Theme Park of the Day: Islands of Adventure

TPA: Tournament of Champions Challenge 5

The finale challenge

From Tim W
Posted January 29, 2012 at 4:39 PM
Welcome to the finale challenge of Theme Park Apprentice: Tournament of Champions. This last challenge will have you creating a standalone theme park, in the location of your choice. This theme park must be based off of some media franchise which can include movies, music, games, or books. Make sure that you tend to be simplistic in the choice of a media franchise, as mixing a few different franchises might lead to confusion. In your theme park, please include about 4 to 5 lands. In each land, you must include 3 rides, 1 restaurant, and 1 store selling theme park merchandise. Do not be overly descriptive with the rides, restaurants, and stores. Instead, focus on how you would like to present the overall theme of your park with the addition of the 3 stated aspects of a theme park. You may wish to also include some type of entertainment such as a parade, or nighttime spectacular. The choice of the addition of extra entertainment is up to you, but I assure you that it will work to your favor. Good Luck to everyone, and I will be tallying up the totals probably next Monday or Tuesday.

This challenge will be due Sat 2/4

From Jeff Elliott
Posted February 2, 2012 at 9:19 AM
In most themed parks, meticulous care to detail is used to create an atmosphere of immersion to create beautiful and mostly expensive environments to be explored. That was the case, but it is no more, because all we need is a couple of pallets of particleboard and a couple cans of paint in primary colors to give you….


South Park: The Theme Park

The park opens onto the town of South Park. The park is not made out of construction paper, but it seems like it is. In the main town area of South Park, there are four restaurants lifted directly out of the show: the franchise restaurants Sizzler, Shakey’s Pizza, and KFC, as well as local favorite City Wok, serving traditional Chinese/American food. The shops in the town all sell merchandise on the theme of whatever store it is. For example, Tom’s Rhinoplasty does face painting.

The first ride we come to in this area is Respect My Authoritah running out of the police station. This is a unique ride in that the idea is to pull over a certain amount of cars so that Cartman can beat the drivers up with his nightstick. This system is accomplished through a laser tag-ish system where you are able to clock vehicles that are speeding and attempt to pull them over by first using your radar gun on the speeding car, slamming on the accelerator, and steering the vehicle while you try to catch up with the law breaker. Once a car is stopped, there is audio only of Cartman rushing up to the car and bludgeoning the driver with his nightstick. This ride has quite fast acceleration and should be very fun.

There is an entrance to go down into the sewers to get to our next two rides, the Circle of Poo and the Poo Choo train…as obviously we are in the domain of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. The Circle of Poo ride is directly pulled from the episode “A Very Crappy Christmas” where they sing the Circle of Poo song originally in a spoof of the Circle of Life song from the Lion King. The ride itself is a spoof on the It’s a Small World ride, showing how poo factors highly in the ecosystem, the ride is narrated by Mr. Hankey and his son Cornwallis.


The second ride in the sewers is the Poo-Choo Train, taken from the episode “Red Sleigh Down”. The Poo-Choo Train, just like in the episode is made out of poo and takes you on a trip to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. More on the North Pole later…

In the sewers, there is a counter service restaurant that specializes in different pupu platters and other “organic” foods.

On the outskirts of the town is South Park Elementary. Inside the elementary school is our next attraction, Chef’s Love Wagon. This is a dark ride that acts out bits of Chef’s iconic songs from the show. The ride exit is a the school cafeteria where you can order Salisbury steak, cardboard pizza, and many other items that you would normally find in an elementary school cafeteria. The cafeteria will be walked by dangerous looking school secretaries and gym instructors who will enforce the no talking rule.

In the school there is also a queue that starts in the gym and then winds its way into the school’s swimming pool before you get onto round style rafts for a rapids ride themed to Jimmy, Timmy, and Cartman participating in the Special Olympics.

Out past the school you will find the houses of all of the kids with rides attached to them after entering the house.

The first house we come to is Stan’s House. There is the beginning of a queue line in Stan’s living room where we can get in line to relive Stan’s Guitar Hero burnout adventure, where Stan is signed by a record label before making all of the wrong choices and eventually burning out. The vehicle for this ride is a B&M 200ft tall hyper coaster, with a speaker system installed on the cars to play music during the ride.

The second ride at Stan’s House starts from Stan’s bedroom and is an electric car retelling of My Future Self n’ Me where Stan’s future self comes back in time to warn Stan away from drugs and alcohol, which we come to find out later is just a ruse put on my Stan’s parents, and Stan exacts his revenge on his parents. The ride vehicle is a slow moving electric vehicle with video projections and smell-o-vision.

The third ride at Stan’s House is in his back yard, themed to the episode The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers video store. This is a multiple launch Mack Euromir style roller coaster, once built, it should be like the Haunted Mansion on horse steroids, telling the story through the course of the ride.

Cartman’s house is the next house on our tour. There are two rides in the house. The first attraction is Quest for Cartman’s Dad a slow electric car ride through a massive fantasyland about who Cartman believes his father is. The second ride is called Gingers’ Revenge and is a Spiderman style ride based on red-headed kids and specifically Scott Tenorman and the Ginger Separatist Movement trying to exact revenge on Cartman, it should be pretty scary with all of the gingers running around.


In Cartman’s backyard, there is a setup of his overindulgent birthday party with a Ferris Wheel, spinny rides, bounce houses, and other such rental rides.

Tweek’s house is the next that we come to. The attraction here is a mine train roller coaster themed to underground mines and the underpants gnomes.

We next come to Kyle’s house where there are two attractions. From Kyle’s basement we have the World of Warcraft themed Intamin Blitz coaster and behind Kyle’s house there is an outdoor theater for WTF (Wrestling Takedown Federation) where it is more musical theater and over dramatizing than it is about “wraslin” and stunts, although there are bits of each.

Finally we arrive at Butter’s house where there are three attractions. The first is an Intamin Accelerator Coaster (like Top Thrill Dragster) running at 250ft tall and launching around 95mph. The coater is themed to Professor Chaos & General Disarray and their attempts to launch people to the moon.


The second attraction is a splashboat ride themed to the South Park episode where Butter’s mother tries to kill him by buckling him into the car and then pushing the car into the river. The ride vehicles are shaped like cars and the main splash at the end of the ride is themed to a waterfall in the river. This ride will have a long course similar to the Jurassic Park ride in order to get all of the story elements in before the splash.

