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Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage is an excellent flying theater in Pandora: The World of Avatar and one of the best attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The minimum height to ride is 44 inches.

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A flying theater ride that places you on a bicycle-like seat that is "linked" to a Mountain Banshee flying through Pandoran skies above the Valley of Mo'ara.

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Must do! Take that Harry Pothole.

Beautiful theming all around - the exterior, the queue, the ride vehicles. Quite a fun ride and definitely one you don't want to miss on your trip (although if the line is 2+ hours I would question whether it was worth it). However, I will never find a motion simulator as immersive as a physical ride using practical effects (i.e. not a screen). That said, this is as good as this type of ride gets and the experience is still pretty exhilarating.

World class! Without a doubt, Flight of Passage is the best non coaster attraction I have ever experienced, surpassing even Spider-Man over at IOA. Simply amazing.

Went on the ride and loved it. Gives the full sensation of flying. Waited 2.5 hours for it and it was worth it.

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