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Enter the house of Hugo the Goat Rider (don't ask), head of the criminal gang De Bokkenrijders and prepare to discover the curse that was lain upon him when he stole holy treasure. This first Mad House ride in the world throws up nothing particularly impressive in terms of visuals, but showcases one of the best soundtracks from any theme park ride. It also begins with a lengthy pre-show with a real looking animatronic, that will be completely meaningless to anyone who doesn't speak Dutch. Nonetheless, this is a must-do ride.

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I probably would have liked this more if I understood Dutch or the general storyline better, but I was disappointed we spent so much time on line and doing this attraction. There are several walk through scenes, followed by sitting in a spinning room that can be rather nausea-inducing. Do it if you know Dutch and have a good stomach.

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