The third attraction is a participation battle/stealth game themed to the game that the kids play called Texans vs “Meheecans”. The object is to sneak into the backyard without being seen.

Near Butter’s house, there is an El Pollo Loco window service restaurant.

From here we cross over the railroad tracks (which are actually used by the Poo-Choo Train) and cross over into the bad part of town where it is dirty and rundown….leading us to Kenny’s house. Kenny’s house has three attractions. The first is Mysterion Rises themed to Kenny’s alter ego and his battle with Cthulhu. As per Kenny/Mysterion’s super power, we die several times during the ride and wake back up in bed. This attraction is one of the larger attractions and contains elements of roller coaster, motion base, and drop tower all themed to the adventure the kids are on.

The second attraction is a slow spinning electric car ride themed to and named The Many Deaths of Kenny.

The third attraction is an interactive shooting gallery where you are shooting different versions of Kenny making him die spectacularly every time you hit the sensor.

There is a sit down restaurant near Kenny’s house specializing in Pop-Tarts, frozen waffles, and PBR.

From Jeff Elliott
Posted February 1, 2012 at 3:03 PM
Past Kenny’s house and looping back toward the main entrance is “The Woods”. Toward the back of the park inside the woods is Woodland Critter Country with three attractions that are all parodies of the Critter Country attractions at Disney. Blood Splash Mountain, a log ride with a layout swiped from the classic log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm; Mountain Lion Jamboree, an animatronic show; and The Many Adventure of Beary the Bear. For those of you who don’t know, the Woodland Critters in South Park are very evil….just a warning….


Still in the woods, but heading back toward the main entrance there are three unrelated attractions. The first is a mine train coater themed to the Cave of the Winds where you will have run ins with ManBearPig and Al Gore. The second is a large dive coaster themed to a ski slope and the episode entitled “Asspen”. The third attraction is a boat ride similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, where you float through a very dangerous rainforest, have Cartman hitting different jungle animals with a stick while saying “Bad monkey, that’s a bad monkey”, and having your tour guide eaten by a snake, before running into the Yamagapa, a particularly vicious tribe of natives.

On the entire other side of the park, there is Cartmanland, a Six Flags style steel and concrete amusement park with a wooden roller coaster and many of the types of rides that a Six Flags has lying around like adolescent pimples. Next to Cartmanland is a water park with many rides and water that has been tinted slightly yellow.

In the back of the park is the North Pole, the connection point for the Poo-Choo Train. The attraction in the North Pole area is a laser tag style attraction where you are attempting to save Santa from terrorists.

The night time show will feature the lighting of the world’s largest snake as well as elementary school bands playing songs for the crowd.


South Park: The Theme Park – It may be wrong, but it is fun.


From Matt Babiak
Posted February 2, 2012 at 5:07 AM
Tell me that this is either an
a) joke, like your Justin Bieber land
b) Dominick bribe/hack
I guess the actual park is alright, but I'm not voting for any south park idea!

From Jeff Elliott
Posted February 2, 2012 at 9:43 PM
^ I didn’t realize that I could get a payoff from Dominick for doing South Park…..I know he is an animation fan, but I didn’t think that it extended to Colorado….It sounds like I should have waited to get a payola from Dominick before starting…..

I wouldn’t call my park a joke in and of itself… should be funny like the show itself, but the park, however, is my submission and in keeping with the spirit of South Park I know I created a couple of really bizarre things…..keep in mind that this is a theme park and they are going to theme for certain things while actually doing completely different things. For example, the restaurant out by Kenny’s house, while it only advertises for the very few things that have ever been on Kenny’s kitchen table, the restaurant itself would either be a faux front or would actually serve regular food as well… fact it may not even serve pop-tarts, frozen waffles, and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at all…..everything in my theme park proposal is stuff that has been mentioned or alluded to on the program….and there are certain things in there that I added for comedic effect because I just can’t help myself sometimes (like the yellow tinted water of the water park...which there was a whole episode dedicated to)…..but this should be a funny park in the same spirit as the program…

From Giovanny Cruz
Posted February 2, 2012 at 3:57 PM
South Park theme park (you forgot that the theme park is for 14 and older)

From James Koehl
Posted February 2, 2012 at 6:50 PM
(A World-Record Theme Park!)


Ireland. When people think of it, they think of beautiful rolling hills, of beautiful red-haired lasses and beautiful castle ruins. An ancient land with a Celtic heritage that dates back thousands of years into the past, Ireland, or Eire in the Irish language, has had an influence on Western Culture proportionally far greater than its size.

Tourism has always been a major industry and source of income for the Irish economy. Another major source of income has been the export of wonderful beers and ales to markets around the world. Perhaps none is more famous and more loved than the thick, black beer with the creamy head and the bubbles that actually appear to sink- Guinness Stout, just one of the many beverages brewed by Guinness & Co. Since 1759 Guinness has been the taste of Ireland, and is now available in over one hundred countries.

Guinness & Co., with the enthusiastic support of the Republic of Ireland, has embarked on a bold new endeavor- the creation of a major new theme park near Dublin, to attract visitors from all over the European Union and especially Americans visiting Great Britain, to encourage them to stop in Dublin to experience this remarkable park and perhaps discover the magic of Ireland that they had heard about but never experienced.

"The Guinness Book of World Records" is one of the most famous books of all time, and itself holds the world record as "the best selling copyrighted book of all time." Everyone is familiar with this publication that, since 1955, has established and verified such world records as "The Loudest Purr by a Domestic cat" (67.7.dB) and "The Fastest 100 meter hurdles wearing swim fins by an individual male" (14.82 seconds) among its more unusual records. The designers of Guinness Park decided to use this publication as the foundation of their new theme park, filling it with world-record attractions and thus making it a destination for theme park enthusiasts from around the world.

The attractions at Guinness Park are all inspired by Guinness Book of World Records winners, either present or former. Some of them were specially created categories, others are recreations of world record attractions, and still others are specially-built rides designed to be world-record holders. Regardless of the category, guests to Guinness Park are guaranteed to have a world-record amount of fun!


