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An interactive dark ride that not only lets you see the things that go bump in the dark, but lets you shoot them using a clever on-board laser system, much like Chessington's Tomb Blaster. This replaced the old (but similar) Haunted Hause ride.

Background: A controversial genetic surgeon has vanished, leaving behind his reseach into the reanimation of the dead. This research leads to something terrible...

The undead have risen and it is up to the riders to dispose of the horrors that lay inside waiting within the walls of the surgeons house. However, opponents are armed and will shoot back, so prepare to duel!

Info: This dark ride replaced the old Haunted House ride a few years back. This attraction involves shooting at designated targets to score points, green for 100, yellow for 1000, red means the target cannot be hit until it has been reset. This attraction involves dark spots, optical illusions and strobe effects.

Those under 1.1m must ride with an adult


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