Dancin' with Disney

Disneyland: A detailed description of a new dancing and character interaction event at Disney's California Adventure

From Wendy Purdy
Posted July 1, 2012 at 5:46 PM
Yesterday, my family visited California Adventure for the second time since its grand re-opening on June 15. On the first visit, we hit Cars Land hard, but since we had out-of-town guests along, we had to concentrate on finishing their experience of the whole park. So, yesterday we had the opportunity to more leisurely sample some of the new entertainment options at the park.

We walked into the new "Dancin' with Disney" at around 1:15 p.m., and walked out again around 4 p.m. Yes, folks, we spent almost THREE HOURS because Disney managed to combine two of my nine- and seven-year-old daughters' favorite activities: dancing and interacting with characters.

The event takes place in the space that used to house "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in what is now Hollywood Land. This is NOT an opportunity for autographs and posed pictures, so if that's all your kids are after, this might not be for them.

Throughout the course of our time, they cycled between two groups of characters. First group was villains: Jafar, Cruella de Vil, Big Bad Wolf, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Prince John, Sheriff of Nottingham and Queen of Hearts. The second group was "ladies of Disney": Anastasia, Druzella (Cinderella's step-sisters), Daisy Duck, Marie (Aristocat), Lilo, Clarice (female chipmunk), Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck. Our impression was that they will have different groups there on different days.

When the characters are present, they go through a set series of songs and dances that provide ample opportunities for the kids to interact with them. So, although you may not be able to get "posed" shots, there are plenty of chances for fun action shots.

In the "between character" times, the DJ keeps the party going with dance tunes and videos. Plenty of dressed-up Disney dancers and other Disney cast members are on hand to keep everyone excited.

Now, if you are just visiting the area and trying to do everything at the Resort in two or three days, you will probably not want to spend a great deal of time at this attractions. HOWEVER, if you are local and visit two or three times a month with your kids, and they like this sort of thing, this is worth investigating. While my girls came over and pulled us out on the dance floor with them a couple of times, they were mostly content to let mom and dad sit on a couch in the corner and relax in the AIR CONDITIONING.

One other note: My girls also loved ElecTRONica and they seemed to enjoy their first experience at Mad T Party last night. However, the music at both of those was really too loud for my younger daughter. She loves it, but after about a half-hour, she just shuts down from the loudness of it. The music at "Dancin' with Disney" was loud, but not nearly that loud. My husband and I were able to carry on a regular conversation on the edge of the activity without having to shout or use hand gestures. :-)

From Skipper Adam
Posted July 2, 2012 at 11:31 AM
I'm sure some people love this, and the dance party concept works great in Tomorrowland at WDW. However, it's a shame that's all that building is being used for. I hope in the future they realize all real estate in the park is ultra valuable and put in a permanent attraction there.

From cynthia henisey
Posted July 3, 2012 at 5:26 PM
We came across it the other day and it was a delight to watch all different ages dancing together. Fun place to pop into after riding Monsters inc.

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