Guinness Park consists of two sections: "Guinness World" and "Record World", vaguely reminiscent of Epcot's Future World and World Showcase. But there is where the similarity ends. Guinness World is dedicated to Ireland's (and one of the world's) favorite brands of beer, its history and its world-famous world-record certification franchise. "Record World" gathers the world's greatest amusement rides together, the fastest, highest, longest ever conceived, into one high-adrenaline experience of speed, excitement and thrills. Guests can purchase admission to just Guinness World or to the entire complex, depending on their interests and level of thrill tolerance.

The entrance to Guinness Park is through a replica of St. James's Gate, the location of the Guinness Brewery on Rainsford Street in Dublin.


Over the entrance and stretching for nearly four hundred feet on each side is the four-story four-star-rated Guinness Hotel. It has nearly four hundred rooms in the main building and an additional two hundred in attached wings. From the street it appears to be a brick factory building, similar to the brick buildings at the St. James's Brewery where Guinness is still brewed. From the opposite side, though, it is a full-size replica of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Why? The 660 foot long front porch of the Grand Hotel holds the world's record as the longest front porch, now recreated in Dublin at Guinness Park.

Guests pass under the hotel and enter a large, beautifully landscaped plaza lined with several-storied brick and wood structures, designed to blend in with the Guinness Hotel while resembling buildings of the St. James Brewery. This is Guinness World, where visitors can discover the history of the world's most famous stout, watch world records being established and discover what bizarre world records have already been created, try one of the dozens of beverages brewed by the Guinness brewers for nations around the world, and even spend some time in the world's largest aviary dedicated to the strange little bird that has become the mascot for Guinness worldwide.

Guinness World contains an amazing variety of attractions for all ages and interests, drinkers and tea-totalers alike. As the name implies, this land features the Guinness culture, how it is brewed, its history, and the world-wide phenomenon that started as a pamphlet and became The Guinness Book of World Records (now known as simply Guinness World Records). This is not a land of boring museums and statistics, but a place filled with fun, nostalgia, silly facts, audience participation, and up-close interactions with some of nature's most colourful creatures.

After passing under the Guinness Hotel, which also houses all customer services (lockers, shops, etc.) guests see before them a pleasant park with trees, green spaces, carefully-tended flower beds and meandering walkways. Park benches provide many places to sit and enjoy the music coming from the small bandstand in the center of the park, where bands featuring traditional and contemporary Irish and Celtic music perform. Several food stands are available for light meals, snacks, and beverages (Guinness, of course, but also sodas, juices, etc.).

Facing the left side of the park is the World Record Arena, a multiple-use arena/theater that can be configured in multiple seating arrangements. Here contenders from around the world are invited to either establish new world records, defend their titles or just demonstrate to the visiting crowds how they set such world records as the "farthest distance climbed upside-down on a pole in one minute" (31ft. 11in.) or the "fastest 100m on a space hopper- female" (39.88 sec.). Visitors are often invited to attempt to set their own personal best or even challenge the world record in a number of categories- all authentic challenges verified by Guinness World Record adjudicators.

Proceeding clockwise around the plaza, guests next come to the World Record Center, where every Guinness World Record can be discovered by using multiple computer terminals. Displays, dioramas, video clips and hands-on experiences let visitors discover just how diverse (meaning wild and crazy) the categories covered by Guinness World Records are.


Directly opposite the entrance to Guinness World is the largest restaurant in the park, The Guinness Pub. This three floor eatery offers a multitude of dining styles and experiences featuring both traditional and contemporary Irish cuisine, often with Guinness as an ingredient. However, families are welcome in most of the Guinness Pub areas. Visitors from either portion of the park, Guinness World or Record World, can enter and enjoy this restaurant. The ground floor is a traditional Irish pub, with dark wood, plenty of comfortable tables and chairs, a "pub grub" menu featuring traditional Irish meals such as lamb shanks braised in Guinness, Guinness Stew, and Guinness bread. The first floor (second floor to Americans) houses "Diageo's", an up-scale restaurant offering contemporary Irish cuisine featuring the freshest ingredients available. Guinness and other Irish spirits (Jameson Irish whiskey, Bulmers Original cider, Bunratty Mead to name just a few) are incorporated into unique dishes that are featured on a constantly evolving menu, based on availability of ingredients from the surrounding Irish countryside. The top floor of the Guinness Pub building is a high-energy lounge, "Brian Boru's", with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the park on one side and Harp Lake in the center of Record World on the other. The views of the Park at night from this perch is breathtaking.

Continuing clockwise around the park, visitors will find a structure that might seem strange to those who come from countries where Guinness is not advertised, but will make complete sense to the Irish, British, and other nationalities that have seen Guinness ads for years. This is the Guinness Aviary, and it is the largest free-flying indoor toucan aviary in the world. The toucan became the symbol of Guinness in the 1930's in a series of advertisements, showing a toucan balancing one or two pints of Guinness on its beak. This aviary allows visitors to observe these colourful and intelligent birds in a remarkable recreation of their native habitat. A portion of the "River Blackwater" water ride passes through this aviary, appearing to be part of a jungle stream as it carries riders through this aviary while being surrounded by over a dozen species of toucans.

Completing the circuit around Guinness World we come to Arthur Guinness Hall, a typical three-story brick factory containing two dark-ride attractions not to be missed: 1) "To Arthur!", not the King, but the man Arthur Guinness, who founded the Guinness Brewery in 1759. This attraction is a fun presentation of the history of the Guinness name from the signing of a 9,000 year lease for the St. James's Gate Brewery for 45 pounds per year to the present company and its award-winning commercials, and 2) "How to Make the World's Best Stout", a voyage through a simulated brewery, where each step of the brewing process is explained in a series of humorous but accurate dioramas and videos. Arthur Guinness Hall also houses the Tasting Room, where visitors (of legal age) can sample some of the over a dozen different types of beer brewed by Guinness, and where bartenders trained in the proper method of pouring a pint of Guinness demonstrate to and teach visitors how to pull a proper pint.

"The Sign of the Toucan", located on the ground floor of Arthur Guinness Hall, is a shop filled with every imaginable Guinness pub sign, mugs, shirts, and collectibles, all featuring one of the distinctive logos that has made the Guinness brand one of the most familiar brands of beer in the world.


If Guinness World was all there was to Guinness Park it would still be a world-class attraction, but this is only the more sedate front of the park. Beyond Guinness World, entered from either side of the Guinness Pub building, stands a land of thrills, excitement, fun, and most important of all in this park dedicated to all things Guinness, a land of world records. Passing through gates with the motto "Records Are Meant to be Broken", visitors enter Record World.

