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Battle For Eire

Battle For Eire is a motion base show in Ireland at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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America's first virtual reality motion simulator theme park ride opened at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in April 2018. Battle For Eire replaces the Europe in the Air and features the "otherworld" of Ireland that is invisible to humans.

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If you're going to do VR, this is how you do it. Not on a coaster, but on a (repurposed) motion simulator ride. And because they also project the front view of the VR on the big screen, you can ride it without the VR helmet. This means that groups can ride together even if one or two people in the group gets sick on VR rides (that would be me!)

Unique, Exciting and innovative!

A cool and different take on the VR experience that doesnt exist anywhere else. The feeling of flying on the back of the dragon is amazing!

One of the best VR experiences out there and see this as a game-changer for future VR attractions elsewhere! The graphics and audio are very immersive and high quality. Great idea to have a mask and detachable VR lenses which helps with efficiency. Really enjoyed the unique story-line with lots of action, excitement, and 3D moments. Height requirements allow for younger audiences, but there's plenty of fun and thrills for adults and adrenaline-junkies (like me) too!

A one of a kind attraction with a whole new take on VR, with some of the highest quality media for VR and phenomenal theming.

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