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The French Version of the Haunted Mansion, but with a dark twist. Melanie Ravenwood's groom has been killed by a mysterious Phantom, who is believed to be Melanie's father. Melanie waits eagerly for her beloved to return, as Madame Leota's deranged and macabre ghosts wreak havoc throughout the once-majestic estate. As Melanie ages, the Phantom's work is seen throughout the town of Ravenwood. In the end, Melanie is reunited with her beloved by escaping the only way she knows of,death, as we narrowly escape the clutches of the evil Phantom, who is desperate for companionship in his undead abode. As we escape the Crypt, we hear the bride call after us " Come back, come back! Im just dying of loneliness. Hurry back! Hurry back! If you'd like to join us, make final arrangements now. Hurry Back! Hurry back!" and we hear the deranged laugh of the Phantom. We hurry out of the gloomy darkness, and back into the night, knowing the secrets of the Manor, and hoping never to return.

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