Record World consists of five "Categories" (lands) surrounding Harp Lake. Going clockwise around the lake, they are "Longest", "Fastest", "Highest", "Largest", and "Smallest". Each Category tends to overflow into its neighbor because there is often not enough room in one section to contain the massive size of some of these enormous attractions.

Each ride or attraction in Record World is just that- a world record, or at least inspired by a world record ride. Giant signs, copies of the official certificates awarded to Guinness World Record winners, stand at the entrance of each ride to tell visitors why this particular ride qualifies as a World Record and deserves a place in Record World. As the entrance sign says, records are made to be broken, and when possible rides will be replaced or updated to keep them current with the new world record holder.

Each Category contains at least three major record holders, along with support facilities (shops, counter service restaurants and food carts, etc.). The shops carry a wide variety of souvenirs, clothing and collectible items featuring the Record World logo and the individual logo of each Category.

"Longest" is the first Category encountered as visitors enter on the left. It features three major attractions:
· "The Banshee"- the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. At 7,597 ft. in length, it passes the previous winner "The Beast" at Kings Island by over 200 ft.
· "Tuatha De Danann"- the longest steel coaster in the world. 8,490 ft. of speed, with seven inversions. It is named for a mythical race of Irish immortals.
· "River Blackwater" the longest flume ride in the world. Named for an Irish river (and referring to the appearance of Guinness), The River Blackwater is 4,708 ft. long and weaves its watery way through several other Categories in the park, including the Guinness Aviary in Guinness World.


"Fastest" is the next Category. It features:
· "Dublin Thunder"- The fastest wooden coaster in the world, passing "Colossos" in Heide Park, Germany. At 79.6 mph, it passes the old record by 5 mph.
· "Greyhound"- This steel coaster acknowledges the fact that the Formula Rossa coaster in Abu Dhabi is the fastest hydraulic launch track coaster in the world (186.3 mph) but "Greyhound" hurls riders at a respectable 146.9 mph, making it the second fastest in the world and the fastest in Europe.
· "Celtic Temper"- The fastest "strata" coaster in the world (210 mph) with the tallest vertical track (475 ft) passes Kingda Ka's old record.

"Highest" has three towers soaring into the sky over Guinness Park. They are painted the three colours of the Irish flag, green, white and orange, and are named for those colors.
· "Uaine" (Also known as Green) is the tallest drop tower in the world at 425 ft.
· "Ba'n" (White) is the tallest gyro drop tower in the world, with a tower of 435 ft and a free-fall zone of 390 ft.
· "Oraiste" (Orange) is the tallest launch tower in the world, also at 425 ft.

The "Largest" Category shows that, sometimes, bigger is better!
· "Eye on Ireland" Ferris Wheel-this is not the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, but is a recreation of the first, built for the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. It stands 264ft high- still a considerable experience, and is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Ireland.
· "Dublin Freeway" is the world's largest Dodgem attraction. The ride floor is 75ft. by 200ft, considerably larger than the Rue Le Dodge at California's Great America Park.
· "Guinness Downs" is the largest carousel in the world. This double-decker carousel structure stands 125 ft. tall at the top of its roof. The top level travels in a clockwise direction and has 176 hand-carved horses, each different and each modeled on an Irish race horse. The bottom level travels counterclockwise and carries 176 carved wild animals from around the world. Each level has a variety of animal movements, from straight up-and-down to surging forward and back to unmoving. Chariots, some of which also move, are also available on each level.

"Smallest" is the children's area of Record Park. This area does not feature world record rides and attractions other than the large information "World Record Certificates" that are found throughout the park, but is designed to let children feel like they are playing in the world's biggest toy box. Giant blocks, a huge Chutes and Ladders playground and a maze constructed like a giant house of cards (without the chance of it collapsing) give children a place to run and play and pretend that they are as small as their toys at home. There are nearly a dozen children's rides here also, all designed to look as if they were constructed with an Erector set or Tinker Toys or some other child's construction set.

The five Categories of Record Park surround Harp Lake, shaped like the famous "Brian Boru" harp seen on all Guinness labels. During the day a series of pleasant fountains gently dance in the center of the lake, providing a tranquil scene to sit and watch, rest one's feet, and perhaps sip on a Guinness while taking a break from the thrills of experiencing the world's most record-breaking rides. At night, though, is when Harp Lake takes its place in the record books.

The largest fountain in the world is the Dubai Fountain, located in the Arabian city of that name. It is a huge creation, over 900 ft. long and can blast water over 900 feet in the air. 22,000 gallons of water can be in the air at any moment, illuminated by 6,600 lights and gas jets. A full-size replica of it has been installed in the lake and is used to present a nighttime spectacular of water, fire, lights and music, "An Turas na hEirean", in English- "An Irish Journey".

"An Irish Journey" is a 15-minute spectacle that tells the story of Ireland and its people not through a narrative of facts but of music, fire and fireworks, spectacular lighting effects and incredible water displays. Visitors can watch this show from anywhere around Harp Lake and be carried away by the beauty and majesty of Irish culture as presented in this nightly spectacle. This video, although showing the original Dubai Fountain, will demonstrate how the remarkable pageant of "An Irish Journey" will leave lasting memories in the minds of all who experience it.

Guinness Park. A celebration of a much-loved product of a proud nation. A world-class destination for thrill-seekers and theme park fans. A world-record theme park!

From James Koehl
Posted February 3, 2012 at 4:28 AM
Dominick, are you going to vote for Jeff three times or did your computer stutter?

From Matt Babiak
Posted February 3, 2012 at 5:21 AM
Knowing Dom, he just wanted his message to be heard.

From Jeff Elliott
Posted February 3, 2012 at 11:10 AM
I'll take the three might get me out of last place.....

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 3, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Located just off International Drive in Orlando Florida, Universal and Nintendo proudly present Florida’s newest must see attraction…


Join the fun at this 125 acre home to all your favorite and iconic stars of the Nintendo Universe. Here you will meet and join in the adventures of Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link and Zelda, Samus and many other stars from the Nintendo catalogue of classic games.

Nintendo has proven itself to be a major force in pop culture with Mario and Zelda recently celebrating their 25th Anniversaries, so it only stands to reason that their relevancy in our national consciences is here to stay. Gen Xers who grew up with Mario in the 1980s now have children that play the same games. Even retirees have fallen in love the world of Nintendo through the popularity of the recent Nintendo Wii.

