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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Six Flags Magic Mountain: See what I thought of the park!

From Joey Till
Posted August 19, 2012 at 9:45 PM
Hello! Thanks to those who helped me out in planning my trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and I really enjoyed my time at the park. It has always been number one on my list to visit SFMM. Being a coaster lover, there is no better place on earth for me. To read of my step by step visit to the park, continue reading. To read of my ride rating system, and review of each ride, You can find a seperate post just for the rating of each ride. Thanks for reading!!

DAY 1: Sunday, August 12, 5:00-9:00

We landed in Los Angeles around 12:50, rented our car, took the 40 minute drive to our hotel, and ate at Jack in the Box. It was now around five and I was worried that crowds would be large, leaving little time to do rides. However, when I started walking into the park, I noticed that there were not many people at all, and hoped it was like this throughout the entire place. First stop, Revolution. I heard a lot of headbanging was common on this ride, so I came in open minded on how I would rate it. There was not ONE single person in the station when we walked up to it, and honestly walked right into the front row. I rode with my dad, with my brother and sister behind me. I was waiting for the headbanging the whole ride, but never got any! Very good ride that unfortunatley didn't ride again (full review on other post). Next up, we headed to the rest of Baja Ridge. We decided on Viper, as we had a plan of doing rides with smaller lines out the first day. Soon we realized we did not need it, as the whole park was empty! Viper was fun, just not comfortable (full review on other post). Next, we headed to the mighty X2, expecting a huge wait. The line said 30 minutes, when it was only 10 minutes at most! Im pretty lucky with this I guess. I loved the ride! The music, the thrill, the voices in the station, you name it...This ride was great (full review on sperate post).
Next up, we decided on doing Tatsu. If lines are short for X2, why not?? We saw what looked like a long line, so we skipped and did the Roaring Rapids instead. The rapids actually ended up being the longest wait of the day. Weird double sided que line on this, which caused for some confusion and line skipping (somthing that I saw a lot at the park). The rapids were short, with no theming besides some fake rocks. Not the best rapids ever (no review). We were originally going to settle on Ninja, but I wanted to check the line for Tatsu again. It didn't look as long as my eyes thought it were the first time, and ended up waiting only 10-15 minutes. Tatsu is LOADS better than SupermanUF at my home park, and ended up being one of my favorites at the park ( full get the drift from now on). I headed to the Ninja after this. Ninja I found to be very well paced, fast, and much more thrilling than the Iron Dragon. Decent little ride. My dad was not feeling well, so we took a break in the Sky Tower. It was kinda getting dark so it was kinda hard to see, but this sure provides great views!
We planned on Superman, but the line was at the enterance, which we look as a long line. So we skipped until the next day. We took a huge winding walk down the big hill, and walked around to Apacolypse. I expected great airtime from this ride, but it had more speed than air. This was one crazy ride that was great fun, though. We then walked around the ride the Riddler. It was a complete walk on, as well was Apacolypse when I rode. Riddler was kind of ruined the first ride due to a headache at the time, and my seat was to high, causing my tip toe position to kill my legs. I found it fun, but knew I had to ride it again to expiriance its full potential. I hoped on Green Lantern to end the day with another walk on. I was expecting some floater air on the ride, but it kinda just rolled around until it was full chaos at the end. Fun ride! I was kinda expecting a little more though. Thats it for the first day, I was imediatley dying to get back on Wednesday.

