Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh is a table service restaurant in World Showcase - Morocco at Epcot. Our readers say it's good but not great.

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Morocco was a later addition to World Showcase (in 1984), but is the only national pavilion actively built and still sponsored by its host country. In the pavilion’s table service Restaurant Marrakesh, there is a replica of the letter sent from the King of Morocco to George Washington congratulating him on independence, because Morocco is one of the United States’ first allies. In deference to Islamic practice, the pavilion does not light up during “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth,” because of the religious nature of some of the art and architecture in the pavilion, including the main prayer tower.

At lunch, Restaurant Marrakesh serves couscous, kebabs, lamb, salmon, and lemon chicken, for $15-22. A four course “Taste of Morocco” option is available for $28. Dinner entrees range from $26-29 and there are two multi-course “Taste of Morocco” options at dinner, for $42-45.

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