This park is divided into 5 different lands.






All 5 lands will celebrate the adventures of the characters and feature top notch attractions and a level of excellence that Universal and Nintendo embrace.

Your adventure begins as you enter the main gates of the park with larger than life statues standing guard over the ticket booths and entrance turnstyles while a medley of the greatest music of Nintendo plays in the background.
Upon entering the park you step first into THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM. Set up in the style of Main Streeet USA, as an entrance corridor, you will have ample opportunities to meet and greet costumed characters of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad and Bowser the Koopa King. Along the street you will see numerous building shaped like giant toadstools. Ahead at the end of the street is the icon of the park, the Princess Daisy’s Castle replete with gold filigree and designed to look very cartoony with no right angles.
Inside the castle is the headliner attraction for the land, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER MARIO.

This attraction is a 150 million plus super-ride where you ride around in kuka arm vehicles and are given the opportunity to save the princess from the clutches of Bowser. Its up to you and Mario to set off on an adventure through the mushroom kingdom. You’ll stomp on Goombas, dodge fireballs and finally face off for a final showdown with a 50 foot tall Bowser animatronic before you finally save the princess…for once, yes Mario the princess is NOT in another castle.

Then it’s off to our next ride, BOWSER’S WILD KOOPA RIDE. This is a dark ride/wild mouse coaster mash up located inside the castle of Bowser, the koopa king. Riders will enter the spooky castle and ride in giant turtle shells for a harrowing trip through the inside of Bowser’s castle at high speeds and around tight turns, up and down the narrow corridors and fire pits.

Ready to bust some ghosts? Then head into the creepy old house on the hill and join Luigi for an adventure hunting ghosts in LUIGI’S MANSION.
Enter the creepy old boarded up mansion and put on your 3D glasses and have a seat in a portable version of the Poltergust 3000 and prepare to suck up ghosts coming at you. Set up in the style of Toy Story Mania, you’ll rack up points and attempt to make out of Luigi’s haunted mansion without getting slimed!

The Mushroom Kingdom land will be full of shops like Mario and Luigi’s Plumbing Supplies which will look like the interior of a sewer from the original Mario Bros game and will sell Mario themed merchandise and also shop for high end Nintendo merchandise, games and gaming systems at the Orlando version of World of Nintendo, the very busy New York City US flagship store of the Nintendo empire.

Hungry? Step into Bowser’s Flaming BBQ, a great place for ribs and burgers.

Next we’re off to DONKEY KONG JUNGLE. The home of the famous ape and all his family like Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong and Funky Kong. Designed to look like a lush cartoon jungle the area will feel like a rainforest with a constant mist of water to keep all the visitors cool in the hot Florida sun.

Still looking to keep cool? Jump into a giant banana and set sail down the flume through DONKEY KONG COUNTRY FALLS. This flume ride will take you past animatronic Donkey Kong family members as they chase down the baddies who stole their hoard of bananas ending in a 70 foot drop into the stash of bananas.

Up next is KONG’S BARREL BLAST. A traditional teacups style, spinning ride in a giant barrel of monkeys. Spin to your hearts content as the massive turntable below you raises and tilts.

The Funtastic World of Nintendo is a beautiful park, so why not see it from the air? Take a seat and strap in, prepare to be brought up 350 feet along the limbs of a giant banana tree to take a thrilling and scenic spin high above the park on DIDDY KONG’S TREETOP, along the lines of the Windseeker rides at Cedar Fair’s parks.

Hungry? Have a bite at Cranky Kong’s Jungle Feast. Enjoy Chinese food like orange chicken and chow mein, and for dessert banana cake and banana cream pie.
The main store in this land is FUNKY KONG’S Jungle Outpost. Shop for Donkey Kong and family stuffed animals and t-shirts and adventure gear all in a store made to look like and extreme sports adventure store.


Gotta Catch Em All….at PIKACHU’S KIDS LAND. A great place for kids and kids at heart to blow off a little steam and enter the land of the worldwide phenomenon of POKEMON. This land is brightly colored and home to dozens of pokemon walk around characters ready for meet and greets.

Your first stop is PIKACHU’S POKE-GO-ROUND. A whimsical take on the classic merry go round concept, hop aboard one of 72 different Pokemon like Squirtle, Charizard or Pikachu and hold on as your Poke-steed revolves slowly around a giant poke-ball.

Ready to jump into the world of Pokemon in 3D? Then enter the POKEMON BATTLE ARENA and take a seat to witness the world championship Pokemon take on each other. Watch out as those monsters battles will NOT always stay in the ring. You’ll feel fire effects singe your arm hair, get spritzed in the face from the water based pokemon and feel the earth move beneath your feet as some of the larger 500 plus pound sumo style pokemon take the stage all ending with a final battle featuring Pikachu and his electric powers light up the dark and tingle your back.

Let the kids loose at I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU PLAY PARK, filled with mini zip lines, ball pits, adventure climbing nets and other fun stuff for the under 12 set.

Get ready to feed your face at SQUIRTLE’S SUSHI HOUSE. The very Japanese videogame meets the classic Japanese delicacy. Enjoy sushi and sashimi or even California rolls for those with more western tastes.

The Land features two shops, Pikachu’s Sweet Shop and a must visit for the Pokemon addict in your family, the biggest Poke-shop in the world for all your Poke-needs, The POKE-MANIA STORE.

Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere of fun in the land of SPACE ADVENTURES.

First off, get ready to explore far off alien planets and face off against the Metroid forces led by Mother Brain on METROID:INVASION. This simulator attraction will take you on a tour of a dangerous part of the galaxy where survival is never guaranteed. Will you triumph or just become more spacedust.

Coaster enthusiasts get ready to jump into your own personal Arwing shaped coaster trains on two dueling tracks for FLIGHT OF STARFOX. This steel indoor coaster will use practical sets and filmed effects to put you in the middle of outer space dogfights while your track takes you on twists and turns and through barrel rolls.

Ready to get a little more hands on with your space adventuring? Then grab your laser gun and head into THE LAIR OF THE METROID. Blast other space adventurers and score points in this smoke filled cavern, techno music blasting over the stereo.

Ready for lunch? Head over to ASTROBURGERS set in an old abandoned spaceport or grab a quick bite on the go at SLIPPY TOAD’S LUNCHROOM, a place for drinks and snacks on the go in a rocket repair garage.