Day 2: August 15, 11:00-8:00

I was kinda nervous before hand because I knew it was time to ride Lex Luthor. My family decided on it first, until we thought," maybe we should get used to the tower with Superman, first." It makes no sense now that you think about it. We actually got up the hill with the Orient Express. This thing was over in 10 seconds haha. Kinda cool though. Superman had no line, and we rode twice. I must say this was fun!! Better than I thought and the feeling you get is kind of similar to Top Thrill Dragster.
We rode Gold Rusher as it was right in our path, and found it pretty fun. But like all arrow mine trains, it had some transitions worth bracing for. Lex Luthor awaited. This thing is intimadating as heck!! It looks cartonish when you look at it from the ground. The theming was pretty good, as was a lot of the DC themed coasters. The ride however, was not as scary as it seems. Very fun ride though. Goliath was up next. I didn't really jump for joy after riding Titan a few years back, so I wanted to give the similar twin a try. I really loved this ride! It did make me gray out, but it did not effect the scale on how good this ride is. It is scary when they completely stop you for a few good seconds on the brake run (this happened every few rides).
My sister and brother were not feeling good, so we took a break from the heat and ate at Moose Burger Lodge. This was the only sit down resturant ive ever seen at Six Flags, and really enjoyed the stupid looking talking mooses. One was named Walley! From what movie?? We then made our way past Goliath with plans to ride it later, and made our way to Colossus. Colossus was another walk on, and rode in the very back. The rode was super smooth. But lacked some good airtime. It had air, but not a lot. I was still impressed by it though. Next was Scream. It was yet another walk on, and very fun to. Just a plain good roller coaster that needs more attention. We then decided on our Batman:TR credit, and waited for the front row. It was about a 10 minute wait. Green Lantern looked as if it had quite the line, which caused me to worry if things were picking up. We went back for one more ride on Goliath before going to the other side of the park. We stopped for a ride on the Riddler, and noticed a long line. It ended up being the longest of the trip, with EXTREMELY SLOW opperations and a rediculous amount of line skipping. This ride was much better than the first, and rode in the front row. I fell in love with the ride after it.
We took a ride on the Jet Stream. Pretty good little flume ride, with a fast paced water way. We rode Apacolypse twice in a row without leaving the station. It was about time we head over to X2 and Tatsu again! X2 had another 10 minute wait. I rode in the very back, a.k.a. "the front" and found it extremely awesome and very intense. One thing about X2 is that it is very jerky on the outside seats. Middle seat is by far smoother. I rode Tatsu all alone *sigh* as my brother didn't feel good, my dad got sick on it last time, and my sister wasn't tall enough. Kinda weird being alone, but I was determined to ride this again. My dad wanted to ride lex Luthor (opposite side of the park) then go back to X2 one more time. I was a bot skeptical, but it worked out just fine. Lex was about 20 minutes, and X2 ended up being 40 as the park closed. It seemed as if everyone had the idea to end their day on it. It also broke down for about 5-10 minutes. Thats it!! Thanks for reading, and make sure to comment, and check out my ride rating system on a seperate post.

From cynthia henisey
Posted August 24, 2012 at 8:58 PM
Sounds great. Most of the times I've gone the lines have been really really long. And yes the line skipping is incredibly annoying.

From Joey Till
Posted August 25, 2012 at 10:31 PM
It seems the line skipping has gotten MUCH worse over time. Almost every single ride I rode there people skipped. Just no respect these days, But yeah, crowds were low so it didn't bug me to much.

From Bradley Keith
Posted August 27, 2012 at 6:17 PM
I've seen some line skipping, but not too much anywhere. Years ago the line for Top Thrill Dragster was about 3 hours and for some reason everyone was determined to skip. It was weird, seeing so many people do it. I need to get back to MM sometime, last time I was there it was Superman the Escape, and X was pink. (at the time it was just X.) It's certainly gotten much, much better in the last few years.

From Joey Till
Posted August 28, 2012 at 8:10 PM
Riddler had 20 people sneaking through the bushes by the queue line just to skip. Rediculous. But yeah, SFMM is not the best "amusement park" because it is mostly just coasters, but if your a thrill junky, this will be heaven. It was heaven for me :D

From Bradley Keith
Posted August 29, 2012 at 6:17 PM
Six Flags parks are like fairs, the way they "roll" and all. They need to fix some things, but you are right. It's a heaven for thrill rides. Of course, their rides could never be found at fairs.

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