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Griffon is a roller coaster in France at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.

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A B&M Dive Coaster that drops you 205 feet, 90 degrees straight toward the ground, at speeds faster than 70 miles per hour.

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Reviews of Griffon

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This attraction may seem like a one-trick pony for those who have experienced it, and like all B&M Dive coasters the trip is necessarily short, but what a sweet trip it is. Efficient loading, stunning views, hidden surprises, incredible smoothness and one of the best initial drops on any coaster anywhere. Plus, it's fun to watch with a beer in hand from its many vantage points.

Scary as heck but also a smooth ride. The wide seating rows make this coaster ideal for large groups.

Most B&M Dive coasters are one trick ponies. This is fun and smooth, but I would ride this if I was spending all day in the park, and the wait time is not so high.

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