Grab a t-shirt reminder of your visit to the furthest reaches of space at GIFTS BEYOND THE STARS. Set in the bowels of an abandoned flying saucer, this shop will feature clothing, hats and fun stuff like astronaut ice cream and outer space pens that write in zero g.

Take up your sword and battle to save the Princess Zelda and the entire land of HYRULE.

In this land, you will walk amongst the castles and townsfolk That make up the land of Hyrule, a medieval style village filled with great shops selling their wares and putting on demonstration of horse shoeing and folk arts.

Bring your courage with you if you dare to enter the DUNGEON OF GANONDORF. This is a haunted house maze style attraction with tons of live actors and special effects designed to scare the bejeezus out of you as you explore the sinister dungeons and caves of the evil Ganondorf.

Jump on a rapids style 8 man raft for a wild water river ride on THE WIND WAKER. Join Link and take to the high seas and dangerous island waterways to rescue the Princess Zelda. Watch out for waterfalls and whirlpools as Octorocks spit water at your passing boat and finally bring peace to the land of Hyrule.

Get ready to meet with your favorite heroes at HYRULE CASTLE a meet and greet character location set in the great hall of Hyrule castle where you can pose with and meet Princess Zelda, Link and even Tingle the creepy map making pixie looking guy from the Zelda series.

Bring your hearty appetite to THE KINGS TABLE. Set inside Hyrule castle, get ready for a feast truly fit for a king with all kinds of meats, sandwiches, fish and salads all presented to you on pewter plates while a jousting tournament plays off on the stage below diners.

Now that you’ve saved Zelda take home souvenirs of adventures at Beedle’s Airship. Beedle is the traveling salesman who travels by airship and will sell you practically anything you could ever need for high adventuring. Buy rupees, green tunics and hats just like Link wears…even take home a TRIFORCE of power available in necklace form, paperweight or even on the back of a letterman style jacket.

After this memorable day through the worlds of Nintendo entertainment be sure to stick around for the nighttime firework spectacular named THE MAGIC OF NINTENDO. This firework and laser light spectacle will feature the music of the best known Nintendo franchises instantly recognized by videogame fans everywhere. You’ll hear the themes to Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and many others all synced up with the lights and fireworks.

What a great day….what great memories...THE FUNTASTIC WORLD OF NINTENDO.

Hope you enjoyed.

From James Koehl
Posted February 4, 2012 at 6:18 AM
From Dominick: "Why is everyone choosing my favorite stuff?" Dominick, aren't you a little underage for Guinness?

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 4, 2012 at 7:04 AM
Actually Dominick, the reason I presented this as a joint venture between Nintendo and Universal is because Nintendo has never been in the theme park business. So, it stands to reason that they would team up with a local partner experienced in the industry.

From James Koehl
Posted February 4, 2012 at 8:51 AM
I guess that makes me a "no-one", just like back in junior high. And yes, I kind of figure that was what you meant. Personally, I think that Guinness tastes like motor oil. With a head.

From Nick Markham
Posted February 4, 2012 at 10:05 AM

SAN DIEGO, CA - Sea World Parks & Entertainment is pleased to announce a grand new addition to our theme park resort in San Diego. Busch Gardens will return to California in an unprecedented way, combining its signature animal interactions with an incredible, Empire themed environment covering an over 300 acre island. This park will be the most highly-themed Busch Gardens to date and will feature several thrilling experiences. The park features 5 lands: Acropolis, a Greek-themed area, Roman Empire, a daring adventure into the heart of the Roman Empire, Asia Dynasty, an area combining the mystery and beauty of Asia's past, Sesame Street Empire of Fun, a wonderful children's play area, and The Kingdom, which features a large castle full of thrills...and chills.

Acropolis, which also serves as the parks entrance, is an extensively Greek-themed area, with stunning Greek architecture in full color as it would have been thousands of years ago. Attractions include Zeus, a mighty B&M Floorless Dive Machine, Poseidon's Wrath, a wet and wild journey that ends with a 100 foot plummet to finish with a splash, Ares, a HUSS Giant Frisbee which packs a punch, and Clash of the Titans, a brilliant live-action show with pyrotechnics, stunts, and other surprises as we follow Perseus on his epic journey. Animal Experiences include dolphins and other sea creatures. Acropolis also features The Labyrinth, an extravagantly themed family dining experience, and Daedalus' Workshop, a Gift shop just next to The Labyrinth.

From Nick Markham
Posted February 4, 2012 at 10:12 AM
Roman Empire will stun guests with the intimidating grandeur of Roman Architecture. Rides include Gladiator, a merciless Intamin Blitz coaster which twists and turns through a highly themed Colosseum, Caesar, a Windseeker ride which provides excellent views of the park, and Escape From Pompeii, a highly themed dark ride (not to be confused with the ride in BGW). Animal Experiences include lions, crocodiles, and leopards, which were among the many animals gladiators of the past were pitted against. Roman Empire also features the Roman Palate, a high-end five diamond restaurant (a quick service Emperor's Kitchen is also available), and Gifts of the Gods, a gift shop.

Asian Empire not only has brilliant Asian Architecture, but absolutely beautiful natural aspects, including several species of plants, trees, and even some waterfalls. Attractions include The Dragon, an indoor shoot-em-up dark ride fun for the whole family, Kung Fu Koaster, a Maurer Sohne indoor spinning coaster, and Samurai, a thrilling Mondial Top Scan that delivers truly indescribable thrills. Animal interactions include tigers and pandas who dwell within the immersive and tranquil rain forest atmosphere. Asia Dynasty also includes The Pagoda, a delicious Chinese restaurant, and Chang's Gifts, a gift shop.

Sesame Street Empire of Fun is a great area for the kids. Here the kids can ride Grover's Joust, a children's coaster, explore Elmo's Tower, a children's play structure, or ride Kingdom of Sesame street, a dark boat ride highly themed to sesame street. Also features Big Bird's Nest, a gift shop, and the Cookie Monster Cafe, a fun little restaurant for the whole family.

