L'Albero di Prezzemolo

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Explore the tree house of Prezzemolo, the famous Italian cartoon character, and leading star of the Gardaland Park. The tree itself bears a passing resemblance to the tree of life(and the area name-see below), but in terms of nearby attractions it is a completely different kettle of fish. The actual treehouse is very childlike, with everything being big and boldly colored. The tree forms the hub of what is known as Fantasy Kingdom (there's that other connection), and it is filled with mini kids rides:
Volaplano, Doremifarm, Funny Express, Saltomatto, Mad House, Baby Corsaro and Baby Pilota. There is also a show presented in the Teatro delle Marionette. All are worth visiting if you have small children, and it is possible to give them a whole day on this area alone.


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