Disney Quest

Virtual reality arcade

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While I do like Disney Quest and think its a wonderful concept, some of the "Virtual" games seem a bit out-dated given today's technology. I hope that disney keeps Disney Quest, but simply updates the attractions within. - Justin Kermgard

Fun indoor attraction. Not many of the rides appealed to me, but the build your own roller coaster section is well worth a visit and the Buzz Lightyear bumper cars are fun. - Emily G

Pretty good! Something extra to do at Downtown Disney, especially with PI being almost completely down. Learn how to draw Mickey is always fun! - Anthony Murphy

It annoys me that Disney is closing down all of Pleasure Island but is keeping this monstrosity. I love video games, but this is absolute crap. There were three worthwhile attractions surrounded by a sea of mediocre and often nauseating games. Overpriced and underwhelming. 2/10 - Lame - Joshua Counsil

Large video arcade with several simulator style rides. The best of the simulator rides is the one themed after Pirates of the Caribbean. The best attraction is a unique bumper car ride with a twist. Each car is equipped with a cannon that shoots balls which can be fired at other riders. - Will Chilcote

About 5 bigger rides and a bunch of smalller things to do. All pretty fun, but I don't think I'd return for a long time. - Pyra Dong

much fun, loved the buzz bumper cars, - brad raszewski

DisneyQuest is fun, it has some games and a few little rides, but the weak thing is, thats it. - Katie G-Desjardins

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