Last but certainly not least is the Kingdom, a mysterious 13th century European themed area with a looming castle. Attractions include Curse of DarKastle, similar to the award-winning attraction in BGW, DarkTower, a spine-tingling indoor drop tower ride inside of a 200 ft. tall tower, and The Knight, a thrilling GCI wooden coaster that races through the woods and parts of the large castle. Animal interactions include horses, hawks, and wolves. The Kingdom also features Medieval Times, a special theme park version of the popular dining-entertainment experiences where diners can watch an exciting show with epic knight battles and more, a place where they can dine like a king. Medieval Times includes a Gift Shop.

Busch Gardens San Diego is an exciting new theme park that will provide thrills and fun in an incredible atmosphere that is sure to perfect any San Diego vacation!

From Andy Milito
Posted February 4, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Dom's loving this thread, isn't he?

All of these are great, but Joseph's is really intriguing me. Good job to all of you so far!

From Dan Babbitt
Posted February 5, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Marvel Super Hero Island


The Super Hero’s of the Marvel Universe have set up there Head Quarters in Central Florida and have invited you to join and visit them!

After Disney has pulled the licenses from Universal this will be the 5th gate at Walt Disney World.

The park will be situated into 5 lands: Entrance and Guest Visitor Center, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Compound, Stark Expo, Hydro-Base, and the Unknown Region.

From outside of the Park Guest cannot see inside because there is a mound “hiding” the new Headquarters of the Marvel Super Hero’s.

Entrance and Guest Visitor Center


Hall of Super Hero’s and Villains

After entering the turnstiles Guests are in the Central Plaza and the only way to enter the rest of the park is the Hall of Hero’s and Villains. It’s a tunnel that connects the Central Plaza and the Entrance to the Guest Visitor Center.

On the walls of the tunnel is pictures of Super Hero’s and Villains explaining who they are, what there powers are and who there known associates are. This is an introductory and “get to know me” attraction so that Guests who are unfamiliar with Marvel can get know whats going on. Think of it as a “prequel”,

Also on the walls are the “Real-Life” Hero’s. This part of the wall are dedicated to the people who have done extraordinary things like Sully Sullenberger who flew a plane into the Hudson River when it was going down.

After entering through the tunnels you enter into the Guest Visitor Center Complex with 2 rows of buildings with a street in the center.

How to be a Hero

This 3D show takes a funny spoof how Hero’s became themselves, through trial and error, and some misadventures before the Hero’s became famous. Here you will see Iron Man test out his new flight suit, Peter Parker just realizing that he can shot webs out of his arms and go from building to building or at least that’s theory here footage taken of him trying to figure it out and then there some misadventures where Hero’s are trying to stop the bad guy and weird and funny stuff happen to them!

Spider Man: The Musical

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark Musical Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, the hit Broadway play will make its way from New York to Marvels Super Hero Island. This sister play will be the same as New York’s.


The Prop Shop

Every Super Hero needs accessories and tools so fit yourself out with some of the gear the Hero’s are wearing!


Stan the Man

Come and sit at this buffet style restaurant!

As you near the end of the street you see big gates shut with do not enter signs on it and a beat down shuttered house. The trees, grass and plants are over grown and you swear you here something moving around in there! I wonder why there keeping this section a secret?

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Compound

Here Professor Xavier has decided to move the X-Men the compound here to the Super Hero Island giving more protection to the kids but also teach “non-mutants” about the “mutants” and come to an understanding.

Xavier Institute

This Omni-mover attraction takes guests into the Professor X’s Institute and how and what the kids are learning.

The cars go from scene to scene showing the super hero’s to be learning how to do there powers. So one scene will be a kid trying to control his power of fire, the next water, and another invisibility this scene might scare people. This ride will be funny, sometimes scary but overall great for kids!


Professor-X-Assinatura Pictures, Images and Photos

This 3D adventure ride takes you inside Cerebro in which Professor X ask you to try to find the next Gifted Child to join the Xavier’s School! But watch out there are others trying to find you!

The Phoenix

This high powered roller coaster launches guests from 0-65 in seconds making it one of the fastest roller coasters has ever built!

The Deans Table

Have been an Honor Student this Semester? Well even if you haven’t you will get the honor of eating at the Deans table and celebrated as such in this fine dining table service restaurant.

Campus Book Store

Everybody needs there books to succeed at school right? Well at this book store you will only fine comic books here!

Stark Expo

Tony Stark has also brought the Stark Expo and all his contraptions from New York and built a permanent Expo here to sunny Florida so it can be up year round!

Stark Mansion

Tony Stark also decided to build a mansion here so that he has a “comfortable” place to live and work while at the Island. Here though Stark is not home and so Jarvis, the lovable robot butler, has decided to open the doors to the public in which he want us to do him a favor. That is to get into one of Starks new proto type suits and take a test spin!

This indoor dueling lay down coaster will give the experience of being Iron Man for a day!
Iron Man_3.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

Hulk Smash!!!

The Incredible Hulk has decided to thrill Guests with his strength, and get a good work!, and has decided that he needs more weight and has asked you if you can provide it!

This Space Shot will propel riders up in the air as the Hulk Smash’s the plunger to get the best workout he can get!

Expo Labs

As you enter the Laboratories of the Stark Expo to see whats going on in the field of science you are sprayed with, what you think is, a mist of water as you enter the queue. As you go from room to room the rooms seem to get bigger and bigger, the furniture is getting bigger and everything is getting bigger or are you getting smaller!

You have been shrunk to the size of ants! Don’t worry Ant-Man and the Wasp are her to save you! You are guided to enter these specially designed vehicles, Dinosaur type vehicles, out of the Lab while being chased by the Master of the World. Will you escape!

Expo Fairs

This outside eatery will feature stalls lining the street in which guests go can go from stall to stall picking items they would normally find at county fairs like, hamburgers, hotdogs, fried ice cream and of course fired butter!

Exposition Hall

Here guests can get the best goods from the Expo and take it home with them!


The Avengers have also set up a base here and brought along with them a couple villains! Yes they have brought a couple of the “tamer” villains that are in need to do some community service to finally be released into the general public in a couple years of course!

Doc Ock Spin

Doc Ock Pictures, Images and Photos

This octopus spin ride will amuse and thrill guests of all ages!

The Mindbender

Doctor Doom is in need of some community service so hes joined up for this mind thriller of a ride. This Kamikaze type ride will thrill guests over again and again as the because you will not only flip but will you crash into the other arm?

The Mjolnir: Thors Hammer

This high flying roller coaster gives you the ability of flight as you watch Hydro-Base and the villains that it holds from outsiders!

