parade. We left as the fire works started to beat the crowds to the bus.

The crowds in Animal Kingdom were low, though it started to get a little crowded after lunch but we used fastpasses for the rides. Lunch was great, it was nice to have an option other than pizza or burgers like at other theme parks. I had the honey chicken and I would definitely recommend it. The only problem at lunch was the birds, since we ate outside they swarmed our table and frightened the 6 year old. The early end to the day was great for the little ones and gave us a chance to see the Light parade, which we did enjoy despite viewing problems. And the relaxed pace of Animal Kingdom was perfect after the long day at MK the day before.

From Nick Markham
Posted February 12, 2011 at 12:36 PM
Another fun day it sounds like. Also, I can't believe February is such a great time to go. I mean I knew it was somewhat slow around January/February, but this just sounds awesome!

From Victoria Jurkowski
Posted February 12, 2011 at 8:33 PM
Yeah, it was fantastic. Literally did everything we wanted every day, longest we waited all trip was a half hour. I definitely would recommend this time of year to anyone planning a trip there.

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