Crowds in early April for Disneyland and Universal Studios LA

Disneyland: Hoping to find out what the crowds and temp will be like

From Laura Burns
Posted October 21, 2013 at 9:36 PM
Me and the family have planned a trip for next year and we are wanting to go to Disneyland/California Adventures and Universal Studios in LA.

Can anyone please tell me what the crowds and temperatures will be like from April 2nd - 5th as these are the days we have allocated for the theme parks?

Thanks in advance :)

From AJ Hummel
Posted October 23, 2013 at 1:45 AM
Unfortunately, you will be visiting during spring break time in Southern California, so the parks will likely be very busy. It won't be as bad as the weeks around Easter, but I would still expect 45+ minute waits all day for headliner attractions at all three parks. I recommend planning three days at the Disneyland Resort and one day (either Friday or Saturday) at Universal Studios Hollywood. At Disneyland, I would recommend you have a plan of attack for each day, minimize park hopping, and take advantage of Fastpass. I would also advise you to do as many of the E-tickets and lower capacity attractions on Wednesday and Thursday as possible, saving shows and secondary attractions for the last day. At Universal Studios Hollywood, just get there at opening, do the lower lot first, and arrive at shows 20 minutes early and you shouldn't have any problem doing everything in one day even if it is packed.

As for the weather, expect highs of low to mid 70s (or around 23 Celsius), but be aware that rainy days are possible this time of year (fortunately, the Disney parks and USH aren't too affected by rain).

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