The Galley

This quick service eatery usually caters to the crew of the base but has opened its doors to guests now also but don’t get disappointed with the food with the usually items at theme park quick service restaurant.

The Armory

What wouldn’t be have an armory of weapons at its disposal? But don’t worry they took out the weapons and replaced it with other things you can buy.

As you are walking down a street you noticed though that just like the Guest Visitor Center you see the big gates and the overgrown shrubbery again but this time the gates are open and people are walking into this area. But what is the area? Well you have walked into the:

Unknown Region

This part of the Island is still being tamed by the Super Hero’s and there are Villains still inside fighting it out for supremacy of the Island!

Spider Man Attack!

Spider Man needs your help and has recruited you to fight off the villains in this 3D shooter dark ride! Rack up points using your web blasters as you fly or I mean jump and sometimes fall from building to building trying to take back the abandon warehouses left on the Island by the other inhabitants.

Wolverine Revenge

wolverine Pictures, Images and Photos

Mystique has lured you into the these vehicles in which you thought you were following a car manufacturing proven grounds but a trap laid by her and Sabertooth to finally get to Wolverine.

This dark ride featuring the ride vehicles from Dinosaur takes through rough turns and exciting chases as Wolverine tries to save you and himself from destruction!

HYDRA’s Fall

Super Hero Island was “accidentally” built upon a HYDRA base and your recruited by Captain America to join his team to defeat HYDRA and bring peace to Super Hero Island.

This 3D motion simulator will have wingman to Captain America himself as he defeats HYDRA once and for all! This ride will have many different scenes like the new Star Tours so that every time you come back you will have a different ride experience! You will experience flying, racing, on and underwater, in space and a couple other exciting scenes!

Kirby’s Dinner

This quick service restaurant features the usually but healthier quick service foods. This dinner is named after another legend of Marvel’s Jack Kirby who helped create some of the characters we see today.

Super Villain Toys

The Super Hero’s after taking the Island don’t know what to do with all the stuff they got from defeating the Villains and so decided to sell it to us. So don’t want to be a Hero? Why not be a Villain!


Parade of Super Hero’s

This Parade runs though Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Compound, Stark Expo, and Hydro-Base and will feature all the most popular Marvel Characters, including some villains!

The Last Stand

Cap off an exciting day of fighting Villains and becoming a Super Hero’s in this night time fireworks extravaganza.

The Villains are trying there last ditch effort to kick the Hero’s off the Island. Will the Villains succeed? Who will win? I have a gut feeling on this one!

From Tim W
Posted February 5, 2012 at 7:17 AM
My review will probably be up tonight. I've submitted the poll to Robert, so hopfully it will be posted by the time I get home from work.

From Andrew Mooney
Posted February 5, 2012 at 7:46 AM
Guys, these proposals are amazing. In fact all season, it has been a joy to read the detailed and imaginative ideas. You would think after several seasons of these competitions, ideas would run dry - but definitely not.

I have actually been so impressed that for several of the weeks, I never voted, due to not being able to pick a clear winner. Maybe that's my indecisiveness - but all ideas really were amazing this season. To that end, I congratulate and thank every one of you for providing me great reading material to start the year - oh, and sadness that these proposals will never be realised :D.

I would also like to thank Tim, for once again providing interesting challenges - with my personal favourite being the Boutique park challenge. In previous years, you got stressed over dropouts, voting fixes etc. but I continue to admire your determination to continue season after season. Thanks everyone :)

From Dan Babbitt
Posted February 5, 2012 at 10:13 AM
Isnt the website on west coast time? I thought it is 3 hours behind east coast time which Im in?

From Tim W
Posted February 5, 2012 at 2:13 PM
Dan, perfectly fine. I will not penalize you for about a half hour. Thanks to everyone for following today! It's been a blast running this competition. I sure hope the poll is put up soon...And here is my final review.

Jeff: What can i say, the theme park idea was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. It was an original idea, and definately shows off your personality. Any fan would have a blast going here. The park is done in such a great comedic style to mimic the style of the show. Great nighttime show btw, it fits perfectly with the rest. I can't say that it is my absolute favorite show or idea for a theme park, but the execution was perfect and you understood the assignment. I applaud your entry, making it my favorite this week.

James: Another fantastic entry and good way to close your streak of fantastic ideas. It saddens me that this might possibly be your final entry to the TPA books, but what a way to go out. The park was another genious idea, and I enjoyed the double take on the guinness records and guinness beer. It is pretty much on take on the "ultimate theme park" having the best of the best rides. Thrill seekers are sure to enjoy thoroughly. Great Work!

Joseph: I enjoy that someone finally decided to put this into reality during a competition. The connection to Universal is a little unnecessary. Nintendo is such a fantastic idea for a theme park, and needs to be built. The lands you chose were as expected, relating somewhat to a MK style park. You included some really fun rides in your lands, while taking into consideration almost every detail of Nintendo. As mentioned, I think you could have included Kirby in the creation. Great job on this proposal and I certainly hope to see you compete again.

Nick: Yours is a little bit tricky to judge. You did do a good job on the park, but unfortunately did not follow the one major rule for this theme park. It had to be based off of a media franchise. I won't penalize you, but rules need to be followed. You did include some good ideas for lands, but I wish you could have focussed a bit more on Asia, as Greece and Rome are present at other Busch Gardens. I do understand that you did want to highlight the greatest kingdoms ever. The inclusion of Sesame Street was much appreciated.

Dan: While I did not scold Joseph for placing the resort at Universal, I can't scold yours. A 5th gate at Disney wasn't what I expected, but you still chose a franchise the could have been a standalone park. I think you did a great job of trying to differentiate it from the original Marvel Superheroes Island, but a new name would have been appreciated. I think a bit more organization would have also been nice to organize the land into certain sections based off of each character. The rides and shows you included were excellent and did not seem extremely reminiscent of Universal which is an excellent thing!

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted February 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM
I thought dan"s park was awesome but only on thing I didn"t like the HULK SMASH ride Hulk would not need help to workout he is already strong, I could see that ride as you in a army vehicle and hulk threw out into the air, but any way the ride was the park was good one ride will not Change anything!

From Nick Markham
Posted February 5, 2012 at 9:01 PM
Oh, how did I miss that! When I read, I had mistaken your mention of media as a mere suggestion, not a guideline. That's too bad. :(

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