Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner

Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner is a counter service restaurant in Craftsman's Valley at Dollywood. Our readers say it's good but not great.

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Serving barbecue ribs, chicken and pork

Reviews of Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner

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As solid a country buffet as one could hope for in a theme park. Very reasonably priced at about $16 per person which includes salad bar (think southern salads, like corn elote, potato, and macaroni), meats (freshly prepared brisket, honey ham, and fried or baked chicken), sides (mac & cheese, beans, collard greens, etc.) and dessert (Dolly's very own banana pudding). Some items outshine others (the ham was juicy and flavorful while the brisket was rather dry and bland) and vegetarians and gluten-free folks likely won't be satisfied, but this is a very satisfying meal at an excellent price for a theme park. Well done.

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