WDW in four days with three kids

Walt Disney World: Going to WDW and have only 3 1/2 days to spend there, with two half days being spent at a work convention. Help!!! 3 kids, but we move fast!

From Sabrina Z
Posted January 18, 2014 at 9:40 PM
I'm going on a conference for work but am taking my family with me. I'm flying in 4:45 in Wednesday February 5th, and am staying at the Contemporary. We leave Sunday morning on a 10:45 am flight. I have to leave my husband and three kids (ages 6 (boy), 5 (boy), & 2 (girl) alone on Thursday between 1pm & 6pm (which may be good rest time for them) Friday from 9am to 5 pm, which they will have to fend for themselves. I have reservations for chef Mickey at 7:15am on Thursday. I was thinking of getting a four day pass to WDW... Day 1 Wednesday from 6-10ish at an undecided park, Day 2 Thursday from 8:30-12 and return from 6-10ish at an undecided park,Day 3 Friday, they can start off at an undecided park on their own, I can join them from 5 to 8ish and then downtown disney after, Day 4 Saturday at magic kingdom from 9am-1pm. I just need advice on what to do for these undecided park. Is animal kingdom worth it ( considering I'm from me Jersey and have been to the Bronx Zoo about ten times, hav and have experienced dinosaurs at the museum of natural history)? Should I just skip animal kingdom? Or should I do all four parks? If i do all parks, my plan is Day 1 hollywood studios, day 2 epcot, day 3 animal kingdom, day 4 magic kingdom. If I skip animal kingdom then maybe I will do day 1 HS, day 2 MK, day 3 Epcot, Day 4 MK. My last question is, will my kids enjoy epcot?? If I skip it, I have three possible plans. Day 1 hs, day 2 mk, day 3 ak (if its worth it) , day 4 mk. My second plan world be hs the first day and mk the rest of the three days. My last plan is day 1 mk, day 2 hs, day 3 &4 mk. Is magic kingdom worth three days? My family moves at a fast pace as opposed to a " casual stroll " through the parks.

From Orrin Carstarphen
Posted January 19, 2014 at 7:42 AM
With children of that age I think you will most definitely need 2 days in MK. As for the others I think AK would be more enjoyable than Epcot for your children. IMO Epcot is a more older teenager/adult park. Whatever you decide to do just remember to have fun.

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