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Roller coaster - 52 inches to ride
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Top Thrill is an Intamin accelerator coaster, and the worlds second tallest coaster. Launches riders from 0 to 120 MPH in under 4 seconds and up a 420-foot tower, then quickly back down while twisting 270 degrees to the right.

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Such a mixed bag. On one hand you have an incredibly thrilling and unique coaster experience, and on the other hand you have a very low rider throughput that routinely causes two hour waits. Definitely a must ride, but ride early or late, or spend a small fortune buying Fast Lane Plus, because you do NOT want to wait in a super hot line watching FUN TV for two hours. (Note: avoid the front seat at night - bugs!). Overall, TTD is an outstanding experience, not to be missed on any visit to Cedar Point.

If I could describe this coaster in three words, it would be exhilarating, addicting, and unbelievable. I personally was very scared the first time riding this, but I was so happy I did it that I ended up doing it two more times. If you are looking to face your worst fears while having fun, this is the ride for you. It is truly an engineering miracle. It ranks in my top 4. Highly recommended.

One trick pony but that trick is amazing.

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