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Walt Disney World: Need HELP please on what option to take on my theme park tickets

From paul dunn
Posted March 3, 2011 at 5:11 PM
Hi there all,
Im finally taking the plunge to Disneyworld.Me and my wife are taking our 2 girls ( age 8 & 10 ).
We are staying at the "allstar sports hotel" for 2 weeks.
My problem is i am going out of my mind trying to sort out the theme park tickets,where to get them and what ones to get as there seems to be so many options.I want to try to cover as many parks and water parks as possible but not Busch Gardens.
Any help/advice would be great.

From Robert Niles
Posted March 3, 2011 at 5:12 PM
We've got some general advice for buying theme park tickets on

For Orlando, specifically, you're not going to find a ticket that includes Disney and anything else. A first-time visitor will find the best overall package by choosing either to do an all-Disney vacation or a non-Disney vacation. (You could cobble together individual tickets to both, but there are better deals available if you commit to one or the other.)

You're staying at a Disney hotel, so I'd go with that. For people who choose the non-Disney option, there is an Orlando Flex ticket that you can buy through either SeaWorld or Universal that includes those parks (and, yes, Busch Gardens, too). I haven't bought that one in ages, so I'll defer to others on whether it's a good deal.

With two weeks, you could throw in a Universal three-day ticket or a SeaWorld ticket and go with a shorter Disney ticket (say, one week). But you'd have to buy those through the Uni or SW websites, you can't get them from Disney, obviously.

From Hermione Potter
Posted March 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM
One suggestion if you really want to do all the Orlando parks would be to spend one week at the Disney hotel doing all things Disney and then transfer to a Universal hotel to do Universal and Sea World.

You could cut costs on that by staying at a universal partner hotel instead of their official ones but then you lose express pass access - I think you still get in an hour early though. You could also skip Universal and purchase Sea World Fun cards for the second week, which work like annual passes but are only like $80.

If you want to do a water park I suggest either a Disney one or Aquatica (seaworld's water park - separate admission required),because Wet and Wild (the Universal water park located off universal property) is pretty trashy.

I really agree with Robert's suggestion but if you're determined to fit it all in I hope the above helps.

From Anthony Murphy
Posted March 3, 2011 at 8:59 PM
Well, here are some of your options:

Buy them online
Buy them at the Disney Store
Buy them at All Star when you check in
Buy them at the gate!

I would pick the first three!

From Kelly Muggleton
Posted March 7, 2011 at 8:56 AM
Or you can buy your Disney tickets at Downtown Disney Guest services.

I think the one week Disney hotel, one week Universal is a great option with kids. There is so much outside Disney to do.

I always stay near Seaworld and find that if I walk over at about 2 or 3pm I can buy my tickets with no wait or fuss. (and can take a sneaky peek in the souvenir shop just outside). If you only buy a one day ticket - head to the booth just inside the park entrance and claim your 2nd day free (or sometimes for $10)

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