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Roller Coaster - 52 inches to ride
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Mean Streak became Steel Vengeance in 2018. The world's first hyper hybrid coaster stands 205 feet tall and features four inversions and a 90-degree drop.

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So much airtime, it's basically a stand-up coaster.

This thing is unreal. An absolutely unparalleled sensory experience. From the time you crest the first hill till the train enters the station again it's absolutely relentless, non-stop madness. It twists and turns you on completely unexpected ways. The strangest part of the experience is that no matter how many people describe it to you, you simply won't be prepared for it. The trains don't have any kind of head or shoulder restraints like pretty much any other ride that inverts like this would. Everything is open from the waist up, which really adds to the experience a lot IMO. They achieve this through the use of leg restraints which are built into the lap bar mechanism. These pretty much lock your entire lower body in place, and do so quite efficiently, which removes the need for more cumbersome upper body restraints. The result is that when you look at the cars, it never occurs to you that this thing could be as crazy as it is. Just an utterly relentless thrill of a ride. The first time on it will absolutely be right up there with the first time you road rides like Millennium Force or Maverick. In fact, I'd say the best way to describe this one would be to say it's almost like a combination between the relentless twists, turns, and inversions of Maverick, but with the type of muscles of a Magnum or Millennium Force. It's not as big as MF, or as fast, but it's definitely much larger and faster than anything comparable. Honestly, it's hard to describe the sensation. When your done it honestly takes second to get your head on straight again. It's that intense.

Great ride. Nonstop action and thrills. The very definition of a headliner. Doesn’t really bring anything new to the RMC story, but it takes their best moments and puts them all in one circuit. I do wish they would dump the lighting around the track for better night rides, but that’s a minor complaint, not a showstopper. Terrific!

This is the mother of all coasters! It delivers on all fronts. Thrilling in the extreme.

It isn’t the most intense ride I’ve personally rode, but it is one of the best. It’s got one of my favorite drops on any coaster that I rode and that’s not even the highlight for me. My favorite part is the third bunny hill at the very end as it has a a ton of airtime. I also do believe it does have 27 seconds of airtime. It is also the smoothest coaster I’ve ever rode. It ranks in my top four coasters. Highly recommend it.

I wish the lines weren't so long so I could enjoy a second run on this coaster, but from my single ride in the back row, it had all of the characteristics of the RMCs just amplified to 11. The highlight for me was the outward banked turn just prior to the first inline twist. However, I felt that once we reached the MCBR the second half of the ride was like a truncated second act of a mediocre musical that was insufficient to make it a top coaster for me. The second half of the ride, while not lacking in intensity, excitement, and speed, just seemed to be a lesser version compared to the first half, and doesn't really add anything to the overall experience. Perhaps my opinion would be altered if the park could actually execute 3-train operations to warrant the extra length keeping lines manageable and moving, but I thought that the second half was literally like a "shake down" trying to remove every last piece of pocket change from your pants. There was no real memorable moment over the second half of the course, which to me is a disservice to the coaster as a whole. Every truly great coaster has a moment at or near the end that validates the length of the ride, whether it be a headchopper, tunnel, last surprise shot of air, or unexpected inversion. Steel Vengeance just continues to bounce and shake you in seemingly random and unremarkable ways (compared to the first half). RMC needed to include some type of "wow" moment after the MCBR to make it a top 5 coaster in my book.

Don't get me wrong. This coaster is definitely worth planning a trip around, but it's not the pinnacle of coaster design, mostly attributable to the uninspired second half. It's almost like RMC realized they still had tons of energy and speed to burn off, but ran out of ideas of how to use it. They ended up with a repetitive burn-off of speed through endless pops of air and sweeping back and forths in the lower levels of the coaster's structure.

Probably the most intense coaster in the world while being smooth.

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