Fury 325

Fury 325 is an excellent roller coaster in Thrill Zone and one of the best attractions at Carowinds. The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.

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Billed the world's tallest and fastest giga coaster, this Bolliger & Mabillard giga model opened too the press on March 25, 2015. The coaster takes riders up 325-foot, 81-degree lift on a course that includes 6,602 feet of track (more than a mile) and a top speed of 95 miles per hour.

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fury 325 is in my top 5 coasters, its speed is awesome but also it possesses a solid location and has good aesthetics. The ride itself is the parks flagship attraction, it features high g-forces and i do not recommend this ride for those who get sick easy. Also important to note is that it has a long and relentless layout, if you have a daredevil mentallity then this ride is for you. Hope that you enjoy carowinds, it is one of the best parks in the cedar fair chain.

Fury 325, Intimidator and Copperhead Strike make for a deadly trip worth the price of admission. The lap bar restraints are much more comfortable than those on some of Fury's giga coaster counterparts, though our group agreed this was still a head-rattling experience. Not that it matters much: this beast is fast, fun, efficient and beautiful to look at.

The newest giga coaster in the United States is Fury 325, and it is a completely different beast than either Millennium Force or Intimidator 305. It has a very fast, intense first half which sort of combines the experiences of Force and I305 (without the "gray-out" g-forces of I305), but ends with three weightless, airtime hills to complete the course. The Rao family loves Fury 325. In fact, most of the family considers it to be the best coaster they have ever ridden (although I am still partial to Maverick at Cedar Point). Excellent!

The blistering speed alone makes this worth experiencing. It's a wild ride with nice elements and plenty of airtime. Every time I ride it I feel as if I'm caught in a tornado or a cyclone.

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