Disney's Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Land
Roller Coaster - 38 inches to ride
★ ★ ☆ ☆

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A Mack Rides double-launching family coaster. Opened June 30, 2018.

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Reviews of Slinky Dog Dash

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What a disappointing roller coaster. I guess for the little ones, this sits in a perfect niche for those not yet ready for Rock 'n Rollercoater, but from a stand alone perspective, I was extremely underwhelmed by this. It starts out fine with a decent launch just after the load station. However, after that, there's nothing really interesting or unique about the coaster. The high point is a slow-speed banked turned followed by a couple of helixes around giant figures of Jesse and Rex. What should be the highlight of the coaster is the most overhyped segment on a roller coaster I've ever experienced. The train enters a section that looks like a pull-back track on an old-school Hot Wheels track. The train moves back slightly to simulate that pull-back accompanied by sounds and effects to gear riders up for what should be an exciting launch to compete the circuit. What ends up happening is a launch that is about as underwhelming as possible with acceleration that wouldn't even speed up the heart rate of the most paranoid coaster rider. It was all bark and no bite, and ultimately, I think I would rather ride The Barnstormer than this, especially considering that lines for SDD are often in excess of 90 minutes.

Don't waste your time on this unless you have a FP+ reservation, and if you're spending multiple days in DHS, don't bother grabbing more than one ride on this overrated coaster.

Perfectly serviceable coaster for the littler members of your party, but feels like a budget-impacted "Plan B" attraction rather than the flagship attraction of a new land.

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