Disney World trip report day 3 part one: back to MK

Walt Disney World: Before heading to Epcot, a trip down chickipin hill was necessary.

From Victoria Jurkowski
Posted February 14, 2011 at 8:29 PM
Before heading to Epcot, the park planned for Tuesday day 3, we just HAD to go to MK and ride Splash Mountain. As we walked through the gates at 9 a.m. we were literally praying that the ride was open as the cast member on sunday had said it would be. We walked as quickly as we could down main street and through frontierland, arriving at the entrance at app. 9:05, and yes! It was open! It took all our restraint not to run through this queue [can you tell that this is our favorite ride?]. I am proud to say that we were some of the first guests to ride Splash Mountain with lap bars.

Commenting on the lap bars: they are cushioned and not uncomfortable. They sit a little above your lap like any other bar would, and I don't remember bumping into it at all throughout the ride. They don't change the experience of the ride, except that as they work out loading bugs the ride has some start/stop issues. The first time we rode it the ride stopped about 4 times, only for a minute or so, but the recording about staying in your seats would come on and ruin the music. And the boats backed up a bit more than usual waiting to enter the loading area. There were multiple supervisors or someone similar, not really sure their job, that were standing at the loading dock watching on that day and still observing 2 days later when we went back on it [and the ride was still stopping occasionally then too]. Though the cast members do tell you to lower your lap bars, they do not come by and check that they are locked [though I did see them glance at everyone to make sure they were down].

After once, we went on it again since there was only a 5 minute wait afterall and it IS our favorite ride. Then we rode Jungle Cruise since we had missed it on day one. After that, we headed off to Epcot.

From Terri Pierce
Posted February 18, 2011 at 11:15 PM
Glad to hear the lap bars don't interfere with much. I would imagine by our trip in December the kinks will be far since worked out!

From Lauren Hayhurst
Posted March 3, 2011 at 8:43 AM
Hi Victoria - just wanted to say I've just really enjoyed your last three trip report posts and I'm looking forward to hearing about Pop Century. Have been wondering about staying in a Disney hotel for a while, but my family always goes for villas. I'm coming to Orlando in 2 weeks time so your reports are really getting me in the mood! Thanks!

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