Revitalizing Disney World: Part 1 (Future World)

Walt Disney World: A Dream Plan to completely revitalize Epcot's Future World in preparation for The 50th Anniversary.

From Armando Thomas
Posted May 2, 2013 at 11:54 AM
With Walt Disney World’s 5oth Anniversary coming up I was dreaming of some ways to spruce up and revitalize the parks. This of course is a dream plan and I don’t expect it to happen but would be really fun.
Part One: The New Future World
My proposal for Epcot would be to completely rethemed Future World to a 1920’s and 30’s Victorianesque Village. Similar to The American Waterfront at Disney’s Tokyo Sea. As you enter the park Spaceship Earth would be transformed into a retro Art Deco Globe. It would be the new Icon of the park and tie in both The New Discoveryland and World Showcase. The monorails to and From Epcot would also be rethemed to look like Electric Street Cars. The supports would have rivets and have a metallic look. Leave a Legacy could be moved to various locations around World Showcase, in nonthemed areas. Transitions between countries.
Communicore would be no more. The new fronts would turn the 80ish architecture into a lush Victorian park atmosphere with new fronts housing various new eateries and shops on the exterior of the park square.
Spaceship Earth: Bring Back the Time Racers except theme it to HG Well’s Time Machine. A fun new coaster concept with new animatronics and screen projection technology.
Universe of Energy: Around the World in 80 Days! The façade would be rethemed to look like Victorian England. The Bank façade and London style architecture would tie in with the rest of Discoveryland. Big Ben would also make a nice touch since it’s not represented in The UK Pavilion. The intieror would house a thrilling family style attraction in a hot air balloon across the world to various locals. Projection Technology and animatronics would also tie in.
Wonders of Life: The Fantastic Voyage, Guest would enter into a medical lab facility also themed to the Victorian London architecture. The existing infrastructure where Body Wars once stood can become a new computer graphics 3-D version except it should take place in the 1930’s.
Mission Space: From The Earth to The Moon: A high speed launch coaster similar to Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain.
Test Track: To Become Dick Tracy’s Crime Stoppers. Again borrowing from never built Attractions. Use the existing building to create a high speed race thru the streets of Chicago.
Odyssey: Can become The Infamous Explorers Club.
New Pavilion: Dracula’s Castle: This attraction would take guest on a daring and frightening world of Transylvania. The attraction would be between The Living Seas and Land Pavilions.
The Seas with Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Create a San Francisco waterfront with a shipyard. The Nautilus would be in port. The attraction would be similar to the one at Disney’s Sea.
The Land: Island At The Top of The World: The new front could be the Hyperion Wharf. Soaring would be replaced with a flight sequence that takes guest to The Island at The Top of The World. Once guest reach the top of the world hey could explore the mysterious land which was formally The Land Pavilion.
Journey into Imagination: Journey to the Center of The Earth: A clone of Disney Sea’s popular attraction.
It’s a dream plan but sure would be fun to see Epcot revitalized. Since the idea of the future is always changing this would help fix the problem. This is only the first part of my plan.

From Armando Thomas
Posted May 6, 2013 at 6:16 AM

From robert morris
Posted May 6, 2013 at 7:25 AM
It would actually be cheaper for Disney to build a new theme park than actually make the changes you have suggested.

From Armando Thomas
Posted May 7, 2013 at 9:16 AM
Probably but like I stated its only a dream plan.

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